lauantai 21. tammikuuta 2017

Ghost stories

Today was my only day off on this week and the day has gone so quickly although I woke up early. On the other hand the whole week has gone in a speed of light once again. I decided to stay just home today and spend the quality time on my own. My other half left Turku so this plan was more than fine. What does that mean then... well playing of Sims, reading and drinking too many cups of coffee and pole dancing. Relaxing day which was needed. 

My outfit from Friday: I bought that shirt some time ago and I like it much. I've worn it often though I haven't shown it here earlier. The classic Joy Division shirt which every goth should own. 
I bought a bunch of books a few days ago from sale and this one is definitely interesting. The ghost stories from Finland. I watched this earlier, but I didn't have a heart to buy it. Now it cost just a few coins so I took it without a doubt. The book displays places which are known to me like cities where I have been living. Some stories I have heard before, but most of them are new. I recommend it you all who are interested in the ghosts and stories. 
While reading this I started to think my own experience about supernatural, but unfortunately I need to state that I don't have any remarkable stories to tell. When I was a kid I saw a cat in our yard and it looked exactly like my old cat who was already passed away those days. I went to see closer and it disappeared behind the corner and when I run to see it, it was gone. That's the only story and I remember when I thought what the hell I just saw. But I believe it was our neighbor's cat because I'm too rationalist to believe in the ghosts and wanted to give some reasonable explanation to my view. Then I have heard steps at my folk's house which is the old wooden house and saw how the doors move etc. Small things, but they all seem to be happening in a same place..  My mom has seen some omens and it is quite scary. Kind of it would be nice to see them, but then again I'm kind of happy that I don't have that ability.  Do you have any supernatural experiences? 

keskiviikko 18. tammikuuta 2017

New self made coat and anniversary

Hello! A short post about a day's look. We have the fourth anniversary with my beloved today and we decided to celebrate it having a lunch together at the restaurant.  I put on a new coat which is self made. I started to design it already the last spring, but finished it some days ago. Sometimes some projects take more time, but this was a conscious choice for who needs the winter overcoat in the summer? Okay to be honest I wouldn't have needed the new coat at all, but the fabric was hanging in the closet and I wanted to have the coat with a hood and asymmetrical hem. I also like that fabric and its texture. 
Coat: Diy, Shoes: K-kenkä, Bag: Flea market
But yes, four years together with the sweetie. This is my longest relationship and four years is the long time.  I appreciate a lot people who live together with the same person from the beginning to the end such as swans. Sometimes it feels that many people are changing their partners all the time after the first flush disappears or there comes the first setback. That kind of life is not for me and I believe those people never find their happiness in the end. Of course if there is some serious problems like violence or the partner is cheating; Then it's better to turn a back, forget and find something better. And yes it's also possible that people just grow apart. But I'm not the right person to judge anyone, I have made several wrong choices myself as for the relationships, but I have never given up too easily. 
However the time has gone so quickly that it feels we just met. I was about to write more about us, but not have energy to write that long story right now. Perhaps I will make a  post later if the inspiration finds me. 

perjantai 13. tammikuuta 2017

Friday the 13th

I was at the gym early in this morning while realizing it's Friday 13th and decided to write a post in honor of that. I'm off today so this day is not certainly unlucky day to me. This week has been easy and I've had nicely spare time. I have got lost in books and imagination which only makes good to someone like me. 
In a long time I dig out the cards of mine to read them. 
I curled my hair in a long time and I do like the result. I washed the hair the last night and made several pigtails and opened them in the morning. Easy and fast way to get some change and I doubt that I will wear these quite often in the future. 
Day's outfit:
Velvet dress: New Look, Shoes: K-kenkä

Hope you all have a lucky Friday and  a nice weekend. I'm going to see a few gigs tomorrow and no other plans so far. Perhaps some pole dancing, gym of course and hanging out with my other half. 

tiistai 10. tammikuuta 2017

If you choose to lock your heart away, you'll lose it for certain

I've felt myself extraordinary energetic for the last few days and that has made me naturally happy. A lot of pole dancing, gym, cleaning of home, reading, movies, photographing have included to my days. I'm not sure if this energy wave is consequence of adding extra iron to my daily diet or vacation, but I do hope this will last. 

On Sunday evening I bribed myself by watching some films by Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. From Hell is one of my favorite piece. It includes all my favorite elements: sweet Johnny of course, streets of old London with ghastly fog veil and Jack the Ripper. I also ended up watching Dark Shadows which I have seen a couple of times, but I didn't remember the plot so well anymore. It was better I remembered, not my favorite from Burton, but quite fine. Pirates of Garibbeans are close to my heart. I definitely love these romanticized pirate adventures and the way how Depp blends to the role. Pitch black home, some candle light and movies made my evening. 

Sunday's outfit
I have once again an attempt to reduce the time that I spend on the computer and concentrate more on the real things outside of the web. It makes good, but it's not easy. I'm a computer addict like most of us nowadays, but it's good to be without social media and all those news sites every now and then. They are nice and useful, but they also burden the mind and besides there is so much information that you really don't need. I'm not going to stay away wholly, but my purpose is to use them a little bit less than before. 

lauantai 7. tammikuuta 2017

She cloaked herself in black

Snow veil covered the ground a few days back and a thermometer points freezing numbers. The nature looks so sterile and I've been wandering in the middle of the woods with my camera at the risk of the fingers are freezing over as well as the skin of face. I love winter season and these beautiful landscapes, but some kind of arctic genes would be needed. But what to do when you have a new camera and the nature gives its best than go out to freeze? Nature photography is not meant for lazy or picky people. By the way I created a gallery which is still quite empty, but I will update it piecemeal. If you want to see more go to like my page: Click. 

I've been on a vacation over this week so I've had time for multitasking. What a wicked modern term for us who are doing several things at the same time. A right hand doesn't know what the left one is doing, but I finally managed to go through all my wardrobes and I estimate that about one of thirds of all my clothes is going to recycling. I decided to clean with a heavy hand because there was so much belongings that I haven't worn in a long time and it annoys that all wardrobes are too full. Now it's easier to find clothes and arrange them into the cabinets. One reason is also that I have considered to get a pet during this year so I want to put all clothes and easily shattered wares into hiding. This project wasn't the easiest, but I could have given off even more. There is still a basement left, but I doubt that's the easiest part. 

This day and tomorrow and it's time to return to the battlefield. Having been a week on the holiday  I kind of miss the regular life back, but then again there are the good sides of the holiday as well. 

sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2017


Time to write the first post of the new year while I'm bouncing back after the last night. The last year was the good year to me at different levels. Nothing special happened, but the life stayed quite stable though naturally some affairs with the gray clouds also appeared, but I'm not going to dive into them here and besides the darker seasons are a part of the life. I grew up as a person and learned much. Especially I'm proud of myself that I managed to maintain my enthusiasm towards a gym. I visit more than a hundred time there and the best decision was to buy a monthly pass to the new gym. Unfortunately I didn't progress with pole dancing, but I try to fix that during this year. 
I like to do some small silent resolutions to myself when the year changes which leads me forward in the life course. This year I try to focus more on the art projects as sewing, designing, drawing and photographing. I would like to visit more art exhibitions and develop my own expression. I want to travel more, work less, and study languages. I want to meet new people and enrich my inner life. Not sure if these are the small things, but they are the facts that I want to pay attention. Every now and then it's good to keep a pause and think about the things which matter.
Hope the year will be good to us all.