sunnuntai 10. toukokuuta 2020

Morning star

Hello after forever. Just some months vanished again, but I've been thinking of blogging a lot during last weeks and some small flame inside me enforced to open this page again. Unfortunately the lack of time is still the main problem why I haven't written regularly anymore. Very hectic full time job takes most of my energy unfortunately, and now there is also a new relationship with a distance which requires its own time and the truth is that I have way too many hobbies which all are too dear to me and I try to find some healthy balance to dealing with all of them. 
I haven't bought just at all clothes recently because there is no need  for them. This dress was anyway an extempore finding in January and it has formed one of my favorite garment particularly now when the weather is getting warmer, but I have been wearing it all the time. The second hobby which has been frozen is sewing. I haven't sewn just at all recently or I can say that not at all, but now I have got my inspiration back and I did a new dress and there are coming some other new projects as well. It feels very good to be motivated again! I really don't know what happened or why I stopped sewing. Maybe because I didn't need anything and I can't see the point to sew just for fun? 
Due to this plague there has been now a little bit more time because I can't visit gym or pole classes (which I managed to start in January).  Otherwise my life has been quite much the same. I had a plan to travel to Prague at Easter, but naturally that plan had to be buried. I'm very happy that I managed to travel to Edinburgh and London in February before the virus started to conquer the world. I had the plan to travel this year a lot, but now it seems that there is not coming other adventures. Maybe to Lapland in the autumn if possible but everything is open right now. At least I have managed to keep my job which is very good and now it has been very calm days which is awesome.

Not so long post I could write much more, but the sewing machine is calling ;) I hope you are doing well despite of the virus and stay safe!

torstai 28. marraskuuta 2019

We stand alone

I'm kind of shocked to notice how many months have vanished since my last post into the unknown place. To be honest I haven't even opened the whole blogger during this time and just at all during  last months. However last days I have been thinking of my old dear hobby which once filled my spare time quite nicely. I didn't decide to stop blogging. It just happened without any particular reason or of course I could give a long list the different reasons (or excuses), but I guess one big reason is that I've been suffering a lack of energy and then there have been more interesting aspects in my life that have absorbed my valuable time. I didn't want to take any stress about the blogging and I just decided to  let it be and I will return back if the right feeling appears. And now it feels convenient to write again after eight months. 

 What is going on in my life? Nothing new and then again something new. A job is still the old one and it absorbs too much my energy to be honest. I have been really exhausted due to this inevitable factor and there have been too many days that I have been just resting after the day on my dear couch without doing anything and that is the thing which really makes me pissed off. I so would like to create things, but at the same time I need to face the reality and be kind to myself. Too much is too much and life is full of sacrifices.

Speaking about the sacrifices I broke up with my ex-boyfriend last spring and the summer was kind of a roller coaster. We are friends so no drama or anything and the decision was a right move. I'm used to being on my own and loneliness has not managed to kill me. In the end things didn't change much. But I can't deny that I wouldn't have had sweet cuddling moments with anyone during this time ;)
But what else I have done? Well I have been lucky enough to travel twice to lapland this year and those adventures have been great indeed that I can't find words to describe. The nature has become even more important to me and nothing feels better than having a bird sitting at your hand. An odd thing is that I didn't visit abroad this year, but I hope to find myself at some new destination when the new year turns. I have also still visited the gym, but unfortunately not that much than before. 

