Friday, 31 July 2015

Little things

I have a few days off now so I came for a short one day visit to my folks and what else I can do here in the boondocks as photograph the  little things around me. Unfortunately it has been fairly cold, wet and windy weather so I didn't manage to take pictures much as I thought. But here are some of them, enjoy:

Day's attire consists of Queen of Darkness' poncho and Vagabond's heels. 
Kind of I enjoy this weather. It feels almost an autumn already now even if it's the last of July. I don't count August for the fall I think it's more summer month even though the schools open their doors and many people finish their vacations. For me July was quite busy month and it flew in the speed of light. I didn't have the time for wasting when the schedule led me as the roller coaster. I hope the next month is more peaceful and I could focus more on the things I enjoy. 

Now it's the time to load a bag into the car and leave for home. Happy weekend to  you all!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Where I carry my life

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A flame of love lit inside me when I saw these lovely backpacks for the first time on Queen of Darkness catalog. The last time when I wore a rucksack was perhaps when I was under twelve-years-old. I remember how I hated the backpacks because they were everything but cool and it had to be a shoulder bag and since that I have gone with the satchels and the handbags. But these are cool indeed and I have carried the bag a lot with me during the summer. Some good points in this bag are that it's big enough, but not too big and there is several pockets which are quite important for me. For instance there is a one pocket which comes toward a back so it's a safety place keep a money and  a cellphone. It's easy to go when there is no need to carry a purse on a hand, the rucksack travels on the back unnoticed. What do you think of the backpacks?

Monday, 27 July 2015

I want you to believe... to believe in things you cannot.

Here is a few pictures about my kitchen and how it turned after re-decorating it. I painted the table by using white paint and I'm everything, but convinced it was a good idea. The truth is that I never eat here. This is kind of my second office where I sew, draw and paint and white is so sensitive that I absolutely need a cover to keep the table as white. I considered the black paint at first, but white was haunting somewhere deep in my mind and I decided to give it a try. It's however always possible  to change the color into black if I see it's better. Let it be white at least so far. 
  I bought a few glass jars the last week and on Saturday I got a flower. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Her silent apathy

 I have been working with my decor projects for the recent times. Old frames have got the new contents and some furniture has changed color. Nice and cheap way to cheer up a home. I also managed to find old rococo chairs this week which were fairly cheap and in a really good condition and now I should start to fix them to more my style. A really nice project and I will return to it later. An odd decor fly has obviously found me when the mind is all the time bubbling and developing the ideas. I'm also dreaming of the row house with the three rooms and two floors, but I'm quite convinced that I won't get it :D I also would like to have a Bengal cat, but that's also something not realistic. Nothing else has happened recently except that I will quit my another job in five weeks. Not time to do it anymore when the new winds are blowing.  However here are one outfit and some pictures from my home. 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

From dusk to dawn

One week is soon done and only Friday is left and then I'm off which is more as welcome. I had Friday feeling already today, but for my disappointment it's Thursday. A week has been quite hectic and I've been bubbling happiness and my head has been over the clouds on account of changes that are coming in the near future. Not more about them, an insinuation is wonderfully annoying ;)

I was about to travel to my birthplace tomorrow, but things changed and the weekend goes in Tampere. Well it's the time of Tammerfest so perhaps I go to see some gigs and to be honest I have a million things to do. 

 Here is an outfit which I wore while visiting  dark market at Lumous. It was a warm day and the heat caressed us. There has no been many days this summer that I would have been able to wear a top or light clothes. The weather has been so damn cold so there is no use for summer clothes. Lumous weekend was an exception. 
I wish you all have a nice weekend there 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

An outfit for Gothnic

Last Sunday was the last day of Lumous and I decided to go to the picnic which is also called 'gothnic'  to the nearby park. The end club of the whole festival was arranged in the evening, but I had to pass them due to the early morning.  Fortunately the weather was good so we had a nice picnic at the park. I guess, I dwelled on there for a few hours until I continued the evening with my beloved. 

I wore my self made lace dress with a hat, boots, fishnets and new bag.
Dress: Diy, Necklace: Etsy, Shoes: Vagabond, Bag: WGT, Ring: Etsy, Bracelet: Queen of Darkness
I hadn't any plans for this weekend and it feels good. I have had quite busy days recently so I can't hope anything else, but time for myself. I visited a library on Thursday evening and I borrowed a bunch of books as Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to AL Jourgensen which I've read once before when it was published a few years back. In addition I've been listening to the music out loud and I did also pole dance in a long time. It's a shame, I don't have time to train more nowadays. I would like to train at least two times per week, but now I've trained once in a month :< 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lumous gothic festival: day two

Here comes the day two at Lumous. The first day was definitely more to my taste if I think about the music presentation. Sleetgrout from Russian stole the cake, but also Red Sun Revival and Golden Apes were in my mind. I like how there was more traditional gothic rock bands this year and not only  industrial / EBM. Too often there is a feeling that if you attend any goth club there is always played industrial and I'm eager to hear also old goth ballads.  The second day wasn't letdown even if the first day was better. I waited for Das Ich and their show was amazing. Not my favorite music, but the old bands are always worth seeing. 
Corset and skirt: Diy, Veil: Diy, Shoes: Pennangalan, Tights: Seppälä, Choker:

I decided to wear also this day something self made. A striped corset and lace skirt with a train are self made and also a veil which has become my favorite accessory in a short time. Pennangalan's boots were my favorite shoes before and they have seen many kilometers. Recent times they have been dwelling on a shelf under the dusty layer so I decided to clean them up and wear them.
Das Ich.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lumous Gothic Festival '15

Traditional every year arranged gothic festival Lumous was held last weekend which meant that my whole weekend was filled with joy and people. Lumous is the biggest goth event in Finland and I'm happy it's arranged in my hometown so there is no need for travelling. The weekend flew so quickly which doesn't surprise. I met a bunch of familiar faces while enjoying the great music! Absolutely the best artist was Sleetgrout which is something new to my ears. I recommend to check it out, especially if you enjoy dark electro / EBM sounds. 
After the weekend I realized that I didn't take many pictures, but here is some of them. My outfit was self made dress on Friday and I love it! I wish there was more opportunities to wear it when it is perhaps a bit too much for daily use ;) It was a really warm day on Friday and I was worried that I die while wearing the long PVC-dress, but I survived. Lovely wind helped at the terrace when a temperature raised too high indoors.