lauantai 29. heinäkuuta 2017

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Finally I have enough time to stop to write a post about the outfit I wore the other day. A current week has been such a busy with long work days and gym training that I haven't had at all the extra time or energy to even think about the blog. In addition to all other affairs I have packed my life a bit by bit into the boxes because the new address is calling. I already have the keys on hand, but I'm allowed to go in on Tuesday evening! I'm really excited about the new address because it is the prettiest dwelling I have ever had. It's also a bit bigger as my old one including sauna and glazed balcony. 
But one day I was wearing this outfit when it was fairly warm weather. It's quite much diy and it's nice to see I'm able to wear that skirt after losing a few kilos.. heh. A fishnet tights are my best friend and also those pretty heels. 
Skirt: diy, harness: diy, bag: flea market, Shoes: New Look

torstai 20. heinäkuuta 2017

Saturday's outfit

The second day of Lumous festival spent in this uniform:
The whole outfit is self made and I really like the set. The hem is long and it causes naturally a bit troubles in the places which are packed with people and sometimes I step on it even myself. I had to fix it after WGT, but at this time the skirt survived without the crack. The corset is old. I made it for Tuska in 2011 and it starts to be scuffed. The  corduroy is not the best choice and my intention was to use the ordinary velvet, but it was sold out. However this is one of my favorite corset and I've worn it a lot.
The day was nice and I met also some new people when I visited a meet-up. I haven't visited any meeting in a long time, but now I had time and I'm glad that I went there. It's always nice to face the new people and I definitely would like to do that more often. The night was also fun and I wore away the bottoms of shoes during Nachtmar's show by dancing like a lunatic. The other bands weren't really for my taste, but Nachtmar was full of energy. 

tiistai 18. heinäkuuta 2017

Lumous Gothic Festival 2017

Two different outfits on the same post at this time. Lumous Gothic Festival started already on Thursday night, but I was too tired to attend the opening party due to the early morning that I decided to give a miss them and spend the night on the couch's corner with my beloved by watching some random paranormal videos on Youtube. We have watched quite many UFO documentaries recently and other paranormal phenomena videos. They really enthrall us. But back to the business. So Friday was the first festival day to me and we went to check out Tomi's photography exhibition to 3D Crush Cafe which is also the bunny cafe! I was so excited about the bunnies because I haven't met any rabbit for ages. As a kid I had one quite big purely white carrot biter. which was cute as hell. This was my first visit to the cafe and I definitely want to visit there later again. 

I was wearing my new HIM shirt which I bought in Tuska festival. This is the first HIM shirt ever and I barely have the heart to wear it ;) There is the tour list on the backside which is nice. I so hope to see them one more time. 
Shirt: Tuska festival, Skirt: WGT, Shoes: Deichmann, Tights: Kappahl, Bag: Flea market, Suspenders: Second hand 

It was such a complex to decide which clothes to put on for the evening. I ended up going with this:
Dress: H&M, Collar: Diy, Harness: Diy, Shoes: Pennangalan, Hat: Second hand, Bag: WGT, Tights: Kappahl

and I liked this simple, but splashy outfit much! By the way these are the shoes that I was about to wear at WGT, but I forgot them up the shoemaker. Now I got a chance to wear them. These were my favorite shoes years ago and I wore them daily as some of you can remember. Nowadays I wear them usually at the parties. 

I didn't take a camera with me so I don't have pictures from the evening at all. I especially liked Severance band from Mexico. Spiritual Front was also nice and this was the second time I saw them. 

keskiviikko 12. heinäkuuta 2017

Balcony in the summer

A tiny decor fly has found me again and I've been surfing between different webstores to gain an inspiration. Today I paid a visit to Ikea after a long time and found a few small things to cheer up the flat and mind. I've missed plants so I bought Ivy and Aloe Vera. My green thumb is such a poor concept that I can start counting the days how long they will survive alive. At first I considered  to buy fake flowers, but somehow I shy away them. Seriously, I've managed to kill even all my cactuses. 
 To my delight I found also those glass domes in different sizes! I have a one huge dome and now I bought a smaller one and  also that black bunny inside it. So far they decor the balcony. In addition a pair of sheets and that faux sheepskin below found a way into my home.

perjantai 7. heinäkuuta 2017

Puzzle life

The first warm day after forever. Seriously it has been quite cold  weather if thinking it should be the summer, but this is quite typical in Finland. I was freezing in Tuska last weekend because I didn't realized to take a jacket with me in addition to the hoodie and dress. I should have had as much clothes on as I wear in October! There hasn't been need for short sleeves or fishnet tights, but today it was warm enough for my new shorts suit! I can't emphasize too much how good purchase the dress is. 
Again a new fabric bag with Joy Division print which I found in WGT.
Short update, but I wanted to share these outfit pictures with you!

maanantai 3. heinäkuuta 2017

Tuska 20th Anniversary

A recent week has been really tough due to the tragedy which faced my family a week ago and my summer vacation has been everything but great, but we will rise and there has already been some light in the end of the dark tunnel literally! And of course I mean mr. Valo. I ended up going to Tuska festival just the same and that was a good choice. I really liked festival and this was most likely the last chance to see HIM. I'm a bit disappointed  that they quit, but that information didn't really surprise me. There has a space and time for everything and every story has the end. 

If I describe their show in a few words it was a really typical gig from HIM. I have seen them several times and always the same style. Ville didn't leak too many words out between the songs. Just a few "thank you" comments and that was nearly everything. But I was really happy with the song choices. They played all hits and some elder production which is closer to my heart than those newer songs. I do hope that Ville keep up making the new music in the future. He is too talented to stop. Were you there and what did you like the gig?

I arrived at Helsinki early so I had nicely time to visit a photography exhibition by Juurikkala. The pictures were nice, but not really that special or creative in the end. Just the typical band photos. 

In addition I enjoyed the gigs of Impaled Nazarene, Mokoma, Electric Wizard and Amorphis. A day passed quickly and I returned back to Tampere in the night or it was nearly morning and I was dead tired after the day. Fortunately my beloved was waiting for me at home and I got to sleep by him. My first intention was to stay Helsinki, but I changed the plan after realizing that it is possible to get Tampere by a train.