sunnuntai 17. kesäkuuta 2012

Ich stehe dort im Regen Und warte nur auf dich

Sunday's outfit

Top: Morticia
Skirt:Second Hand
Tights: Seppälä
Shoes: New Look

I love the smell of rain.

lauantai 16. kesäkuuta 2012

Why does the love die?

Italia varasti tästä kuusta ison palasen ja kauhuikseni huomasin kesäkuusta kuluneen jo puolet. Eilen tuli pulahdettua ensimmäistä kertaa järveen ja vesi oli ihanan virkistävää. Olisin voinut kellua järvessä hämärän rajalle, mutta iltamenot pakottivat pukeutumaan ja suuntasin kilisevän laukkuni kera kaverilleni iltaa viettämään. Pakko toisin päästä uimaan pian uudelleen, sen verran hauskaa puuhaa se on!

Corset: Diy
Skirt: Lindex
Tights: Seppälä
Necklace: Cybershop
Bag: London


Italy stole a big piece of this month and I noticed June is already in half way. Yesterday I was swimmingin in the lake the first time this year. The water was pretty warm and I would have able to stay there till the dusk but the night plans forced me to get dressed. 

Joy Division fiilis <3/ Joy Division vibes 

keskiviikko 13. kesäkuuta 2012

Today we are all immortal

Sydän fiksaation on jälleen puhjennut kukkaan tuoden uuden kapistuksen korukokoelmaani. Olen pidempään etsinyt mustaa sydämenmuotoista riipusta löytämättä sopivaa. Tämäkään ei vastaa täydellistä yksilötä, mutta on näyttävä kaikesta huolimatta.


My addiction for heart shaped things is once again blooming. Jewelry collection got a new dweller.

maanantai 11. kesäkuuta 2012

Rome: City of love II

On wednesday we decided to buy tickets for the bus tour which was valid 48 hours.The bus rounds around the city and visits the most popular places so it is easy way to get know Rome. But if you want to move fast from place to another this is really slow way and it runs only one direction. Metro was really fast and easy to use but you can't see the city by travelling under the ground.

The monument to Emanuele II. This building was most convincing though I heard that local people don't appreciate it at all. We climbed to the middle floor but didn't visited the roof  because it would have cost.
 We dropped out of bus and decided to walk to Trevi Fountain. It was really warm day so you can imagine how much I wanted to go swim to that pool. Unfortunately there was always the garrison in every corner which prevented my intentions. This fountain seemed to be popular when there was so many people around there and actually this is the one most well known fountain in whole world.

After Trevi we headed for the Pantheon and got some drinks near there and pizza.

Raffaello's grave

Thursday and Friday spent by rounding around the city. Friday was shopping day and I visited a local goth store which was quite expensive. I haven't been bought anything yet so I decided to buy a new bag and leggins.I will introduce them later.

Would you like to have pizza or pasta? I got pizza overdose during the week.

On saturday we came back to Finland. Italy was beautiful country and people there were really friendly! I had my laptop with me but the week passed so quickly I didn't have time to update earlier like I was think. The weather felt cold here in home country when the thermometer showed only +10 degrees when in Rome it was +35 on Friday.

sunnuntai 10. kesäkuuta 2012

Rome - City of love

We arrived in Rome on last Sunday evening. The weather was warm unlike in Finland where the rain was running from the sky. The sky cleared up fast and we got the opportunity to admire the Alps. The view was wonderful; the pictures can't tell you the true story.

Monday was the first official day in Rome and we decided to walk to Colosseum. Our hotel situated near Termini station the other side of town. Colosseum was one of the most interesting attraction I wanted to see and it didn't betray us. There was a long queue in Colosseum so it took about one hour to get in. If you are going inside I recommend to buy tickets beforehand to save your time.

On Tuesday we had an early morning. We had a tour guide in Vatican which took three and half hours. The guide was really great and I got much more information I would have got on my own.It was an excellent experience to get to see the famous paintings in reality which I have seen before only in the books. I snapped a few pictures on the quiet in Sistine Chapel. It was the only place where photography is not allowed.
Thanks for the elevator it brought us a bit higher in St. Peter's Basilica.
Once again the picture lies. Impossible to capture the size of dome into the photo. 
One of the most famous sculpture Pietá
 Too many steps and  we got to admire St Peter's Square. There is not elevator if you like to get the top of  St. Peter's Basilica so you need to walk over 300 steps. You can imagine how warm it can be if the thermometer shows 30 degrees and there are hundreds people walking inside the aisle of dome. But it was worth it.