Sunday, 26 January 2014

Wenn alle Engel fallen

Sunday's outfit
Simply outfit once again. All are from the flea markets except for the tights and the legwarmers. I found that vest about a year ago but I've forgotten it completely. I guess I've worn it only once even if I like it a lot. That shirt is one of my favorite a piece of clothing right now, I found it in the flea market in the fall and it cost only a few coins even if it's a high quality. I've washed it several times and the fabric looks like new.

Sunday is a perfect day to learn German. I try to learn desperately  the new words but sometimes it feels that this crazy language is tearing me apart and the words are fading from my mind. We have a lot of conversation exercises at the lessons and too often it feels that the words don't pop in my mind at all. I don't have any natural abilities for the languages, on the contrary I need to do a lot of work to learn anything. At the high school it was sometimes quite stressful when I had to study three foreign languages at the same time and I was really bad at English (and my English still sucks even if I have spent a year in the UK). My inner memory card obviously runs slowly and I always need to repeat the new words several times to load them to my mind. I'm a bit jealous for all who can learn the languages easily by watching the TV or listening to the music because I have to use all my senses to learn. I've always been more talented mathematical, but do I need the math somewhere? Nope (maybe sometimes if I draw the patterns), and it's a boring subject and I wasn't any master of it either just a bit better as in the languages. But in a weird way I enjoy learning the languages even if that path isn't the easiest to me. My goal is not to learn German perfectly, absolutely not, but I want to learn to use it as a tourist. 

Saturday, 25 January 2014


Hello again! My weekend started in the positive light. A lot of pole dancing (my muscles are screaming), tasteful tomato/chili soup, and the rest episodes of American Horror. The 3rd season didn't deceive and I'm waiting for the next to come. 

A night goes with my beloved; maybe the horror films and the chips? I've tried to keep the chips strike during a month while the others are abstained from alcohol for the month. (I haven't managed...)

A shirt which I bought while visiting Turku (the tights are also new). I love asymmetric hem, the cutting is well done in this piece. Unfortunately the current weather is freezing for the clothes like this but it's an excellent garment in the summer. 
Some inspiration pictures which I picked up google. Who wouldn't love witches?
I wish a wonderful weekend to all of you!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

I walk with the zombies

Day's outfit
Days run and the cold winter weather is still capturing but I don't let that stop going. Last night we went to see Jupiter. I hadn't seen them before and I need to mention a gig was a positive surprise. I like their lyrics a lot.
I started reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies again. An obsession to read the same books again and again without getting tired of them is the pure madness. Current another hangup is soy milk cocoa. I could drink it a liter after a liter especially vanilla flavored. 
Nothing special here. I visited Lahti when I had that modelling gig and it was nice to see my friend again. Last time we saw in summer. Sometimes it's fairly frustrating when friends live around the country. Maybe I could borrow a car from my parents in the next summer and do a road trip. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

All you need is love

Last night I visited a bar due to the gig of my beloved. I photographed plenty of shots and here is a few of them. I had some difficulties on account of my new camera which I can't handle yet completely. All buttons are entirely reverse order as in the old, so it takes its own time to learn to use it. 
Day's outfit was today: self made skirt which is one of my favorite at the moment and an old pullover. It's difficult to decide how to dress when the weather is so damn cold all over the time but somehow I enjoy it regardless. I hope the train runs tomorrow when I'm on the way to Lahti. I promised to be a model for my friend and I wouldn't like to freeze to death if there was again the problems in the train traffic. 
By the way we have the 1st anniversary today with my love. 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Things behind the Sun

Winter appeared back and an arctic coldness is keeping me tightly indoors if possible. What a lovely excuse to watch American Horror Story... I watched the second season in a flash and it was at least as good as the first one. Last night I started watching the third one and it affects to be good aswell. 

German lessons started yesterday after a break. I decided to continue the lessons in the spring term, I really want to improve my skills. I'm dreaming of a trip to Berlin and WGT and it would be useful to be able to speak German at least a bit. I would have liked to take part in Wgt already this year but because of my leg I don't want to fly now, when a risk to get another thrombosis is at its highest.
 Day's outfit
Shirt: Second hand / Skirt: Diy
I got to know yesterday that a pop artist Andy Warhol's exhibition will be shown in Tampere in March! Awesome! We both me and my other half are looking forward to that, it has been a while since I last visited the exhibition. 
Pics are stolen from google.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Heart in a coma

A flu is still keeping a tight hold of me so I'm spending my weekend by watching the first season of American Horror Story. I guess the series is well-known for the vast majority of you but if not I recommend you to watch it! This is the second time when I'm watching this first season through.

Monday's look. I was wearing my new leather jacket (I love it!) and my favourite pants.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Morphine wings

A visit to Turku was nice a  few days ago. I ended up purchasing some new clothes and actually I did good findings. I didn't get many gifts at Christmas just mostly money which is kind of a good thing. I hate all unnecessary stuff so I think it's better that people give rather money (or gift vouchers) as pointless stuff (if they want to give something in general)  besides I didn't have anything on my mind which I could ask for. So we drove to Turku and I bought the fabrics for the new collection and in addition I found a leather (fake) jacket, tights, two different tunics and two pairs of bras. I can't remember the last time when I have wasted money as now but maybe a woman can shop once in a year in dead earnest? 

New jacket and shirt

The last post was short for a reason. I didn't celebrate the New Year at all because I've had the difficult health problems again and I still have. I visited a hospital when a year turned and I visited there again today and this time they gave me the codeine, maybe the pain doesn't wake me up in a coming night. I'm so tired of being ill all the time. My energy storage are completely down so that I have experienced some arrhythmia which are irritating. So many meds that I'm afraid of how my liver can handle them...