sunnuntai 23. lokakuuta 2011

D-D-D-Dead and buried

I try to find the indian/thai food recipes desperately. I'm addicted to thai-cubes but because of a high price they are rare delicacy. I found some interesting recipes now but I'm not aware of ingredients at all. This only brings to my mind Nemi """I told you to give me a sharp recipe!11! """" Usually if I cook I need to be ready to call the fire department to place.

I had empty time yesterday while waiting for the driver so I snipped a few shots about my party look. Obviously I'm getting older. Yesterday instead of a bar I ended up to buy a junk food and disappeared home to sleep. The night was nice otherwise.

We have the vacation now but I decided to stay home because I have a great mission to progress the thesis.

lauantai 22. lokakuuta 2011

Open the doors and let the fog in

'''' I'm gonna cut you with the wedding ring
Come on, it's a nice touch for
Goth wedding ''''

Empty red wine bottle reminds me it was friday yesterday and I spent a whole night on my friend's sofa. We watched the film Lost Souls which was okay. Today should take part in the birthday party so celebrating will go on.

I tried to wake up early today but like usually I didn't manage. But really it doesn't bother me at all 'cause the weather seems to be wet once again consequently photographing would have been impossible. Autumn leaves before I have got time to make love with my camera!

I visited the fabric store but didn't find the violet lining :( Basically it means I won't finish the coat this weekend which annoys me a lot. Usually if I start doing something I try to finish it as soon as possible. If someone knows nice online stores; please let me know!

Yesterday's outfit

I wish you a great saturday night and here comes the video which always creates the big smile on my face:

torstai 20. lokakuuta 2011

All we ever wanted was everything.

Shirt: Second Hand
Skirt: HellBunny
Tights: Sokos

Shoes: Neosens

I started to draw the patterns for the jacket today and whole day has gone just wondering how difficult is remember the making of a collar or how to add the looseness etc. I haven't made the jacket patterns for a long time and obviously the knowledge has been forgotten. But it's time to demolish the rust because I wanna get a new coat as soon as possible.

Past days I have thought of my life and how ideal situation I have right now. I have only a few lessons intermittently which means more freetime. Of course I need to do my thesis but I can choose the subject myself and the working hours aswell. I don't need to wake up every morning at seven to leave for the work.

Day's music

keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2011

Mirror people

My friend tried a new hairstyle for me a couple days ago when he dyed my hair. He also pulled the bangs behind away with the gel and the look was totally different. Today I decided to try the same hairdo but with the bangs because I don't have the gel/spray or anything like that. Should play with the hair more often but I'm really bad at handling them (the reason why I have dreads). Some time ago I ordered the clip on hair extension because I considered to remove the dreads. I tried them but the result was so weird that I decided to keep my dreads so far. Black long hair which I had before is nice but I'm too lazy to stand in front of the mirror every morning to put them order.

Shirt: Second hand

Satin Corset: Diy
Skirt: Lindex
Shoes: Pennangalan

Awful it's my birthday soon! I have an age crisis ( I have had it already many years) but 25 sounds so fuckin old. (but as long as the sellers are asking my id the situation is not so bad)

perjantai 7. lokakuuta 2011

Tears fades away when you are close

I found yesterday the old shirt which I bought many many many years ago ( I guess I was seventeen ) I haven't worn this for a long time and I was even pretty sure the shirt is too small but it fits perfectly. I wore this pretty much then a long time ago but the condition is still good.

The top is otherwise simple but there is a beautiful collar. Need to wear this more. It suits well together with the corsets.

I'm in love with the black lipstick. It's definitely the one of my top makeup product at these days. Black lips always shares the thoughts, someones can't stand it and I understand but my eyes loves it at the moment. Skin must be pale enough that the result looks good. ( The tan and black lips make me sick; especially if the tan is a fake).

It's a friday again and time to open the red wine bottle but before need to do some works.

keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2011

She painted her lips in black.

I dug my moving boxes and found some garments I didn't remember owning. I do have too many garments and when I have time I will sell some of those away. I made the observation when I was in England I survive without the fifty skirt besides some of those garments are not anymore my style but I have some kind of emotional bond with them. ( Nostalgic moments <3) I have a lot of things which remind me some particular moments if I let them go do I forget the moments I have had?

Yesterday's outfit

Yesterday I wanted to dress simply so I chose an old black tunic with an asymmetric hem which I found in the moving box. In between times something else than the tulle skirts and corsets which I love (needless to say).

I bought a new black lipstick because the old one was pretty aged and it just dried up the lips. This new one seems to be better if just add the black lip gloss over it. Dramatic lips suits well for the autumn.

Dancing in the middle of the leafs could last eternal.

tiistai 4. lokakuuta 2011

The wind turns

We visited the castle of Olavi yesterday . Walking there, I took some pictures and my friend photographed my skirt which I made some time ago. I wanted to get more atmospheric pictures about it because I' m going to set them in the portfolio later.

Shirt: New Yorker
Corset: Diy
Skirt: Diy

To my mind this castle is the most impressive of the other Finland's castles. I have visited many times photographing here and never fed up. Changing viewpoints the building looks always different.

The trees look especially beautiful right now.

Autumn <3

sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2011

Don't forget; Love will not die

We did the traditional sunday walk again today. Through the paths of the cemetary and the dark forest we found ourselves in the beach. It was a lovely autumnal day once again with a good company. Soon it's a cold winter and noone wants to step out of the house.

I got yesterday rest of my goods. More shoes, garments, films, books etc. and now they are all on the floor waiting for the arrangement. Part of the goods are still at my parents' place because I don't have enough space. It's time of the jumble sale soon!

I also got a TV even though I don't watch it but it's possible to connect with a laptop so I have two screen then.