In a nutshell life is fine and will be seen if I even manage to write another post in the near future. 

sunnuntai 31. maaliskuuta 2019

He pulled in one last breath and then was silent

The winter vanished quickly and didn't feel long like people always here complain. To me it felt too short time and I would have liked to capture much more winter pictures as I did, but need to face the painful truth that the spring is here. If I want find some positive facts about the new season is that there are again possible to move more efficiently by a bike and it's possible to wear something else on than combat boots. I can only imagine how my toes will suffer after the first high heels walk, but it's always after the winter. I'm way too scared to wear heels when the ground is covered with the ice. 
These pictures I took already a few weeks ago. Today I visited the place and there was only tons of water left. Blogging has been on the mind all the time, but somehow I have felt strange fatigue after the days so simply no energy to blog and also there has been a lot of other interesting activities available. But let's see if I pull myself together. At least there is again much more light at hand which makes blogging much easier. 
I fell in love with that long coat and I wish it was self made, but sadly no. And unfortunately I need to pack it to wait for the next winter therefore it's too warm to wear when the temperature is rising. 
This weekend was spent mostly at home. Nothing special, just a gym, small shopping round in the downtown, playing with the camera and reading the books. May sound toneless, but to me it was very fine. On Friday I fell asleep around 8pm and wandered in dreams about ten hours. What exhaustion? 

sunnuntai 10. maaliskuuta 2019

For the dead travel fast

Not less than a week ago I entered a very interesting and heart-warming exhibition in a local art center Vapriikki. For once something which was able to strike right into the black heart of mine like a dagger which cut the heart of blood sucker. When I heard the Count Dracula is arriving in the town I knew instantaneously that I need to arrange myself to see. 

Here are some pictures I shot, but I don't want to spoil too much because I have my inner doubt that some of you are maybe eager to see all by through the own eyes. The exhibition included a lot of knowledge about the vampires from all around the world so prepare yourself to read while entering into this mysterious  dark world. 
Despite I already have quite much knowledge of the vampires (for some reason) the exhibition was interesting and well I never fed up with this subject. Only bad thing is that now I want to see all Dracula movies, watch True Blood and read Bram Stoker if you know what I mean. Kind of the exhibition is a time travel through the vampirism which seems to change the form and inspires people from decade to decade. 
An outfit I wore: A new long coat which belongs to my current favorite clothes. Unfortunately I had such a busy morning that didn't have time to put effort so much  into the look. But to be honest natural look with not so much make-up pleases me a lot currently. 
Oh dear Transylvania, the place where I've wanted to visit for such a good time, but which seems always to go further and further. Some day I will and that's the sure thing. I would like to visit there in the autumn, but never have vacation at that time. 
Equipment against the vampire bite. 
I strongly recommend you to visit here if the subject is close to the heart. Hard to estimate how much the exhibition interests the main stream people, but at least now there seemed to be all kind of breathing creatures. Dracula is available till the August so there is a lot of time left!

sunnuntai 24. helmikuuta 2019

Silent whispers slowly flow, the silence from beyond

Hello after a long silent break. A heart beats still and it's dreadful to see how much time has gone since the last post and it's already soon March! I wanted to come and tell a bit news though can't say that there would be much new to tell. After Lapland adventure the days have gone in quite similar way. There has been some parties and other small light spots in my life yes, but mostly I've been at work and after work so tired that even blogging has felt too laborious thing to do. I've been also deepened in my own thoughts and pondered a lot of my life and which direction I would like to take it. As a scorpion I yearn some changes maybe, but not sure how big ones. (And when it comes to Lapland post it's still on its way. I took hundreds pictures and I try to introduce you some of them when I just have inspiration to go them through)
 But here  are a few shots which I took today. All the time the scheduled life torments me and busy days, but today I had none plans. So I decided to take my camera and go to shoot some random photos. In addition it was a nice gray weather instead of that burning sun shine which has occurred recently even too much. The ground was damn slippy, but I managed to stay up. It feels the winter is slowly retreating away which is kind of a shawl. I did enjoy that era when the coldness bit the skin and the trees were veiled with snow. These sunny days feels less convenient. 
 The coat is new. I picked it up yesterday and fell in love with it immediately. A huge hood and long hem are magnificent. I couldn't resist when I saw it to be -50% sale. I haven't bought much new clothes or anything recently and a plan is to sell a bunch of clothes away as soon as I have time. 
In a nutshell the month has been a work and work and some socializing. A lot of thoughts and pondering and hoping to find the answers.