perjantai 29. joulukuuta 2017

Give me the wings

A few more picture from Yule time. As you can see it was a fairly drab weather and not at all dreamy white as it should be. I was hoping to get the snow, but what I got was tears from the sky. But okay, I like to admire this dead nature through a lens. White Christmas is rare on this latitude these days, but sometimes it happens, but most often it looks like this. 
I'm so in love with the granny hat and white collars. An outfit from the first Yule day. 
I found an ancient horseshoe. It's probably from the time when my grandma had a horse so it's really old. By the way I would like to go riding some day. I have never been, but I have always wanted and some time ago I noticed that here is arranged courses for adults who have less or not at all experience. I believe it would be worth trying at least once in a life or perhaps I fall in love.
If you want to see more pictures like my page here. I've activated and updating it again. 
I'm suffering from an awful travel fever once again. I went through some old pictures and the fever just increased. I so would like to (re)visit such a many places from Africa to Big Apple. I remember when I visited Rome and Paris and after that I was "well now I've seen them, no need to go there anymore", but now those places attract me again. I do hope I have more possibilities to travel in the future. 

tiistai 26. joulukuuta 2017

Spirit of the winter

Yule rolls to its end and it's a time to start focusing the mind on the coming year. I'm returning back to home today and tomorrow daily routines start running again. I hope you all had a congenial weekend and you got to spend it there where you wished. I've been really calmly at the folks and spent some quality time with a camera and been surrounded by cats. Of course I have bathed at sauna and poured  red wine down a throat not forgetting all those delicious food. This Yule could have been totally different following the accident which faced my dad in the summer, but luckily it wasn't.
I was dressed in this combination at eve. Not too sophisticated or colorful, but I like this look a lot.I got my  granny hat back which has been lost for a good time. I think it fits me pretty well and finishes the look. 
One of those drawings that I sketched over Yule. I hope I have a lot of inspiration also in the next year.  This year I've spent nicely time with the creative affairs.
When it comes to the gifts, I'm not going to do any unboxing post, but I can reveal that I got mostly coins which I'll invest in coloring of the skin at some point and travelling ;) I didn't want to receive pointless material, I prefer put money on experiences and exploring of the world. But naturally a granny gave me a pair of woolen socks and chocolate. 

lauantai 23. joulukuuta 2017


Yuletide wishes from the boondocks. I came here yesterday after finishing a job and this day flew by doing nothing particular. Me and my other half exchanged gifts already on Thursday evening because we spend Yule away from each other both in our own families. This year I promised to sew a winter coat for my beloved as the gift. He is quite unable to find the suitable coat in the stores which would match with his style , but it's his fortune that he has a girl who is a dressmaker and designer ;D

  I was about to do a post about home Yule decor, but due to the lack of time it is very much undone. But to be honest I'm not put much effort on Yuletide decoration. Most ready-made adornments are way too kitchy to my demanding taste so I usually end up decking by real candles and lights. But perhaps I could create something handmade gothy figments in the future by myself.
An outfit from yesterday. I found that pleated skirt in the flea market some time ago. It's lovely,
I never fed up with photographing the moon. It enchanted through the clouds today. 

May the magic of the season bless you and yours with much love and happiness.

sunnuntai 17. joulukuuta 2017

Shiny legs

I overcame a flu and finally I'm able to do something else as rotting on the couch which basically means that I'm suffering from aching muscles due to a hardcore gym training. I hope the cold won't find me anymore during the winter. Sometimes it comes back soon after disappearing and I wouldn't like to be between the sheets over Christmas. I can't believe it's Christmas again! Seriously I hate when the time runs this quickly and I can't control it at all. A year just turned and now it turns again.. I have made most of my gift purchases which is good for I have a lot of work during the next week. On Friday or on Saturday I will jump on the train for going to spend Xmas with the folks. I haven't been there for a long time so it's about a time to go say hello.

I ordered a birthday present for my beloved and at the same I bought these shiny leggings for myself. I'm quite thrilled about the shiny leggings and they are so easy to wear with pullovers which seems to be my everyday garment these days... Funny affair is that I didn't like them before. I'm also dreaming of a pair of latex trousers and I've considered to do them myself. 

