tiistai 29. huhtikuuta 2014

Tampere alternative bloggers meet-up

For the last few days have passed in a flash, but finally I have time to write a blog. I had a book whose loan period was about to expire so I had to finish it which means that I've been a nose between the pages again. Yesterday I was about to write, but then my brother and his girlfriend visited here and I was too tired to blog after they left.  

Last Saturday I attended the alternative bloggers meeting here in Tampere and it was really exciting to see other bloggers in a real life. I have never been in meet-up before for a reason that I've lived far away from them in general. The weather was fortunately sunny so we went to take a few drinks to the terrace. Here are some photos of this event:

It's May Day again tomorrow (a year has gone so madly quickly.) We were invited to a barbecue party and I try to think how to dress. The weather isn't warm anymore and I just hope it won't rain tomorrow. 

torstai 17. huhtikuuta 2014

Amor Amor

 Summer is coming slowly and to me it means heels! I found these killer heels in Bianco's closeout at a  super low price and only a lunatic would have left the store without taking these. There is a nice platform and the heel is a bit thicker. I've never owned Bianco's shoes before these so I was curious to see whether they are quality or not. By the way it's a shame to see that those stores obviously disappear from the street view. 
 'Crazy days' were held in Stockmann some time ago and even though I hate them due to the crowd and I usually never visit there, but now I popped quickly inside - and that's good. I found a perfume in sales which I was thought to buy. My mom bought me this about ten years ago and then I had a long break with it until now I decided to want it again. I'm really picky as for the scents, but this is adorable. Now I have at least six bottles of scents in the closet and I promise not to buy more. :P (yes though I'm picky I still love them) 

sunnuntai 13. huhtikuuta 2014

Your spirit walks on these unseen avenues

Blouse: Second hand / Skirt: Second hand / Scarf: Second hand / Shoes: H&M
I've done again some less and more necessary second hand findings. That bat sleeve blouse in the pictures is one of them. I'm in love those sleeves and I'd take more this kind of blouses with pleasure!
Frames! These were ridiculous cheap. I painted them in black spray because the original color didn't please my eyes. Just need to put some beautiful pictures on them and set them on the wall. 
I've been looking for a new bag for a while and now this specimen happened to come towards me. It's suitably granny-spiritual which suits me fine.

Buttons! Dressmaker needs always the buttons and I found a bunch of them (all black ;)) The buttons are bloody expensive in the stores so I always try to chase them while visiting flea markets.
Hunger for good books doesn't obviously die even though I'd read a book per day. I've considered for long to read that Patti Smith's Just Kids piece, but somehow I haven't got that to my hands until now. I admire her style a lot and how she dared to jump into the unknown as a young. Most of us choose the easy path or the path that the others assume us to take, but the bravest of us choose the own way to go even though it would mean insecurity and poverty. I adore the people who have an ability to keep their own mind under the pressure.Too many of us are victims of brainwashing.  Patti Smith was studying in the university to become a teacher until she decided to interrupt her studies and say goodbye to the pre-written future. She packed her case and decided to leave for New York to become an artist albeit she didn't know how. This is the story of her life and also the story of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe's  life who was Patti's best friend till the end of his days. I'm sure I'll re-read this book later. 

Smith visited Tampere in last summer but I was too poor to attend her show due to the moving. Now she will arrive in Finland again but this time to Pori which is a black hole to me. I've never been there and I heard that all hotels are already fully booked. So let's see if I manage to go there.

Last night we went to Vastavirta with my beloved to see some punk bands. For an instant I thought to be in London. Some Sid Vicious clone was pogo dancing in front of us and one band sounded like The Clash. Kind of a small time travelling experience. 

torstai 10. huhtikuuta 2014

Ghost forest

 Shirt: Second hand - Pants: Actual Pain - Shoes: H&M - Earrings: Seppälä
These pictures were taken on last Sunday which was my last day in Eastern Finland for a while. We visited Kerimäki and someone got an idea to walk through the forest to the lakeshore. I love this current nature which is revealed from under the snow. Being surrounded by gray makes me feel calm in a weird way. I've suffered a bit from spring fever but I feel it's stepping aside by inches. Just now I enjoy wearing the high heels and a leather jacket again when it's possible. My outfit was once again really simple. Satan pants and second hand blouse are always close to my black heart.  (By the way speaking about the fever, I have a terrible craving for the tattoos right now!)

sunnuntai 6. huhtikuuta 2014

Empty thoughts

On Saturday I decided to put on one of my favorite piece of clothing: poncho! I found this a year ago in Gina Tricot by accident and it was love at first sight. Normally I buy nothing from there. Shoes are from H&M which I recently bought and I'm already waiting for getting the new wedges with better quality! 
My weekend has been really groovy! I've seen the old friends and on Friday I even visited a bar after a long time.  I'll return back to blog sphere when I'm at home. My mind goes blank and I can't find the words just now.

torstai 3. huhtikuuta 2014

Are you living for love?

I arrived at my old home town last night and at the same I paid a short visit to Helsinki. A long weekend in landscapes of the past was more as welcome. I really enjoy sitting on the train  many hours while drifting across the country. Sometimes before those long never ending train rides between East and West felt a bit dull, but not anymore when I visit seldom here nowadays. (damn expensive train tickets! I don't understand why the state doesn't support and encourage people to use the public transport.)
Shirt: Monki / Skirt: BlueBanana / Shoes: Second hand
We walked through one of my favorite graveyard this afternoon. Before I used to walk here almost daily when my apartment situated near to this cradle of death. I still love this place. It's somber enough to my taste and filled with the old grave monuments. 

keskiviikko 2. huhtikuuta 2014

On the line

I decided to jump on a train early in this morning and change the landscape for a while.