keskiviikko 27. toukokuuta 2015

The second day at WGT

Saturday was the second day at WGT and after the morning traditions (eating breakfast, drinking cider and dressing up) we took again a tram to Agra. There was again coming some shopping more. I love Agra shopping area. There was so many different goth style clothes that everyone surely find something suitable. Especially I liked characterful handmade items which are more rarer to find. 

My second day's outfit included pvc and lace (and of course I had to wear the new veil again; more is more). A corset and a skirt are my self made with the veil. I decided to put on also this day Vagabond's shoes for the legs weren't too sore after all standing and walking a day before. 
Corset, skirt, veil: Diy, Shoes: Vagabond
 Some nice handmade items. I like the cage and how it's decorated with the earrings. 
Bird skulls and small hats and other head pieces are always stunning details. 
Beautiful goth ladies 

We bumped into Finns there
 Some lovely couples. Looks good when the couples are dressed up in a same style 
The night didn't come up roses as we planned. We were about to go to see Fields Of The Nephilim, but we never get in the venue. We waited there an hour and half like many others, but no one got in during that time. In the end I gave up and I left back to our hotel and hoped the next day will be better. Other wise the day was good and well managed. 

tiistai 26. toukokuuta 2015

The first day at WGT

Here comes a decent post about the first day at Wave gotik treffen when the first one was only a short sample. We arrived at Leipzig on Thursday evening by plane which was a good choice because there was a train strike in Germany. We flew via München where we had to wait over four hours for the flight to Leipzig, but the time run quite quickly by eating and drinking beer. I hadn't been in Germany before so everything was new and exciting. Leipzig turned out to be a most idyllic city with beautiful buildings and parks. From the airport we took taxi to the hotel which was situated close to the railway station so the location was excellent. Hotel was a four-star and comfy and clean. 
Like I mentioned, my first day's look was really casual. I put on a skater dress which is one of my favorite dress and I decorated it with a big ankh and a self made veil. I have wanted the veil for years and finally I decided to sew it. It's made of a satin band and tulle and in addition I put there rose trimmings. It stayed well and the wind waved it nicely. I had a shoe problem which I often have when I need to keep shoes on during the long days. In the end I ended up wearing Vagabonds which are comfy to wear. 
On Friday morning after eating the breakfast we put on the clothes and make up and headed to explore the city. We went also to Queen of Darkness city store which is situated in the city center.  I took a bunch of pictures from the store which was filled with lovely garments. There is a few pictures from there:
I walked all the time with my camera and I tried to photograph as much as possible beautiful outfits. The streets were filled with goths and it was so beyond belief  how beautiful and personal garments people were wearing. 
After getting the wristbands we left to Agra where we spent rest of the day by shopping and listening to the great music. I can't remember how much the time was when we ended up the hotel, but I fell asleep quite efficiently. The first day was over quickly, but I was happy how well things turned out.

lauantai 23. toukokuuta 2015

Wave Gotik Treffen

Hello! Short greetings from Leipzig and from Wave Gotik Treffen. The first day is over and it was great. We went to Agra and shopped a bit there (I will introduce my lovely new findings later). We also watched the gigs of Lame Immortelle, Blutengel and Deine Lakaien. All gigs were good and I hadn't seen those bands before so the experience was new to me. Here is my yesterday's outfit which was really casual and simple. Weather was warm so I was able to wear the dress without a jacket. 
 For all WGT visitors. There is a change to get a bunch of clothes from Queen of Darkness worth 1000 euros! Visit their city store or stands and check out this! I'll be there aswell today so come to say hello!
Have a nice weekend!

keskiviikko 20. toukokuuta 2015

Germany is calling

I have spent some silent days recently because there has been so much things to do! However now I have a vacation which lasts a week and I'm off to Germany since tomorrow! Wave gotik treffen is calling so we are heading to Leipzig via München. I have waited for the journey since I ordered the flights at the beginning of November so the whole winter has been just waiting... and waiting. Unfortunately my throat is again a bit sore (it's every another day), but I try to drink much tea to avoid the flu. I'll return back to blogosphere when I'm back at home with the bunch of the new experiences so stay tuned!

lauantai 9. toukokuuta 2015

Echoing lullaby deep in the mind

My outfit a week ago when we decided to go a walk to the nearby forest. The weather wasn't the best one, but in a weird way it went well together the atmosphere of my mind. I was wearing quite simple clothes which I usually wear daily. The shirt is most likely the most widely worn bodice which I have. I was lucky when I found it in a flea market. The material is quality, after washing it many many times it still looks good and I love those puffy sleeves. 
Skirt: IronFist, Shirt: Second hand, Shoes: H&M, Bag: Second hand, Hat: Ebay, Suspenders: Second hand
I have suffered from irritating tiredness for a day or two and now it seems that some less welcome flu is knocking behind a door. I don't want to be ill at all. I'm just too lazy to go to see a doctor to ask for a sick leave. I rather go work. Last evening I tried to read a new book which I got last week and I fell asleep having read a few lines and yes it's really interesting book about Jack the Ripper so not boring at all. And the evening before  we tried to watch one series with my boyfriend and again I ended up watching dreams before the episode was over. I must be fairly bad company, but I can't do anything when the energy level is nonexistent. Just need to hope this goes over quickly before my next adventure. 

tiistai 5. toukokuuta 2015

Wind, let me fly

A wind blew a hem of a skirt skywards while a flock of birds flew over us. I adore a forecourt of a castle and I never fed up with staring at the scenery. It's also a lovely place to take outfit pictures when a piece of history stands behind me. We took a walk in these landscapes a few days back and  we enjoyed the good weather. And what is the best point: we bumped into Chow chow and I got to stroke it. Like some of you perhaps know I have a bad dog fever and now I'm pondering between a labrador and chow. If you have any experience about these breeds, please share your thoughts with me. 

I was wearing Queen of Darkness' net shirt and a skirt, shoes, hat is from H&M. The skirt is lovely. An extra wide hem which moves in the wind nicely. 

perjantai 1. toukokuuta 2015

May Day 2015

Hello! I arrived at Savonlinna on Wednesday and since that I've been enjoying my days off. It's nearly a year when I visited here the last time. May Day Eve was yesterday and here is my yesterday's outfit. I put on my new dress which I found in goth flea market event at Easter. I like an adjustable hem of the dress and this time I decided to keep it down. I also wore my student cap and obviously I was only one in our group. Before I didn't like to wear it at all, but now I have worn it twice after graduation which was hmm... ten years ago. I feel old... What do you think of the outfit? 
Dress: flea market / Shoes: Vagabond
I hope you all had a nice May Day!