Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Queen of Darkness Ambassador

Perhaps some of you have observed that I have a new banner on my sidebar which wasn't there before. Let me tell you shortly which kind of changes will be occurred in my blog in the future. 
Some time ago I got a collaboration proposal from the brand Queen of Darkness which is quite well-known name around the world. They are an adorable goth clothing brand from Germany and when they asked me to become their ambassador I was absolutely interested. I have got a bunch of collaboration offers during my 'blog career', but I have always denied for a reason that I haven't felt them to be my style. When Queen of Darkness contacted me I needed to ponder for the first time seriously that perhaps I could do some blog cooperation. The brand was familiar to me beforehand, I have had their products and I've liked them. Their store is filled with the garments that I could adopt into my wardrobe. 

 So this is the first collaboration in my blog and it means practically: in the future I have a great chance to introduce their new arrivals. I'll also start to write Queen of Darkness blog with other ambassadors so welcome to read it aswell. I hope you enjoy coming post as much as I do. 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Tampere alternative blogger meet-up II

A gray and cold Saturday and I headed to the railway station to meet these wonderful people. To me this was the second meetup here in Tampere and most of the people were familiar at least in their appearance. We spent a couple of hours at Klubi by drinking hot or cold drinks. Here are a few pictures I managed to take:
Otherwise the weekend has been peaceful. A Sofa, gym and perhaps sewing machine. That's all I'm gonna do. Tomorrow is my first day at work and I need to wake up around 5 am. Sounds crazy and I'm most likely dead after a day. In addition I have a few appointments until I get home. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

I desire the things which will destroy me in the end

Busy days seems to be here after a calm weekend, but let's jump a few days back. Last weekend I wrapped me inside a blanket. I burned too many candles and I lit my new Christmas lights which I bought a week ago. I read Stephen King's novel Carrie and I watched  through a window how the snow melted away. I booked flights and hotels to the next spring. I enjoyed the Finnish post-punk notes and I tried to understand how adjectives bend in German language. Then Monday appeared and since that I've ran like a headless chicken. But it's not a bad thing. Mostly I feel  more productive when there are tight schedules displaying directions. 

We visited watching Nick Cave's 20, 000 Days On the Earth today and it was something that I could recommend for everyone who likes Cave's music. I nearly started to pat during the film (even more as once) because it was such a powerful show. I still a bit regret that I didn't go to see him over a year ago when he visited Helsinki. Let's hope that they will come again in the future and I definitely want to re-watch the film. His music is something that I really love. 

"I used to be a music teacher until I met heroin"

Friday, 7 November 2014

The first snow

Look at this scenery. Last night the first snow started to fall down and by this morning the whole ground was covered with the white blanket. The nature looks so stunning now and what a light floods through the windows. 
Here is my self made velvet coat which I introduced here once before on a dummy. Those shoes I bought yesterday from a flea market and a bag is second hand aswell. 
 Now I run to a gym and after that I start to spend a weekend. I wish you all have the wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


It's my 28th birthday. I survived over the curse of 27. Now I'm elder as Jim Morrison or Kurt Cobain and I start to feel myself pretty old these days. But the age is just number and I rarely think of it. It doesn't define me and those who says that I should start looking like an adult (which means what?!  blue jeans and some boring beige collar shirt?) can close their coffin's cover and go to the place where the sun does not shine. I'm so fed up with the comments which I get usually from my relatives: you are soon thirty and you look like twenty. You should change your style and grow up. How it can be a problem for them because it's not the problem to me :P But however I'm not eager for wasting my time  those wooly thoughts today. 

This day has been really busy and totally different as usually. The day is pretty potential to change my life if everything goes like I've planned. I did have an entrance exam today and it's possible that I 'll become a student again. But it's a lot of possible also that I won't get in, because there were so many candidates. But I don't want to reveal more so far. Let's see how the things turn out. 

Now I have to run to German class and after that the time hit 7.30 pm and I can sit down finally and celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend. Most likely we will eat Burger King meals (it finally arrived at Tampere), I drink a glass of red wine while watching the movie and I try to keep my eyes open.