Saturday's look included layers. 
I enjoyed Xmas vegan brunch today after the work and my stomach is still full. Menu was good and for once I was able to eat everything from the table. A purse lightened a little bit, but sometimes it's nice to eat at restaurants and enjoy the good food. 

tiistai 12. joulukuuta 2017

Only a woman can break his spell

I've been under the flu for a week now and this starts to be quite boring. Today is a bit better day although I coughed my lungs nearly out in the morning, but the energy level is better and the voice came somewhat back. I've been at the work every day though, but the rest of the time I've been bounded to the couch. I already miss a gym and  pole a lot. This is weird to be without the work-out over a week.

Today I was off so I tried to create some kind of outfit:
A sweater is the new finding from a flea market and those shoes I bought a few months ago and they are excellent. I still love over-the-knee boots and these are the perfect pair for a collection. For the winter I would need a pair of combat boots, but I haven't seen any nice yet. 

About a week ago it was Independence day here in Finland and the country celebrated its centenary. I was what else as ill, but I wanted to have at least a bit festive vibes too so I headed to the downtown to see fireworks as did thousands people here. I didn't except to meet that big crowd there, but obviously everyone had the same plan. My flu didn't like that idea at all and it got worse of course due to the glacial weather. 

I can't believe it's Yule soon and I haven't bought gifts yet :D  It's a really nice and wintry weather and I do enjoy the snow (now when there is loads of snow). 

lauantai 2. joulukuuta 2017

Gaggin' Drag

Yesterday's look when we went to see Gaggin' drag show to a local bar. Was nice evening over the drinks and the shows were entertaining and made me laugh. I was dressed in self made lace dress and a fluffy bolero. Unfortunately the snow appeared and I wasn't able to wear any nice shoes as I planned. I hadn't worn this dress for ages and if felt gorgeous on and fit well together with the bolero. 
No other special plans for the weekend. I try to find the time to check out the newest Twin Peaks episode and do some pole dancing. Hope you all have a great time!

keskiviikko 29. marraskuuta 2017

"I will see you again in 25 years."

As the title gives to understand, I've become familiar with the newest Twin Peaks season which is indeed surrealistic and very Lynch. I've gone through just a few episodes and I don't try to pretend to understand it, but there is something which invites me to go on. I heard a bunch of different opinions about the newest season and it is totally really different as the original serial was in the 90's, but I knew it beforehand so I didn't except to return to the old dreamy Twin Peaks town which was warm and cozy. Those who wait for the nostalgic trip to the past will be disappointed although there is old familiar characters, the atmosphere differs from the past. I'm eager for seeing how the serial goes on and what happens to Cooper and his brutal look-alike. If the old serial was potential to entertain everyone, I think The Return is not that mainstream, it's artistic with some poor made special effects and you can't go home again. A few years have gone since I last watched the first two seasons and I would like to re-watch them again. Unfortunately they exist no longer on Netflix. 
Day's look consisted of a striped dress and red lips (once again), but they just fit together perfectly. 
I have a terrible cat fever. I've been looking for a cat on several websites during the days, but so far no luck. I would like to have the black kitten, but the internet seems to offer only the adults... My old pal, who didn't live with me, passed away a week ago at the age of 16. That's pretty good age for a cat. I was fourteen-years-old when he was born and he has been here through all these years and periods of the life... I also would like to have that dog, but the life with the dog requires orderliness and sometimes it's nice to be spontaneous. 

lauantai 25. marraskuuta 2017

Let's not wake up any ghosts

A last workday of a week in front of me and I've spent my forenoon by listening to some gothic rock while reading Jyrki 69's book which I found in the library recently. The week has been tough and I've felt so sleepy due to the longer days. Basically I have done nothing else as work and pondered what is the next step in my life. My mind wanders between the earth and space. Someday I would like to work abroad and I've suggested that idea to my beloved as well, things aren't too easy when you are in a relationship, but I know it's not the right moment now... but maybe someday? I'm definitely a person who will get bored really easily if the life doesn't offer new possibilities regularly. I have a bunch of plans in my head, I just need a way to get them out. 
Today's look: the red lips and a simple black dress. 

