perjantai 29. heinäkuuta 2016


Finally I have a moment to open blogger and update shortly. These days are busy and I've been so tired of an evening that it's mission impossible to do anything else but sleeping. Shifts at work have been hellish and the weather burning which makes me tired as well. 

About a week ago I disappeared into the streets of Helsinki to meet up my old friend who paid a visit to Finland. How much I enjoy Helsinki and how seldom I visit there these days? There would be so much to do during the summer, but now I only had a day off. I would like to go zoo and visit museums and hang out the parks and Suomenlinna (fortress), can't even remember the last time I visit there. This time we decided to go Vallisaari by boat (it's an isle in front of Helsinki) and that was a calm place actually the perfect place for picnic.  I promise to myself I start to visit Helsinki more often... soon when I only have spare time...  

I bought a gym membership the last week. I have visited the gym all the time, but now I wanted to try the new place which is situated closer (well it wasn't a long journey to the old place neither) and I'm so excited. If the blog is dead silence you will know where I'm ;D

Today I'm going to go a bar when there is arranged some kind of goth/post-punk evening. Hope you all are well and see you!

perjantai 22. heinäkuuta 2016

Lumous Gothic Festival: Saturday

On Saturday I headed to Dark Market where I spent only for a quick moment because I wanted to go say hello to my sweetie who was suffering from a flu at home. Here is a picture how I looked a daytime until it was a time to put on something more macabre for the club ;D The weather was sunny for once which was nice. 
Dress: Second hand: Shoes: From Germany, Bag: Flea market, Necklace: From WGT

The music lines of the night was good: Naevus, Two Witches and Aesthetic Perfection. Only Naevus was new to me. Every goth in Finland knows Two Witches and I had chance to see Aesthetic Perfection already in Germany earlier this year, but it was even better here at the club which was more intimate as the huge Agra hall. 
Two Witches
Aesthetic Perfection
All bands sounded good and my night was successful. Greetings for you all who came to say hello to me over the weekend!

After Saturday there was a one night left when I went to End club which was a highlight of the whole event. A shame for those who didn't attend. I don't have pictures from there because photography was out of bound for a reason that people were dancing on the tables without their clothes....  Great weekend, great people, great parties!

maanantai 18. heinäkuuta 2016

Lumous Gothic Festival: Friday

Well hello! Still alive after all merrymaking and sleepless nights and all I can say that it is the spectacular weekend behind me. Lumous Gothic Festival is a local and biggest goth event in Finland which takes its place at Tampere in July. For me it's a great thing that it's arranged here so I don't need to travel for it to attend. It's a city festival which means that here is a bunch of different happenings around the city. 

Here is a few shots I took during the Friday. I didn't take pictures about the people which is a bit shame. My focus was on drinking this time and besides the weather was too dark on Friday that even my outfit pictures were almost all stripey. Someone asked me recently is it always this rainy in Finland and I would like to answer yes; sometimes this country reminds me of Mordor. 

I was a lazy once again and didn't sew anything new for Lumous although I had some ideas drifting in my mind. But on the other hand the closet is filled with nice garments so why to sew more? I was about to put on the long skirt on Friday, but because it was so wet ground I ended up wearing this costume. ( I didn't count how many comments I received while walking through the city those horns on me "oh there goes a satan!" )
On Friday there was playing Swedish Canis Lupus which was delicious and wanted option among those industrial bands. I like industrial, but I appreciate always more traditional music. 
Corset: Diy, Skirt: From London, Shoes: Pennangalan, Bag: Flea market, Necklace: Ebay, Horns: Diy, Tights: Lindex
Shiv-r was the new band to me. I managed to listen to them a bit before the gig so the songs were a little bit familiar and it was a positive surprise. I enjoyed their show.
Thanks Niina for the outfit pictures!

This Monday will be long. I have a workday this evening and I was celebrating till the light signal last night, but the End club was so good that I didn't have a heart to go home earlier. 

perjantai 15. heinäkuuta 2016

Lumous Opening Club

Wohoo it's here again: Lumous gothic festival and I was off already today which means that I was able to start celebrating yesterday when the event officially started. I headed for the opening club where was playing: Sortaja, Unzyme and Submission. I was surprised by the amount of people who were arrived in the club; it was however Thursday. 

