torstai 31. joulukuuta 2015

Highlights of 2015

In honor of a successful year I decided to do a post of highlights of the year 2015. The year offered me a lot of positive affairs and experiences and I couldn't be more as grateful of all things the year brought back. The most remarkable were a new home, study place and a trip to WGT and in addition many little things which cheered my mind up. Nothing displeasing really happened during the past year. Here comes my year in a picture form:

In March we headed to Helsinki Ink Tattoo Convention and during the same trip we paid a visit a steam bar. This was the only Helsinki visit which I did during the year. I try to arrange more time to visit there during a coming year.
I purchased only two pairs of shoes this year which is less to me, but the both pair are pure love!
My long-time dream to start collecting vinyls came to true when I got a player  from my dad. 
I met some lovely bloggers
I visited museum 
We hanged out at abandoned factory area and took a plenty of cool pictures there
I traveled to Savonlinna  to spend May day there 
And soon after May day I traveled to Germany for the first time to attend WGT!

 I did pole dancing  and visited a gym. 
I cuddled with my other half. Our third anniversary comes in January!
I went to Lumous gothic festival
I decorated a lot during the year
And then I moved to new address
I went to Halloween parties
I visited Spain
I went to see Roller Derby and took photos there
I saw many good gigs

I hope the coming year will be good to us all. Happy new year!!!

sunnuntai 27. joulukuuta 2015

Full moon

I've been just relaxing for the past few days here at my folks. I bought a game named Cities Skylines and this day and yesterday have disappeared by playing it through. Quite addictive although it's quite simple game or at least it's been so far. I recommend you to try it if you enjoy the simulation games like Sim city or The Sims. I'm a huge fan of the Sims and when I heard about Cities Skylines I didn't dare to purchase it in a fear of addiction. Now when I'm on a vacation there is the time to play  and a permission to be doing nothing 

Here is my yesterday's outfit. Relatives came to visit here so I wanted to replace my night gown for something more stylish. A lace shirt is from a flea market and a skirt is from H&M. I would like to wear the long skirts more, but the ground is usually wet therefor it's not tempting to wear long hems. 
It was a full moon and I love taking photos of the moon. It's challenging and especially when I live in the middle of the city it's more difficult due to the buildings and street lights, but here in the middle of nothing it's easier. There is no street lights or buildings or anything between you and the moon. Only a distance so a good lens is needed. 
Tomorrow I return back to home. There is a week left of the vacation and I feel already a bit anxiety about that. The spring will be probably as busy as the fall was or even more busier so I can't say that I wait for it :D

perjantai 25. joulukuuta 2015


 We have so called black Xmas when the ground is snowless this year and the weather is more vernal as wintry. Last night it was a diabolical storm, the rain and wind drummed the roof through the nigh when I was watching Twin Peaks. The moon created a ghostly vibes by glowing through the clouds. 

Gifts are opened and a stomach is full of the food. I got really nice and useful gifts this year like a new sound system for my vinyl player. So far I've used my dad's old devices which are dancing on the brink of the grave. No more crackling sounds although it created sort of nice extra spice to some songs. 

Here are my yesterday's outfit and a few pictures I took: 

How is your Yule going? Have you got some nice presents? 

keskiviikko 23. joulukuuta 2015


I wish you all a wonderful Yule time 

maanantai 21. joulukuuta 2015

Sonja Sinivuori Sirkus

A week ago on Sunday evening I challenged the gods of weather and decided to walk to Vastavirta to see a band where my sweetheart plays although it was everything but tempting weather and rotting on the couch would have been also an option. But good that I went their songs sounded really good and my inner radio repeated them  inside my head  for the next few days after the show. I rarely share any photos here from the gigs nowadays and I don't know even why. Usually I just forget to upload them here. However here are a few shots I took in a quite bad conditions. 

sunnuntai 20. joulukuuta 2015

Collectif dress from London

In celebration of upcoming Yule I decided to put on something red today. In my closet there is only two red garments (if I didn't forget something) and they both are actually dresses from Collectif which I've purchased many years ago while visiting London. This dress was one of my favorite when I bought it and I wore it quite much, but recently the dress has been hiding somewhere in deep corner with spider webs and old dreams. Red  is the color which fits me well, but recently the feeling to wear something this colorful has been missing. I feel too comfy and homey in black. 
 Dress: Collectif
Have you received Yule mood? Mine is lurking somewhere between the earth and space. Yule surprises every year although I've put Christmas lights to home and baked gingerbread ( yes I really did, it's rare from me) it still appears always so quickly like bang. And not rainy weather and snowless ground don't help to find the right atmosphere. Well I still enjoy my vacation from the bottom of my soul. This time it do feel that I need this break after hectic autumn. 

perjantai 18. joulukuuta 2015

New collection is out from Queen of Darkness

Queen of Darkness released their new collection and I decided to pick up a few items that please my eyes. All in all the new collection is to my taste. Black clothes, asymmetrical lines, cool fake-fur fabric, fringes and some more simple pieces. 

Well fringes! I love them everywhere. 
Nice lines and an asymmetrical hem. Perhaps I would wear a top under it because I don't want to reveal my belly, heh. 
Fabric and model is perfect. I like fake-fur items and this is definitely stunning. 
Something for men. Nice fabric. Even very ordinary shirt looks interesting when the fabric is varied.
Click here to check out the whole collection. What did you like it?