Saturday, 28 November 2015

I need the Cure

We the Cure fans received the wonderful news on Monday when the band announced doing the European tour which includes also Finland on the list. I was asked for writing a post about my favorite music and this post could be the first of coming. The Cure is most likely my favorite band in case you didn't know and I've always wanted to see them. Unfortunately they haven't visited Finland after a year of 1996, when they played in Provinssi, so there has not been a chance to see the band during my life.  Actually I've been planning to go to see them to UK because I didn't believed that they would come here one day. Now the long waiting will get the end when the band finally arrives to cheer us up with their wonderful songs. 

A comical coincidence that I got the Cure's Disintegration vinyl from my beloved as birthday  gift just right before  I got to know the band would come here. A while ago my other half asked secretly  which of the Cure albums is my favorite one and after pondering I said that probably Disintegration. I didn't realized at all that he would buy it to me. This is the first Cure vinyl I have. It would be awesome to collect them all, but they are so bloody expensive that I don't believe to get them all together. 

Here are a few of my favs: 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Scent of snow

Just when I wrote to you how the dark nature looks stunning the scenery did change again by creating to itself a white cover. I had to take a few shots after my work shift yesterday so I walked to a nearby pond next to my workplace. During the night it snowed more and there is no hope to go work by bike anymore. Let's hope the snow doesn't melt away immediately. 
 Today I put on Queen of Darkness' buckle skirt which I've worn a lot during the fall. It's useful and goes well at the work or school. Shoes and shirt are findings from a flea market and a necklace is many years old and I don't remember from where I bought it.
Skirt: Queen of Darkness, Shirt: Second hand, Shoes: Second hand
Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine went mostly at work and by sleeping. Last night I watched a few movies: Frozen and Maleficent which was better than I remembered. Frozen wasn't so good that people have let to understand, but it fit perfectly together with the season. 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Darkness falls

I've been hiding from the rain (and the snow today) under the black massive hood for the recent days. The weather has been pure dark and somber and  the mind has desired to stay rather indoors under the blanket in between times , but obligations force to get up and go to scamper through the darkness. Though it's all but refreshing weather currently, the nature looks quite attractive to my eyes and that's why I made a small walk to the cemetery the last weekend before my shift. The sun was just going down and I managed to take a few nice shots with my camera. 

I wore my self made cloak and new trousers which I purchased a few weeks ago and Vagabond's wedges. The cloak is definitely a neat garment to the fall. I enjoy the big hood, under it I can hide from the world. 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Project called balcony

I've been quite industrious today after a morning shift which took four hours. I'm not sure if I mentioned, but here was a balcony reshuffle which started soon after my moving and it was finished during my absence. After renovation the balcony,  or my summer room, looks like a new born when everything is fixed and there is also glazing. This is the first apartment to me where is glazed balcony and I feel so excited being able to decor my balcony from now on. At my old place the snow or leaves always filled up the balcony and it was always messy so I didn't even consider to do anything to it. 
 My mom gave me those chairs and table and I visited buying a carpet and lantern today. The lantern is actually similar, but bigger which I bought recently. 


Friday, 13 November 2015

Days far away

Hola dear followers!  I've returned back to Finland that bathes in a black veil of coming winter. A voyage of mine was filled with joy and east of mind from everything which surrounds me in my daily life. To be honest I'd have liked to stay longer away. Not even a burning heat didn't give a rise a homesick. But all wonderful ends at some point and it's time to start planning the new adventures. It's possible that I will do a short trip somewhere abroad before WGT. Traveling fever obviously inhabits in me although turbulence almost made me swear that I won't fly never again. 

I keep this post as short. I feel so exhausted after being at work two long days. Returning back to daily life is never easy. 

Have a great weekend and Friday 13th! I try to return to blog in a better time. ( I got a new laptop as birthday gift and I should install all necessarily softwares for it. Blogging gets easier when the new dear runs quicker.)

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Happy birthday to ..... me!
This year I've made just a few second hand findings, but the quality beats the quantity. The best finding I did a few weeks ago when I bumped into these lovely heels on a wonderland of the Internet and after pondering for a second or two I decided to purchase them to me as a birthday gift. I've been dreaming of these Raquel shoes by Minna Parikka for ages and finally they are mine. As you may know these shoes cost nearly 300 euros, but I managed to get these in a little bit inexpensive price. A previous owner told me that she has worn the shoes only a few times indoors so the shoes are like new ones. These are still the most expensive shoes I own even if they are second hand. The rest of the year I try to keep my wallet tightly closed for the shoes bit a huge snick into my account. Perhaps some sharp-eyed noticed that I wore these on Halloween. They glanced in the outfit pictures of the former post.

 What do you think of Minna Parikka? Personally I like more her older designs. Heart shoes and a heart bag are definitely my favorite ones. I also like Maxine and Corona bags and a drop shoes. Then again her new collection with the pony shoes don't delight me at all.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Oh dear November

It's time to say goodbye to October and say hello to November the darkest month of a year. Yesterday we were celebrating Halloween at Club Bella Morte. Most people were dressed up nicely, but I have been so busy that I didn't have time to plan any costume. In addition I've been ill again so there has no been energy to think of celebrating at all and I was quite insecure if I attend any parties this year. However I decided to defy the flu and so I picked up the simplest black dress that I was able to find in my closet and decorated it with a veil and hat. It worked fine and I was happy with it. Perhaps the next year I could try to invent something more interesting. How was your Halloween?
Saturday's outfit
One workday left and on Tuesday I will get on a plane to fly to Spain. So this year I will spend my birthday (4th November) abroad which suits me better as well. Huh 29 sounds so much. The next year when I turn to 30 it would be nice to take a journey somewhere. I'm dreaming of New York, but don't know if it ever happen.