torstai 21. helmikuuta 2013

'When we are together darling, every night is Halloween"

 Day's outfit
At present I'm deeply enamoured of the pencil skirts; the tighter the better! I only have this one but on my mind I have a plan to do a new one. Before I have worn a lot of the circle skirts, different ruffle skirts and especially tutu skirts but from now on there is probably coming more "secretary's skirts".

Just a really short post now but nothing special happened today and I'm feeling tired. Good night everyone!


maanantai 18. helmikuuta 2013

Catastrophe ballet

Shirt: Second Hand // Skirt: Diy   // Shoes: Vagabond // Necklace: Cybershop
Really typical Monday. Everything I try to do is ending up catastrophe. I even managed to put my leg between a car door; but it's fine now. But something positive, I washed my hair and the color didn't disappear. I'm still going to see an hairdresser in coming days or weeks. Day by day I start liking this red hair more and the black hair looks even a bit boring. Just hoping that I won't get bored this haircut too soon. At least I have got a lot of positive feedback. My parents were jumping on the wall when they saw me without dreads, (they can't stand them) but my youngest brother asked why did you remove your hair?!? It's funny that I have a lot of friends who have never seen me with "ordinary hair".  It might look a bit weird for them.

sunnuntai 17. helmikuuta 2013

Running up that hill

Day's outfit
 The week passed quickly again with my love and we did every small things during the days. We visited Tampere Art Museum's Moominvalley where I haven't visited before. Then we assembled an exercise bike which was a huge challenge for us (actually we didn't manage to assemble it totally) and then we also tried the light therapy. On Valentine's we visited jogging and after the sport moment we headed for Pancho Villa.

On Friday the railway line led me to my parents' place where I have spent the whole weekend and tomorrow I'm probably back in Tampere.

During the weekend I have mostly read and listend to music. Last night I finished the story of Anthony Kieds. I have never been a fan of RHCP actually I don't like their music just at all but I like to read biographies. Last week I read Power Mad by Karl Shaw
. The book is filled with crazy stories of dictators. I also got my hands American Vampire but didn't have the time to read it yet.

This week we also visited flea market and my better half found some cheap LPs. I've considered to starting collecting them forever too ( I have only a few) but I don't  have player yet. My dad owns players but he never uses them so maybe I'll steal another of them when finding a new home. It would be nice to listen to the music by player. Atmosphere is totally different that way as playing Spotify. Besides the vinyls are cool format and they don't miss their value like CDs do.

lauantai 16. helmikuuta 2013


The new hair is red! What a awful work it was to use the color removers ( I put it four times) until the hair was blond enough for red and it isn't still perfect shade yet. I dyed  myself but I can recommend professionals to get the perfect color if you ever consider to change the color into lighter. I have also extensions which I love! Black is coming back sooner or later (probably sooner). I simply love black and I feel to be more home with it but sometimes is nice to try the new things especially when I've had black hair for the last ten years! This red is just difficult to keep as good-looking; I noticed it already after the first wash. Color faded immediately and I had to dye them yesterday again. Faded red hair is the worst thing I know =D It just looks cheap and ugly. It may be that I will visit hairdresser in coming days to get better color. This color which I used is shock color so they won't last but let's see what will happen after the next wash. My mom said that I'm looking Aira Samulin (please...!) 

torstai 14. helmikuuta 2013


keskiviikko 13. helmikuuta 2013

Black Lace Beauty

The dress which I mentioned to have done during the last week. Everlasting project; I have had a design in my mind for a long time and I bought the lace fabric over a year ago but now I found time to do it. 

Lace is pretty heavy. I'm not sure if it's meant to use for a decor (I have never cared to make a differ between clothing or decor fabrics) if only it works and looks good why not to use it. I have still a small piece left it and I was thinking of making a pencil skirt.

This dress needs some kind of bodice. I thought to make a short jacket (almost like a bolero but heavier with the lining) so it can be worn in summer as a jacket.


For the coming post I'll probably introduce my new hair. Maybe. ;)

torstai 7. helmikuuta 2013

Everyday I die a little

A quite unnecessary day. I was meant to wake up today before than time hit 12am but I messed up it. Time was nearly 3.00pm when I drank the first cup of my morning coffee. Really hard to change a day rhythm, just like there would be any matter how I sleep. Yesterday I spent a whole day/night with the sewing machine and I got the dress finished. I try to post the pictures tomorrow. 

While visiting the food market today I noted that there was already for sale these pirate candies! Of course I needed to buy these because they were one of my favorite sweets when I was a kid. Usually I don't eat candies just at all because almost they all contain gelatin (probably these too, I didn't want to check). Anyway I travelled back to my childhood for a moment. (For those who didn't know: these candies removed from the sales years ago because there was a too big risk of  an asphyxiation. In this month they came back but in the smaller size)

 Shirt: Emp / Skirt: Second hand / Tights: Backstreet / Shoes: Citymarket / Necklace: Second hand

Day's outfit was a quite casual. In vain to put on anything special if I'm spending it at home on my own.

tiistai 5. helmikuuta 2013


Bolero: Diy, Skirt: From London (Collectif) Shoes: H&M
Just a quick post while keeping a break from sewing. (I'm probably sewing through the night again when an inspiration hit me). Today I put on the new bolero which I made on Sunday and now I'm making a dress to wearing with it. This bolero is made of stretchy velvet and there is over length sleeves on it. There is a plenty of designs on my mind which I try to create before leaving for Tampere. Let's see how much I get time.

maanantai 4. helmikuuta 2013

Everyday is like Sunday

Today I just put on something which I found first from my wardrobe. It wasn't even meant to take pictures from day's outfit but I bumped into my friend who snapped the pictures. I was on my way to city to handle the paper things so I was busy and I didn't have time to think of dressing. Anyway the outfit was pleasing. The small accessories make an interesting look even though the clothes would be boring.
Shirt: Vero Moda / Skirt: Second hand  / Hat: Second hand /  Shoes: Citymarket  / Bag: From London

perjantai 1. helmikuuta 2013


Just to break the common myth which is related to dreads quite often. After removing dreads you are automatically hairless.Well here is my version of a bald: 

I can keep even a ponytail! And before as some of you will ask do I have extension; nope I don't have. This is all my own hair. I was surprised even myself how much I managed to save the hair. 

After having dreads about five years I decided to take them off. And how this happened. I just started
dismantling the knots from the root and what it took was a lot of time and patience. I had about 70-80 dreads on my head and a bit by bit I have removed them. Most of them I removed during the last and this week. Some of them was easy to remove but there was some thicker specimens which stole a lot of time. The worst ones took time the one and half hour and those situated back of the neck. I didn't ask any help from my friends or anyone. I did a whole work myself.

I can't describe you how it feels to comb or wash  the hair now after five years! I should go buy the new hair products like shampoo, conditioner and hairspray. I already bought a dry shampoo which is an excellent product for the bad hair mornings.