Saturday, 21 July 2018

Häme Castle

I'm still very much alive though I have not been writing a blog for a while and there are great reasons for that: I've had a lovely summer vacation and I've been in going all the time like right now I'm  sitting on the train while writing this. I try to revive the blog a bit by bit and there is a bunch of pictures waiting for. 

Unfortunately all good ends in due time and so this vacations is coming to an end and I would lie if saying that it's nice to get back to work. It's not, but I think this feeling is quite common and I don't give much power to it. Instead I try to think of those nice things which I see on the horizon like festivals that we will attend in two weeks and plan on the new adventures. 
 One remarkable memory from the holiday is that we decided to visit Hämeenlinna with my beloved. So many years have passed since I last visited there so I wanted to visit my favorite places of the city: the castle and Aulanko. I like old Finnish castles and it's always a pleasure to get to visit there. The history of the castles enthralls me and it's interesting to think of which kind of living occurred there back then. 
The white room (actually king's room) is my favorite place of the castle. A piece of wonderful architecture which is not done these days. I would live in here with all my heart. 

The second interesting and really beautiful location in this town is definitely Aulanko. As a kid I always wanted to stop by here if we passed by the city. My eyes still love the bear sculpture and I'm convinced that this love never disappear. 
I would have liked to visit also Holy Cross Church Hattula, but it was already closed. I try to pay a visit there later. 

By the way I drove to Hämeenlinna and back and now I can say that my skills are coming back. I have been driving a lot recently and to be honest I have a small fever to get a car of my own (but I won't). 

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Finally it started my three-week long vacation and I have a bunch of plans which I try to bring about as much as I can. Last summer vacation failed completely so now I try to take it back. So far it's been quite erratic weather which is a bit shawl because I would enjoy to spend time on the beach.

For the first I considered to travel overseas, but I didn't book the journey in time and now the prices have increased so much that I don't have a heart to book anymore. Perhaps I try to do a trip later and take a longer weekend off. Now I have a plan to travel in Finland and visit Eastern Finland and perhaps Tallinn. 
 An outfit from Saturday. This mini dress, which is cute, is a finding from H&M. I bought it last year and I do like it in all its simplicity.
 Daisies are wonderful flowers. Every year I like to admire them through a lens. 
I came to visit the folks after a long time and I've spent a lot of time with the camera. And of course cats are also entertained me. 
Dress: H&M, Necklace: from WGT
A short post, but I wanted to come to say hi and that I'm still alive!

Sunday, 24 June 2018


Midsummer came and vanished and as usual I didn't have any particular plans for it. I just wanted to relax with some tasteful wine without a tight schedule. Of course the rainy weather limited the plans as well. There was arranged Tampere Underground, but  the windy and wet weather kept us indoors. A year ago we visited there and it was the nice event, but perhaps not so pleasant in the rain. 

I poured wine down and we watched Searching for Sugar Man on Friday evening while listening  the rain by the other ear. I haven't watched that documentary before, but I knew that crazy and unbelievable story. 

Yesterday when the city was dead silence I practiced driving a car. Yes. Once again. My skills are so rusty when I drive too seldom these days. We actually made a trip which was quite long around the lake. We drove to eat burgers to the summer restaurant which is located in Ruovesi and  we paid a visit to a summer cottage of  a friend of my beloved's. It was fun to drive after a long time and from now on I try to drive more regular. 

Outfit of a day. I made a hairdo and added flowers which are withering too soon. Now when my real hair is getting longer and I don't use extensions so often anymore it's easier to do different combings and I start liking it! I'm really bad at putting my hair and usually I don't have the patience to do hair art more than that, but today I had time to play with a curler and pins. And speaking of the hair I'm fighting with a thought should I cut a bang back or not.. :')  I love the fringe, but kind of it is nice to be without it as well and now I've managed to grow it pretty well. 
A lace dress is self made. I made it before WGT, but never worn it there. 

Saturday, 16 June 2018

The last day

This will be the last post of Wave Gotik Treffen and nearly a month has gone since the whole event. I've been slow like a snail, but sometimes duties win and during this week I've been quite exhausted after the work so blogging has not been the priority one. (I have spent my spare time mostly by watching cat videos and now I have a huge wish to have Ragdoll. I realized how lovely they can be by a nature. Their look is not perfectly to my taste, but their nature surely is. Black Ragdoll would be awesome..  Dreaming is good, it keeps me alive.)

Fourth day began in a legendary way. We headed to the park  to meet other Finns. This year there was a lot of people in Finnish meet-up and it was nice to change thoughts and hear what people have done this year. We spent there for a couple of hours until it was time to leave to the hotel and prepare for the evening. (We went to see God Module and Faderhead) 
I was dressed in self made lace dress and some accessories. I like that dress a lot. Lace is heavy and a shape of dress fits me well. 
This year I bought nothing except these two purses. Neither I did a year ago. Of course there would be everything to buy, but it requires money and I want to save my coins to other stuff. And one main reason is also that it feels stupid to buy clothes when I can sew them myself. Mostly I was looking for jewelries, but everything was over expensive so I didn't bother to do any trade. The first year was the year when I shopped more, after that shopping has felt not that important. 
And one outfit and I stop writing about WGT. This long PVC attire I wore during the third night. This is one of my favorite combination and I've worn it many times while visiting festivals. 

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Old St. Peter's Church

Day three which was Sunday we got an idea to visit a church which was situated quite close to our hotel and seemed goth enough to our taste. There was a bit similar sculptures on the roof which you can see also in Notre Dame cathedral and there was quite atypical paintings indoors which you  don't usually see inside the churches. The church was built in the  late 1800's, but it got damage during the world war II and was fixed later. There was arranged  "gothic christ"during WGT, but we wanted to visit there just taking pictures at leisure without any distractions. 
It felt slightly hilarious to step inside the holy building in fully goth look. Usually people get a lot of angry glances while going inside the church in goth look, but at this time no one really cared.
After Sunday church it was a good time to pay a visit to Sixtina which is a nice absinthe bar with some cool decor. I was dressed in the black dress, self made collar and pvc-boots. The weather was warm and nice so we decided to have drinks at the terrace. Some absinthe after the church, sounds good!
In the night we headed to Felsen Keller and after that to Agra to see Jesus and Mary Chain which was better than I assumed. It really filled my expectations and was worth seeing.