sunnuntai 10. toukokuuta 2020

Morning star

Hello after forever. Just some months vanished again, but I've been thinking of blogging a lot during last weeks and some small flame inside me enforced to open this page again. Unfortunately the lack of time is still the main problem why I haven't written regularly anymore. Very hectic full time job takes most of my energy unfortunately, and now there is also a new relationship with a distance which requires its own time and the truth is that I have way too many hobbies which all are too dear to me and I try to find some healthy balance to dealing with all of them. 
I haven't bought just at all clothes recently because there is no need  for them. This dress was anyway an extempore finding in January and it has formed one of my favorite garment particularly now when the weather is getting warmer, but I have been wearing it all the time. The second hobby which has been frozen is sewing. I haven't sewn just at all recently or I can say that not at all, but now I have got my inspiration back and I did a new dress and there are coming some other new projects as well. It feels very good to be motivated again! I really don't know what happened or why I stopped sewing. Maybe because I didn't need anything and I can't see the point to sew just for fun? 
Due to this plague there has been now a little bit more time because I can't visit gym or pole classes (which I managed to start in January).  Otherwise my life has been quite much the same. I had a plan to travel to Prague at Easter, but naturally that plan had to be buried. I'm very happy that I managed to travel to Edinburgh and London in February before the virus started to conquer the world. I had the plan to travel this year a lot, but now it seems that there is not coming other adventures. Maybe to Lapland in the autumn if possible but everything is open right now. At least I have managed to keep my job which is very good and now it has been very calm days which is awesome.

Not so long post I could write much more, but the sewing machine is calling ;) I hope you are doing well despite of the virus and stay safe!

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  1. Such a wonderfully lovely warmer weather look. I adore that you said you're not buying any new clothes because there's simply no need for them. That's my mindset at present, too, and I've bought almost no clothes at all (and those few items that I did, all last year, were thrifted/vintage) in 1.5 years. I adore fashion madly and there are certainly items I'd enjoy owning and wearing, but do I "need-need" them? Objectively, no, and that's reason enough to happily make the most of my existing wardrobe for the time being.

    Wishing you an extremely safe, positive, sunny May,
    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life