Here is the outfit which I chose to wear. It was so difficult to decide what to put on, but I ended up wearing the corset from Lip Service which is comfy and I haven't worn it for ages. Those shoes are also wonderful and I was nearly forgotten their existence. A bag is new one which I found in the flea market a week ago.

tiistai 12. heinäkuuta 2016

Under the hood

A new hoodie which I purchased some weeks ago from Hennes and I love it! It's been really useful now when the weather is what it is, cold and rainy so I have worn it almost every day since I got it. It goes perfectly as a coat in the summer when the leather jacket is too heavy to wear. I've admired this kind  of hoodies for long on other people which seems to be quite ordinary vision these days. Pants are from Queen of Darkness and wedges are Vagabond. In all simplicity this look enchants me a lot.
Hoodie: H&M, Pants: Queen of Darkness, Shoes: Vagabond, Bag: Flea market
I managed to have a flu and I'm quite annoyed if this is not over before Lumous (gothic festival in Finland) which is arranged in coming weekend. It seems that I get the summer cold every year. There is a few days time to heal myself before the event. 

Another affair which pissed off me is that I missed Patti Smith's gig at Ruisrock. It would have been the only artist there I would have wanted to see, but of course I had a shift at work. I have managed to miss her every time she has visited Finland and now I pray she is coming back and I promise to myself to be there. 

perjantai 8. heinäkuuta 2016

Ron Mueck + day's outfit

Hello! A friend came to visit me and we've been wandering around the city for a few days now. Yesterday we paid a visit to Ron Mueck's exhibition and it is one of the most impressive sculpture show which I've ever seen. Hyperrealist human sculptures make you wait for a blink of an eye or a voice of breathe. Ten of his works are now seen at Sara Hilden art museum and I recommend you to go see them if possible. 
Day's look
It's been such a poor weather once again and I have managed to have a sore throat. I wish it didn't mean a flu, because I don't want to be off from a work. It should be a summer now ,but this looks more like an autumn. 
Sometimes it's nice to see your hometown as a tourist. A pic above was taken from Skybar where we were sitting yesterday over a drinks. I like the view a lot. 
A short post at this time, but I will return back soon!  Now the company is waiting for.

tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2016

Sonja Sinivuori Sirkus @ Kännikalafestarit

 Some black and white pictures that I took on Saturday while visiting a local event where was playing a few local bands.

 I love to take black and white live pictures especially if the venue is less professional including a bad lighting and not so nice background. In addition the visual look of a band affects a lot. Usually black and white pictures work always, but colors not necessary.  From my personal view the black and white live pictures work better to my eyes as color ones although of course also color can sometimes be even more effect as the shades of gray. However here are the shots about Sonja Sinivuori Sirkus. 

sunnuntai 3. heinäkuuta 2016

Dancing barefoot

Punk music, live gigs, cold drinks, swimming in the lake made my weekend. After a long pondering I decided to skip over Tuska festival for a reason that there was nothing for me this year. A few good bands weren't worth a high ticket cost and to be honest the placid weekend without any extra hassle was everything I needed. Besides there were some events also around in my hometown which interested me so I decided to stay home and go to listen to the local punk bands where my other half also plays and the weekend turned out to be just fine. I also wanted to enjoy the summer and visit a beach when it was a sunny and warm day for once. There haven't been many sunny days during this summer so a temptation to lie on the lake shore with a good book was remarkable. 
Here is one attire which I wore a few days ago. Red lips, suspenders, pencil skirts and hair up in the pony tail seems to be my quite usual look nowadays. 
Skirt: flea market, Shirt: Lindex, Suspenders: flea market, Shoes: Minna Parikka (second hand), Earrings: Ebay
Pizza-online service was our friend once again this evening when we were willing to watch a movie, but terrible hungry had to tame before it. Alien form the year 1979 was what we watched and I guess I haven't seen it before. It was good and now a sequel must be seen as soon as possible. I have also spent too many hours by watching Orange is the new black. It's just so damn good that I would like to watch all seasons from the beginning if I only had time to do that.  ;)