sunnuntai 25. tammikuuta 2015

The Hobbit: The battle of the five armies

 One of my newest flea market finding is a chiffon shirt which I found the last year. Translucent materials are conquering my wardrobe a bit by bit and in particular the chiffon pleases my eyes a lot. It's such a light material and I adore the translucent effect. 
 Eventually we visited watching the third Hobbit the last night. I wasn't that excited about it, because the first two parts weren't so interesting, but of course I had to go to see it.  My other half paid-up hobbit fan wanted to watch the first parts before watching the last one and so watching of the last part prolonged itself. I think the third part was absolutely the best. There didn't happen anything in the first part, it was mostly bringing out of characters and the second part was waste of time although the dragon was well made. There was again some nice effects which worked fine in 3d. Some props looked a bit cardboard like also in the previous parts, but what can you expect. I would like to watch LOTR after a long time. I guess the last time I went through them was in the summer 2009. 

Otherwise my weekend has been quite sporty. Gym and pole, gym and pole and aching muscles. Yesterday I decided to broke my 'alcohol strike' and drink one cold beer after the movie when we stopped to the bar. So there disappeared my alcohol free January. 

maanantai 19. tammikuuta 2015

I know how it's gonna feel, Like not to be alive anymore

An outfit from the past day. Wrapping in the black cardigans seems to be "that thing" during this winter. They are easy and comfy to wear and I like layering. This time I put under the black cloak a  top of Black Craft which surely is one of my favorite a piece of garment. Shoes are my newest over knee boots. 

It's a pleasure to arrive at home when there is something sweet waiting for you after a day. Yesterday some odd inspiration flew over me and I decided to bake a chocolate cake. It's a rare miracle if I ever bake anything. One reason is that I don't like to eat sweeties often and  the second reason or the fact is that I'm not that good at baking ;D This cake managed well and I even offered it to my other half. 
I've spent my night by reading German and my lids are about to drain down all the time. The words are teeming in front of my eyes and the mind is wandering in the second dimension. Perhaps it's a good time to quit studying and watch one episode of Sons of Anarchy before falling asleep. ( Fourth season is running and this is still worth watching..)

perjantai 16. tammikuuta 2015

Until an angel takes you away

Hello darklings! Friday and weekend seems to be here once again and mine goes at work in turn. Fortunately I have short shifts at both days, but with early mornings. However it doesn't bother me because I wouldn't have had any special plans for this weekend. The next day off is the next Friday, so long week is coming. 

My German course started this week, but I was too exhausted to attend it. I had a long day which included eleven hours at work and after it I should have gone to sit to the lesson. No thanks. But it means that I need to try to study at home now before the next lecture.  I'm quite excited. Learning of the new words is rewarding in a silly way!

Me and my beloved have our second anniversary day on Sunday. Time flies so quickly! 
Thursday's look. I put on a striped shirt and the shorts for work. No decent outfit pictures because I was too lazy to take them ;)
My beloved borrowed to me Turbonegro's book which he read recently. Band is quite unknown to me, but I decided to read their opus because I was told it's super good and at the same I have listened to their albums. Stories about Hank Von Helvete sounds so unbelieveble that I want figure out what this band really is. 
No other news this time. Hope you have a nice weekend!

lauantai 10. tammikuuta 2015

Winter coat

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It's again a time to introduce you a one of those lovely garments which I got from Queen of Darkness. This time it's a turn of coat. In particular in Finland it's useful to have at least two coats for winter. One for a light frost and one for an ice age. I chose this short model from their winter collection and it goes perfectly now when the temperature is near to zero. The coat has been on me for several days and I like it a lot. Especially that splashy wrinkled collar is pretty detail. I also appreciate the pockets because I usually like to listen to the music so it's useful to keep your phone in the pocket while walking. More pictures you find here

maanantai 5. tammikuuta 2015

These maniac days

New year has started off painlessly,but I still hate early mornings. Days go for the most part at work which is kind of good. These long loony days (over ten hours) steal my time and the rest of the time goes in a stupor. Early mornings are never meant for me. It's challenging to go to a bed before 10 pm and wake up before 5 am. Perhaps in the future the things change, but so far I need to keep going in this maniac circle. German course will begin the next week. Let's see how to find time for that. 
An outfit from the past. A skirt is self made, a shirt and shoes are second hand and a hat is from Ebay. This is one of my favorite outfit. 
I have managed to cause an addiction to Sons of Anarchy. I started to watch the first season the other day and I finished it yesterday. What a good series it is! I knew it's good and that's why I haven't watched it earlier because I knew it steals my spare time. I promised to live without any series now, but seemingly it not gonna happen.

torstai 1. tammikuuta 2015

A new year

A year closed and new begins. I need to state that my past year was pretty good in many ways. It was filled with nice events, love, new people, hobbies etc. I reached some ambitions and nothing bad happened. Hope this year will be good aswell. I never do truly promises or at least I don't do them seriously. This year I try to exercise even more as I did last year, I try to learn languages, I will travel and I try to release my own small clothing collection finally! I believe that small things make you happy in the end so I don't try to catch a moon from the sky. 

We spent our New Year's eve at my other half's place and we visited watching fire works and I went  sleep quite early for a reason that I need to wake up tomorrow 5am so I don't want to mix my sleeping rhythm too badly. I've eaten too much recently and it feels that my stomach will explode. Yesterday we made tortillas and they were damn good.  Perhaps it's a time to make a small fasting. Food is too good. 
A new maxi dress which I found from the sales the other day. It's cozy and goes well at home or when I wan't to dress up lightly. 
A beautiful crescent glared at a frosty night last week. 
I wish you all a wonderful new year 2015!