perjantai 29. joulukuuta 2017

Give me the wings

A few more picture from Yule time. As you can see it was a fairly drab weather and not at all dreamy white as it should be. I was hoping to get the snow, but what I got was tears from the sky. But okay, I like to admire this dead nature through a lens. White Christmas is rare on this latitude these days, but sometimes it happens, but most often it looks like this. 
I'm so in love with the granny hat and white collars. An outfit from the first Yule day. 
I found an ancient horseshoe. It's probably from the time when my grandma had a horse so it's really old. By the way I would like to go riding some day. I have never been, but I have always wanted and some time ago I noticed that here is arranged courses for adults who have less or not at all experience. I believe it would be worth trying at least once in a life or perhaps I fall in love.
If you want to see more pictures like my page here. I've activated and updating it again. 
I'm suffering from an awful travel fever once again. I went through some old pictures and the fever just increased. I so would like to (re)visit such a many places from Africa to Big Apple. I remember when I visited Rome and Paris and after that I was "well now I've seen them, no need to go there anymore", but now those places attract me again. I do hope I have more possibilities to travel in the future. 

tiistai 26. joulukuuta 2017

Spirit of the winter

Yule rolls to its end and it's a time to start focusing the mind on the coming year. I'm returning back to home today and tomorrow daily routines start running again. I hope you all had a congenial weekend and you got to spend it there where you wished. I've been really calmly at the folks and spent some quality time with a camera and been surrounded by cats. Of course I have bathed at sauna and poured  red wine down a throat not forgetting all those delicious food. This Yule could have been totally different following the accident which faced my dad in the summer, but luckily it wasn't.
I was dressed in this combination at eve. Not too sophisticated or colorful, but I like this look a lot.I got my  granny hat back which has been lost for a good time. I think it fits me pretty well and finishes the look. 
One of those drawings that I sketched over Yule. I hope I have a lot of inspiration also in the next year.  This year I've spent nicely time with the creative affairs.
When it comes to the gifts, I'm not going to do any unboxing post, but I can reveal that I got mostly coins which I'll invest in coloring of the skin at some point and travelling ;) I didn't want to receive pointless material, I prefer put money on experiences and exploring of the world. But naturally a granny gave me a pair of woolen socks and chocolate. 

lauantai 23. joulukuuta 2017


Yuletide wishes from the boondocks. I came here yesterday after finishing a job and this day flew by doing nothing particular. Me and my other half exchanged gifts already on Thursday evening because we spend Yule away from each other both in our own families. This year I promised to sew a winter coat for my beloved as the gift. He is quite unable to find the suitable coat in the stores which would match with his style , but it's his fortune that he has a girl who is a dressmaker and designer ;D

  I was about to do a post about home Yule decor, but due to the lack of time it is very much undone. But to be honest I'm not put much effort on Yuletide decoration. Most ready-made adornments are way too kitchy to my demanding taste so I usually end up decking by real candles and lights. But perhaps I could create something handmade gothy figments in the future by myself.
An outfit from yesterday. I found that pleated skirt in the flea market some time ago. It's lovely,
I never fed up with photographing the moon. It enchanted through the clouds today. 

May the magic of the season bless you and yours with much love and happiness.

sunnuntai 17. joulukuuta 2017

Shiny legs

I overcame a flu and finally I'm able to do something else as rotting on the couch which basically means that I'm suffering from aching muscles due to a hardcore gym training. I hope the cold won't find me anymore during the winter. Sometimes it comes back soon after disappearing and I wouldn't like to be between the sheets over Christmas. I can't believe it's Christmas again! Seriously I hate when the time runs this quickly and I can't control it at all. A year just turned and now it turns again.. I have made most of my gift purchases which is good for I have a lot of work during the next week. On Friday or on Saturday I will jump on the train for going to spend Xmas with the folks. I haven't been there for a long time so it's about a time to go say hello.

I ordered a birthday present for my beloved and at the same I bought these shiny leggings for myself. I'm quite thrilled about the shiny leggings and they are so easy to wear with pullovers which seems to be my everyday garment these days... Funny affair is that I didn't like them before. I'm also dreaming of a pair of latex trousers and I've considered to do them myself. 

Saturday's look included layers. 
I enjoyed Xmas vegan brunch today after the work and my stomach is still full. Menu was good and for once I was able to eat everything from the table. A purse lightened a little bit, but sometimes it's nice to eat at restaurants and enjoy the good food. 

tiistai 12. joulukuuta 2017

Only a woman can break his spell

I've been under the flu for a week now and this starts to be quite boring. Today is a bit better day although I coughed my lungs nearly out in the morning, but the energy level is better and the voice came somewhat back. I've been at the work every day though, but the rest of the time I've been bounded to the couch. I already miss a gym and  pole a lot. This is weird to be without the work-out over a week.

Today I was off so I tried to create some kind of outfit:
A sweater is the new finding from a flea market and those shoes I bought a few months ago and they are excellent. I still love over-the-knee boots and these are the perfect pair for a collection. For the winter I would need a pair of combat boots, but I haven't seen any nice yet. 

About a week ago it was Independence day here in Finland and the country celebrated its centenary. I was what else as ill, but I wanted to have at least a bit festive vibes too so I headed to the downtown to see fireworks as did thousands people here. I didn't except to meet that big crowd there, but obviously everyone had the same plan. My flu didn't like that idea at all and it got worse of course due to the glacial weather. 

I can't believe it's Yule soon and I haven't bought gifts yet :D  It's a really nice and wintry weather and I do enjoy the snow (now when there is loads of snow). 

lauantai 2. joulukuuta 2017

Gaggin' Drag

Yesterday's look when we went to see Gaggin' drag show to a local bar. Was nice evening over the drinks and the shows were entertaining and made me laugh. I was dressed in self made lace dress and a fluffy bolero. Unfortunately the snow appeared and I wasn't able to wear any nice shoes as I planned. I hadn't worn this dress for ages and if felt gorgeous on and fit well together with the bolero. 
No other special plans for the weekend. I try to find the time to check out the newest Twin Peaks episode and do some pole dancing. Hope you all have a great time!