Thursday, 28 August 2014

A message from the outer space

I bumped into this adorable dress today by accident and I had to get it immediately. (Should never go to the stores for fun) I had looked for a suitable skater dress for ages and I fell in love with this. The fabric is beautiful and a model fits me perfectly. At the same I bought those tights for there can never have too many of them if you wear the dresses most of the time. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Outfit of a rainy day

Day's outfit
 This day's outfit when we visited quickly electronic store. I admired the new laptops. My current machine is about to die, but I hope it will run a bit still. The Sims 4 will be published the next week and I would like to have it, but I'm pretty sure this laptop won't run it. I need to settle for playing Sims 3 so far until I buy a new computer. When it comes to the Sims 3 I spent nearly a whole weekend with that. Stupid game addictions. The past few days have been so rainy that I' haven't left my home just at all. On Saturday night I visited a cinema in watching the Grand hotel Budapest. The film was a bit peculiar, but worth watching. Anyone else here who have seen it, did you like it?

Friday, 22 August 2014

Floating in the space

 My mind beats an empty, but that happens quite often when I'm about to write here. At first I have a lot of things to tell you, but when I open a browser everything disappears. Today my mind has been filled with the thoughts about a job. Not that interesting subject so perhaps I just pass it before my mouth spits flames. Who would like to think about business when it's Friday and everything... and I have none plans for the weekend and it's awesome. (perhaps I read Nemi comics. They always make me laugh at loud) 
A few words about yesterday's look. I guess this will be my most common look during the autumn. Leather shoes (Vagabond), asymmetrical skirt and some basic shirts combined with bondage thongs. Simple, but it works to me. 
I wish you all have a wonderful weekend. I try to do something sensible ;)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Autumn, my favorite season seems to be here. It's raining and blowing all the time and temperature has came down radically. This all means what else than autumn clothes and outerwear. It's weird when it needs to put on a jacket while going out, I was so used to go out without dressing. 
This jacket is new. I found it on discount sales and the price was only 15euros (an original price was 50e). Really good finding so to speak. It's really light so it goes well now when the temperature is about fifteen degrees. I love the cutting of the jacket, an oblique zip and a neckline are super nice.
I try to photograph much during the autumn. Let's hope it doesn't rain all the time although I love rain. 
I enrolled in the German class today. The lessons begin in a few weeks so I have a little bit time to review the vocabulary. It feels again that I have forgotten everything I learned the last year, but perhaps things will return back to the mind when I open a book. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

and the sun does not rise any longer

Day's look
Dress: second hand / Tights: Lindex / Bag: Second hand / Shoes: Vagabond
Asymmetrical tunic which I found in a flea market the other day. I love all asymmetry right now a lot and I have already snaffled  numerous treats into my closet. These cross tights are a nice detail, unfortunately I managed to do a small hole to these today, what a shame!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Bloody sky

A quick post about yesterday's look while drinking morning coffee. The weather has finally got colder so I decided to tie a corset on me. I haven't worn the corsets just at all lately, but perhaps it's understandable in the summer. Loose robes just feels so much better when the temperature hits high readings.

By the way today is my name day. I didn't remember it myself, but my mom sent me a message in the morning. Perhaps I could indulge myself a bit and buy something delicacy... 
 I tried to spot the super moon last night, but the sky was too cloudy and all I saw was the sallow light behind the clouds. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

My home

A small glance at my home. Recently I have decorated my home again. Mostly I've lopped the colors off and replaced them white textiles. Before I had red, pink and violet products until the eyes got tired of them. 
 My bedroom looks this now. The sheets and a carpet are new. I'd like to get the new black lace curtains yet, but I haven't found suitable. These curtains are old ones which my mom gave me when I left home. 

Sofa got the new pillows and a striped blanket. Edgar has its special place  on the wall. 
I also bought a new shower curtain finally so the bathroom got the new look aswell. The print is same as on the sheets. 
The kitchen is still unfinished, but I'll show you the pics later when I get it done. 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Tube scarf

This week I purchased a tube scarf which I've wanted for long, but for some reason I haven't found suitable specimen before this. This is huge and that's why I love it and it makes me look like Muslim which is a bit hilarious. I wait for autumn to come. I've watched for the past days some lovely autumn clothes and I would like to get some wine red cardigan or poncho. I've also designed a few sewing projects in my mind so it'll be seen when I get them implemented.
This week has been quite lazy so to speak. Evenings have been spent by playing Sims three or watching the series: Orange is the new black which is by the way much better as I assumed! I actually saw the both seasons and having heard that the next season will be released the next year my face turned sad. I recommend it if you like the prison series. One afternoon me and my beloved ordered pizzas and we headed to the beach to eat them and I also went to swim. Water isn't so warm anymore, but it's really refreshing. So this was my week in a nutshell. Yes and I also did pole dancing. I've kept a break with it over the summer, but now I try to shape up and start training regularly. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Love you to death

While visiting Helsinki, I decided to pay a short visit to The Hietaniemi cemetery which is such a adorable place in summer time. My intention was to visit one specific grave and take the pictures at the same, but the weather was too burning and bright that photography under these circumstances wasn't so easy. However here are a few shots I managed to take while walking through the bone garden. The pictures looked really good in their original shades, but for some reason I wanted to turn them to black and white form that feeds my eyes more at the moment. 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

SynApsi and Hocico

Last night I headed to Synapsi club which was arranged also in Tampere this time. (oh yes there has been many events recently, every weekend actually, but now my calendar displays emptiness.) Hocico and Unzyme played at the club and I was waiting for seeing Hocico for eternity. 
 I liked my yesterday's outfit and makeup. I have worn very simple outfits recently so this look brought a bit change to my daily clothes.