maanantai 9. syyskuuta 2013

Trip into the past

Dress: Second Hand (Lip Service) / Shirt: Second Hand / Shoes: Dinsko / Bag: Lindex

On Thursday morning I jumped in the car to leave for my ex-hometown Savonlinna. I visited there last time in May when I moved away so I thought it was time to visit to say hello there again. The weather was beautiful so it was really nice to drive through the country about 350 kilometers. The small town was still such idyllic like always and it treated me well. Here is an outfit I wore on Friday when we were walking in the dusk.

I came back home last evening and the trip took time a lot. Obviously someone committed the suicide and in addition there was once again some technical problems on the railway line which meant in a nutshell that train traffic worked slooooowly. My train was almost two hours in late but at least I got home in the end. All in all the weekend was really successful. 

torstai 5. syyskuuta 2013

Too much to dream

Like I mentioned my friend arrived at Tampere on Monday. I decided to introduce the city to him so we headed to Näsi park which is situated near to my flat. This lovely building is found in the middle of the park and it's really photogenic! I was about to go there soon after moving to Tampere but laziness obviously overwhelmed me. It would be cool to take photos there if someone is willing to play model for me.
My outfit consisted of a shirt which I found in the flea market last week and a basic black skirt. Shoes I bought from Birmingham while living there and a belt is a second hand finding aswell.
I can only dream of living in the house like this.