torstai 28. maaliskuuta 2013

Water into wine

Day's outfit

 Shirt: Some random boutique, Skirt: Diy, Belt: Second Hand, Shoes: Pennangalan, Bag: From London

Back into the blog world! I took a small break with blogging while visiting across Finland.  My trip lasted longer as I was thought. My friend suggested me that she would be able to come to meet me to Tampere on Monday so I decided to stay there till yesterday. We visited watching Oz the great powerful. The film was got the positive feedback about the costumes but I wasn't able to see anything specific there. The film was a titbit in a visual way. A lot of delicious colors, which was likely to wake up the winter-minded soul for the spring.

keskiviikko 13. maaliskuuta 2013

Changing landscapes

Dress: Second Hand (original Lip Service), Shirt: Diy, Hat: Diy, Shoes: H&M

Yesterday I decided to put on Lip Service's dress which I bought years ago. It's definitely still cool but somehow I haven't  worn it so often lately maybe because I haven't had suitable shirts under it. This new self made satin blouse seems to go well together with the dress. I should design and sew more the blouses.
I was on my way to Tampere once again yesterday. It feels that all my coins are  splurging to the train tickets but at this time the tickets cost only 15euros so not that bad. Should start searching for a flat so then I wouldn't need to travel anymore not that I wouldn't like to travel. 

perjantai 8. maaliskuuta 2013

Soul in isolation

Short post at this time. My laptop is running once again so slowly that I don't have any inspiration hang out with it and the films are waiting for me.
An old Ministry's t-shirt which I found from the jumble sales turned to dress a couple nights ago. The shirt had seen a lot and it would have been too small for me in this way so I got an idea to change it into dress. I was about to buy Ministry's shirt some time ago but now it's no longer necessary. 

New shoes, which I got yesterday. 

tiistai 5. maaliskuuta 2013

Mourning dress

Dress, Bolero, Hat: Diy ; Shoes: Dinsko

Last night I made a pillbox hat on a whim. I haven't made hats or any head accessories before so this is very amateurish and not the perfect one. We had a hat course in school but unfortunately I missed it because I was in exchange when it was arranged. It's a pity because I would have liked to take part of it. Anyway I'm pretty happy with the result if regarding that this is the first I have ever made and I made it  without any instructions, experience or tools which the hat makers ordinarily use. The hat is made of black velvet. I like a lot of head accessories and hats. I think finnish people don't wear the headpieces so much if not counting the awful winter skicaps or the caps in summer time. 

We visited rounding the city centre today and I did the new findings in the flea market, but I'll come to those findings later. Then I found the bottle of color mask while visiting Sokos. I have heard about this product before but I was pretty sure it is not sold in Savonlinna but obviously I was wrong. This is meant to redheads to keep the red color longer lasting. I hope this works and maintains my red color!

maanantai 4. maaliskuuta 2013

Diy projects!

Dress and skirt which I made during the last week. I have murmured for a long that I don't have the basic blouses so here is a new one which goes well under the corsets too. Material is stretch satin which feels comfortable to wear. The skirt is made of duchess satin and the same lace which I used also in the dress which I introduced here a couple weeks ago. If I'm making a new pieces of clothing in this speed, my flat is soon filled with the new garments (and the truth is I don't seriously need them more..) Some desperate urge for the new corsets is beating inside me even if I have at least ten specimens in my wardrobe and it would be nice to get a new spring coat aswell..

The weekend was not the best. Somehow my mind set was low and I didn't do just anything. Friday was okay, I saw my friends and we visited bars. Saturday was the worst, my mind was such a melancholy and the day passed in the shadows. I was interested in nothing. Yesterday I forced myself to go swimming. I have a lot of time in hands now and I have also a lot of things to do but somehow sometimes is difficult to decide where to start. I have lived so many years according to the schedules that someone else has set for me; now when I'm free to set them myself it's too complicated. Maybe I should trust in intuition.

lauantai 2. maaliskuuta 2013

Push the sky away

February turned to March yesterday and the spring is closer day by day. How fast is time running? I don't enjoy the spring as much as I like autumn. An amount of increasing light generally makes me feel tired. Last days I have fell in love with the beauty of the night that I have totally forgotten to say hello to the sun. But at least I have got much to done in sewing by nights.

Day's outfit
I really like the new album of Nick Cave. It may will be that my deepest intention is go Flow this year. (...who would have believed)