keskiviikko 29. huhtikuuta 2015

Derelict Spa at Epilä Tampere

Rest of the pictures come here. We also visited Epilä (borough of Tampere) on Sunday evening to looking for an abandoned old bath wreckage which was built in the 1930 by a rich business man  Sixtus Syrjänen before the Finnish winter war. The spa was inspired by Roman baths and it really never completed fully. There is left a gate which is pretty well preserved, sauna which is quite unidentified, a frame of bridge and concrete boulders around the forest. A small pond which was built there for swimming, but which was too low in the end is still recognizable. In the middle of the pond is a small isle and the frame of bridge leads there. 

The place is situated in the middle of the forest and the terrain is quite challenge to walk so I recommend that you don't go there with your high heels. We found the area quite easily. It's situated near to the row houses where was situated before a house of the owner of this place. Unfortunately the main building was teared down in the late 80's. 

During the decades the nature is captured the place pretty well like you can see in the pictures. The place is dilapidated and the war caused damages aswell. 
The gate which leads to the spa area from the main building which doesn't exist anymore. This is preserved well and behind it, is the row house area. Actually this gate leads now to someone's backyard and there is a warning sign "private area".

 A frame of bridge which leads to the isle. Be careful if you are about to climb on it. 
An old sauna. 
 Relics which are fell into ruin.
An artificial pond behind the trees which was meant for swimming until they realized it's too low. 

Before there was a beautiful garden including several plants and apple trees, but they are all gone now. In addition to Sauna there was a toilet and a terrace close to the pond. If you are eager to see a picture of the original building click here

I so would like to go looking for more the abandoned places around the country or the world. I always admire the pictures from different corners while bumping into them on the internet. 

maanantai 27. huhtikuuta 2015

Abandoned place - Tulitikkutehdas

 Hello! I have finally time to stop and do some blogging after these busy days. My old school mate came to visit me yesterday and we decided to visit the old factory area because my friend hadn't been there before and she likes to visit this kind of places like me too. I ended up taking a bunch of pictures and here are a few of them.  We also drove to see wreckage of spa where I hadn't been before. I will show you the pictures from there some day when I have the time to go through them. Both places are super cool and I recommend you to pay a visit if you are around here. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I would like to find more the abandoned places and go to take the pictures. 
My last week was hectic. I was every day somewhere after work like I visited two times a cinema (Kurt Cobain documentary was really good and in addition I went to see Avengers) I visited eating a burger with my beloved and his friend. This week will be quite much same. I'm off to Savonlinna on Wednesday and can't wait it. 

torstai 23. huhtikuuta 2015

Montage of Heck

It's insane how quickly these days run. My past days have been quite tightly scheduled and rare spare time moments have been spent mostly by sleeping. April is soon over although it just began and May Day will come. I managed to get days off for May Day to my surprise so I got a change to travel to Easter Finland. I haven't moved off from Tampere just at all this year, but fortunately May will offer a change. There is also coming a journey to Germany. Can't wait!
My outfit from the other day. When the weather gets warmer I have wrapped myself around the chiffon. 
The most expected film of this spring is finally here. I went to buy tickets to Kurt Cobain documentary yesterday. We are going to see it today with my other half. Let's hope it's good. I have seen probably all documentaries which have been made about Cobain, but this is more interesting because his daughter has been a co-executive producer on the film. 

maanantai 13. huhtikuuta 2015

A step from an eternity

I inspired by the event which was arranged at my work place on the weekend and I decided to dig  my tarot cards up. I ordered some time ago the cards form the wild unknown. They were bloody expensive, but then again they are so stylish, much better looking as the other ones that I have met during my journey. I was a bit disappointed that the cards were printed somewhere in China considering the high price. 
My day's outfit. I bought a t-shirt from the tattoo convention a few weeks ago and it's perfect for the summer. I would like to re-cut the neckline and fix the sleeves perhaps, but so far I don't have a heart to do it. 
Shirt: Helsinki ink / skirt , suspenders and bag: flea market 

Thirteen days is coming (at least, there can be even more) at work until I have a day off. Sometimes I hate to be a slave of two (three) jobs, but then again it knows money and money knows some nice trips and events so... Fortunately there is some short days like  four hours so perhaps I will survive without a burn out. 

perjantai 10. huhtikuuta 2015

DIY Cloak

Eventually I have time to introduce you one of my sewing projects I made this winter. A cloak! I like ponchos so I decided to try how the cloak would work on. At first it was a bit weird when there is no sleeves so you can't carry a purse on a shoulder, but otherwise it's nice to wear. I guess cloaks were a part of a mainstream fashion this winter or at least I saw them on sale at many places, but Finns are too shy to try different styles so they were quite rare view on streets. What do you think of the cloaks? 

 There is also a hood, but it doesn't show on the pics. 
Cloak: Diy / Pants: Actual Pain / Shoes: H&M

I have a few more projects also done, but there seems to be so marginally time that I don't know when I have  time to photograph them.  I'd like to sew much more, but so far my works steal my spare time. It would be nice to sew a dress for a festival (wgt), but I can't decide what to do!

torstai 2. huhtikuuta 2015

Resurrection parties

I'm off again which feels so good. Today I woke up late and I've spent my day mostly playing the Sims 4 and spinning around a pole. Tomorrow  I go a goth flea market live event and Bella Morte club in the evening so a lot of things are happening around the corner. 

Here is my one day's withcy outfit. Goes well now when it is Easter. 
Skater dress: H&M, Hat: Ebay, Tights: H&M, Shoes: Vagabond
 Necklace: Etsy, Bracelet: Queen of Darkness (sponsored)