torstai 27. syyskuuta 2012

She is living like an artist

 Some time backward I bought the new pair of shoes with spikes. They are pretty comfortable on feet and easy to walk. Probably wearing of these stay waiting for the next spring because the boots are stealing my heart at the moment. The shoes are from

Being at home after all this travelling and events feels so great that I haven't left my flat for the past few days just at all. I have spent much time with my sewing machine producing the new corset and the jacket which is green! The pictures are coming later. I also started visiting the gym after the break and my intention is visit there through the winter which might be too much to said.

lauantai 22. syyskuuta 2012

Who loves the sun?

Friday's outfit

I'm higlhy enamored  by fishnet and suspender that I swear to wear them until the winter makes the ice layer to the ground. Just cycling in this outfit is a bit difficult and probably looks more than amusing when the hem gets up; but it's only a small drawback.
  Dress: New Look
Socks: Seppälä
Shoes: New Look
Bag: London


tiistai 18. syyskuuta 2012

After love we are all alone

Shirt: Monki / Corset: Diy / Skirt/ GT / Tights: BackStreet / Shoes: DinSko / Bag: London
 New shirt and skirt which I bought recently.

On Friday night I spent time as a role of dresser in fashion show which was arranged in Narinkkatori by Fashion Unit. Event was interesting but reminded me how stessfull this kind of job can be. I don't envy models at all; they must have the hardest resistance to pressure ever like as well the background people. The models were so tall so at least the once I felt being like a dwarf. (and a bit fat too)

On Saturday night I met the new acquaintance and we visited Synapsi club but we disappeared really fast 'cause it was impossible to talk there. Instead we went to the upstairs' fetish club where the music wasn't played so loudly. The night was successful and really engrossing in a many way. As a whole my weekend included the new experiences and then the new people too.

torstai 13. syyskuuta 2012

Rainy Monday

A short glance to Monday's outlook. I was dancing in the rain while waiting my friend coming from the doctor. Nothing special at this time, just the basic everyday look. The black lipstick seems to gather eyes a lot even in Helsinki. It doesn't bother me but I have just made this observation. Usually I just try to smile back but sometimes it's hard to stay as a poker face. Monday spent by playing ps3. I was super excited about the old Sega games which I haven't played for a long time. Especially Sonic is one of my favourite.

keskiviikko 5. syyskuuta 2012

She has gone mad


The quickly post before the bed time. I introduce the new love pair which I bought on Monday. I have been around over year now without buying any shoes so now it was time to break the unconscious  strike. I consider myself as a shoemanic so the year is pretty good achievement. Anyway on Monday afternoon I visited Dinsko and these lovely heels jumped on my face just after opening the door. Immediately  I knew purchasing them if they are comfortable to walk. They are actually a bit similar shoes I already have but these are covered the shiny fake leather when the old ones are the real leather. This only proves the immortal taste of mine ;)

sunnuntai 2. syyskuuta 2012

I saw the black rainbow

The autumn is obviously coming and I hope it bestows an inspiration in coming days. Like I have told you before the autumn is invariably a new beginning when the spring represents the end of an era for me. Last night I was drinking the cheap red wine while listening rain’s dropping into the darkness.. I just enjoyed the great music and seclusion (and the dark weather; the only thing I missed were the candles).
Yesterday I had a workday once again (luckily it was a short day). After work I visited Gina Tricot to buying this new shirt. I had heard that in Gina Tricot have lots of the gothic inspired stuff at the present so needed to check the situation with my own eyes. And oh yeah; there was for among other things pvc trousers, skirts and rivets spikes stuff. In general I don't visit that boutique because there is nothing that I could buy but if they are changing the style direction maybe I must start to visit there more often.

Sunday's outfit