perjantai 27. joulukuuta 2013

Black Yule

This Yule was black literally, it has been raining here all the time, the last time I visited outdoors was on Monday when I arrived at here. It would be nice to get jogging but I don't want to be like a drowned cat thus I've entertained myself during these days by watching some old comedies and playing the board games with the youngest brother of mine. I've also studied German and designed a new collection which I'll try to manufacture during the spring if only I found the fabrics. In addition I've spent too much time by dreaming of a trip to Berlin. I've studied German many years but I have never had a chance to pay a visit there. Maybe that could be my silent promise for the new year which will turn soon!
Dress: Diy, Belt: Second hand, Necklace: Etsy, 
Tomorrow I will be on my way to Turku. The time has flown since I visited there last time.

maanantai 23. joulukuuta 2013

Merry Christmas!

Btw I watched Santa Claus and the magic drum on Saturday.

I arrived at my parents' place a few hours ago and I'm so tired having slept only some hours last night. I had a blood test early in the morning (at 7am) so I didn't have much time for sleeping (well we watched some horror films through the night). I'll take a sauna and probably a sleep comes quickly after that. It is nice to see the cats again, the kittens have grown up a lot and they are so cute! The weather isn't christmassy at all, it's raining and the wind is blowing at speed but we have many candles around the house which bring the light. But now I'll continue watching a film and I wish you all Merry Christmas!

lauantai 21. joulukuuta 2013

Between silence and death

I bought a new lip gloss a few days ago and it's excellent. I buy new makeup rarely and more rarely I buy the lip glosses especially if they cost more than 10 euros but this shade was so juicy that I couldn't avoid it. It's from IsaDora and the shade is: Cabaret Red, if some of you is willing to know. The product is long lasting and even though they recommend to use a lip liner with it, I didn't use and it stayed still pretty well. 

Friday's outfit
Shirt: Second hand, Headpiece: Seppälä, Tights: Seppälä

We visited watching The Hobbit yesterday and what can I say. In a visual way the film was candy for the eyes but the plot doesn't make progress much if thinking about the length of the film. The same problem was with the first part which lasts about three hours, the narrative crawls too slowly. There is different battle scenes which change from one to another but they can't take the plot forward. The dragon was definitely well done. The end was a bit poor, the film ended to the wall and now we need to wait a year for seeing the last part. If I could give the stars I would give three. 

perjantai 20. joulukuuta 2013

Satyricon & Chthonic

Wednesday's outfit
On Wednesday I headed for the club again. This time I went to see Satyricon and  Chthonic. The latter orchestra was totally unknown to me, (at least they have a sweet bassist). The band comes from Taiwan, I'm not sure, have I heard anything earlier which comes from there. However I was curious to see something new and the band was actually pretty good. Satyricon is my old friend, I've seen them live once before some years ago and the gig was good at the time so I decided to go to see them now again. Slightly heavier music this time. I think that their new song 'Phoenix' is awesome even if it's really atypical for this band. Pure vocal and Satyricon together, what? Unfortunately they didn't play that song which I also knew having checked out their setlist in advance. I haven't listened to their new album just at all before the gig but it seems to be interesting maybe a bit like two-piece. And I need to mention this kind of band works much better at the club than in the sunshine ;)  There was a lot of people got lost in the scene , actually more as I thought, and I managed to face also one blogger there. It's always interesting to see people in the flesh who are familiar from the Internet.

torstai 5. joulukuuta 2013

Enjoy the Quiet

Day's outfit
Pretty boring outfit pictures but I decided to take the pics because the lighting was better today as usually. I tested my new boots and they are not slippy like I thought. 
I read recently the great book once again: Ministry: the lost gospels according to Al Jourgensen. I waited for this book for months and borrowed it immediately from the library when it appeared there. Probably I have to buy this to my own bookcase later. The book included the final interview of Mike Scaccia and many obscure stories Ministry's career without forgetting the personal life of uncle Al. If there is Ministry fans, I recommend you to read this!

sunnuntai 1. joulukuuta 2013

'I love the darkness in you'

Me and my beloved went to see The 69 Eyes and Sleep of Monsters last night. It was nice to get out having spent almost a month home. And what it comes to the bands it wasn't my idea even thought I listened to The 69 Eyes pretty much in my early years. My other half suggested this for me because he was interested in seeing Sleep of Monster and actually boys of 69 are his old friends. I hadn't heard their new albums at all so there was many songs which were totally unknown to me but for my delight they played some oldies aswell ;) The warm-up band was a positive surprise, some people even said it was better as those Helsinki vampires. 
Night's outfit. Fortunately I realized to put the combat boots on for the ground was dangerously slippery.