perjantai 26. syyskuuta 2014


 I ended up buying a new jacket also the last week because this was just awesome! I like the material and a model a lot. A collar is nice and so it's also a metallic zip. This material is some kind of fake leather. It's interesting that before I didn't like this kind of coats at all, but nowadays I already have a few of this. This goes really well with my outfits and I'm sure I will wear this often. 

The weekend is here again. Tomorrow I will go to see Deathstars at the Klubi. I haven't listened to them recently just at all, but the ticket was quite cheap so I decided to go to see them. Hope the gig is as good as it was the last time when I saw them many years ago.

tiistai 23. syyskuuta 2014

Floating in the cold wind

Winter comes, I can even smell it and so comes layer clothing too. I purchased the new cardigan the last week. Nice hood, false leather sleeves and a bit asymmetrical hem is something which pleases me right now a lot.
My outfit of the day and yesterday

lauantai 20. syyskuuta 2014

The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand

A fragile apathy has wrapped around me during the existing week.  Sometimes it's hard to know where to be or what to do and this feeling has haunted to me off and on this week. I've effectively escaped from reality into the fantasy games as a decent escapist. In addition I've spent too many hours by wandering in my dreams, more than I allow to myself. At times a small inspiration thrombus has hit me, but it's also disappeared as fast as it appeared. I've tried to study the new German words and I got lost to a gym on Wednesday and due to that my muscles have complained of pain. I notice that a week is over before it really started and I've lost a few days from my life for nothing. But that happens every now and then. 
My post box clinked on Monday and lovely crescent arrived finally to satisfy the needs of a materialist. The adorable silvered crescent is all that I want right now. It's big enough and simple. 
I've painted my nails by using the black matte polish which pleases me a lot right now. 
I bought this black skater dress some time ago and it has become one of my favorite dress in a short time. A model is perfect to me and I like that fabric a lot. 
I started reading this again...  I can't help myself, I just love this book. 
I wish you all have a nice weekend. I try to drag my bones to the gym again tomorrow. Let's hope that the muscles won't ache after that. 

tiistai 16. syyskuuta 2014


The second day started and we drifted across the sea towards Djurgarden by a ferry. We decided to buy a day ticket for a public transport because it's the easiest way to move fast from a place a to the place b. Unfortunately we didn't have much time because a day is so short time. I would have liked to peek into many second hand stores, but the next time then. 

We spent a few hours by walking around Skanssen. Skanssen is the open-air museum which includes many wild animals and breaths of the history. It's situated quite close to the city center so it's easy to find. I hadn't been there before so the place was worth visiting. 
 Friday's outfit
 We walked along the streets of Gamlastad. Gamlastad is really beautiful borough. Buildings fascinates me a lot and also those small boutiques. I ended up taking a plenty of pictures of architecture as usually. Why there can't be this kind of place in Finland?!
 A lonely walker brings to my mind remotely Jack the Ripper.  Lovely old narrow path.  I love those windows and lanterns. 
 A bunch of raccoons were posing us. They were so cute that I would have liked to take one to home.

sunnuntai 14. syyskuuta 2014


On Thursday I headed to Helsinki and from there a journey proceeded across the Baltic Sea to Stockholm by a ship. After a long time I ended up the ship with the friends. The last time was about two years ago, but by then we went to Tallinn and a trip lasted only a day.
I was dressed quite comfy. A second hand top, an asymmetrical cardigan, Vagabond's shoes and a hat which seems to be on my head almost every day nowadays. I needed to hold on it tightly on the deck when the wind tried to blow it away. 

 A deep fog appeared in a meanwhile when we transferred from a terminal to the ship. I mean it came really quickly and as you can see it was thick. An atmosphere was ghostly. 
The outward journey went nicely by eating and drinking. The ship didn't swing just at all for the weather was good. 

sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014

The Sims 4 and day's outfit

I try to write a few words up in spite of that my hands are still shaking having pole danced today quite diligently. I have danced regularly now during the last weeks and it feels that muscles are grown up.  Perhaps I could make a post about pole dancing in the near future. 
 Dress: Second hand / Shoes: Second hand 
 Yesterday I got an idea that I have to get the new Sims 4 which was published a few days ago. So I headed to the nearest store and here we go. At first I suspected that my current laptop doesn't run this game because I've had problems with the previous version, but I checked out the requirements and I decided to take a risk. A result was positive, this game works much better as the Sims 3. It doesn't draggle or twitch at all and everything goes smoothly. Otherwise this game is a bit disappointment at least so far (Note that I've played this only a couple of hours so far so I don't know this game good enough yet) Somehow it feels that the game has taken steps backwards for there is missing some vital affairs like swimming pool and babies. In additions you can't change your Sims' age except choosing "short, normal, long"-life. In previous version it was possible to choose how many days your character will live. Editing neighborhood seems to be much poorer aswell. A good affair is multitasking. The sim can perform more than one task at the same time. Cars seems to be missing too and if you want to walk to the next door to knock, it will load up so there isn't the open word anymore. Expansions probably include these missing elements, but I wouldn't like to put money on them. To sum up: I waited more.