Someone asked for a decor post and I try to open a door into my new flat as soon as I'm able to take quality pictures. Usually it's too dark for the decor photos and today my home is too messy because I didn't have time to clean it during the week. 

keskiviikko 22. marraskuuta 2017

"I talk to god, but the sky is empty"

On a last post I bemoaned about laziness. Well things change quickly and this week I'm working over 50 hours. I managed to have some extra shifts which keep me busy. They offered me more shifts also to the next  week, but I already had plans. 

These outfit pictures were taken last Friday, but I didn't find time to write a post earlier. This awesome knitting which has flashed every now and then on the blog is from Queen of Darkness. I wonder that it is still in a good shape after wearing it quite much. It looks so fragile and I was sure that there is a bigger hole quite soon. With the shirt I wore the newest second hand skirt and those lovely Pennangalan shoes which have been hiding deep in a closet for a long time. It's a big shame that they don't produce shoes anymore. Pennangalan was definitely my favorite goth shoe brand and they had so pretty models. Demonia, Killstar or other bulk brands can't beat it. 

The bed is calling early this evening despite of the fact that I already took a nap earlier today. I feel dead tired due to the short nights that I've spent recently. I hate the rush, but I see being quite good at creating it myself too. I can't wait for the suitable moment to start watching the newest Twin Peaks season which started running on the telly. I hope it's worth watching! 

keskiviikko 15. marraskuuta 2017

The killing moon

Hello! Finally I have an inspiration to share this outfit from the other day. I have been such lazy for the past days or at least it feels like that. Okay I have been training a lot at the gym and also with the pole which has been fun, but otherwise some kind of laziness has overcome me badly and that's fairly annoying. But what delights me a lot is that I have got the inspiration back as for pole dancing. It's been lost for quite  a long time, but now there is a light on the horizon.

It's November and there isn't much daylight in use which makes taking of the outfit pictures much challenging. Perhaps that darkness is also a guilty why I feel so lazy. But yes, a few days ago I wore this black dress and white collar shirt. When I was younger I mixed a lot white and black clothes together and I wore striped black and white tights often, they were my favorite actually. This look still pleases my eyes a lot.

maanantai 6. marraskuuta 2017


It's great have a birthday around Halloween which is one of the coolest jubilee; I couldn't have been able to wish the better day to come into existence. This year it was also a full moon which culminated the day. On Saturday evening I headed to the bar in this look below: 
 At first I wasn't about to do any special look, but then I decided to paint a sugar skull face in a last minute which was nice. I love this look and that top which is self made. With the top I wore a pencil skirt and  asymmetric knitting. Unfortunately I didn't have time to photograph the whole attire. 
I have seen nice pictures about people's Halloween homes and pastries. I didn't decor my home much, just added a flock of bats onto the wall with spider web. Most Halloween decorations that I've seen in the stores are simply too kitschy to my taste (perhaps that's their point?) so it's easy to pass them without a bigger lust . Some year I will hew out a pumpkin! 
Today I 'm going to watch Suspiria after many many years. It was played here at the cinema on Saturday.
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

lauantai 4. marraskuuta 2017


Happy Birthday to me!
Dress: diy, Shoes: Minna Parikka, Headpiece: Second hand
A quickly post before I head to celebrate my 31st birthday into the night. Seriously a year rolled again. It feels like I turned 30 just a day ago..  and okay it feels also that I just turned 18. Life goes too fast!  

tiistai 31. lokakuuta 2017

Horror and Tease Show

The month comes to its end and one of my favorite season is going on which of course means some celebrating. What is Halloween without some good parties? Last Saturday I headed to see Burlesque and this was most likely the best show I have ever seen. Absolutely stunning ideas, costumes which was all put together. Unfortunately I didn't have a proper camera with me so I desperately tried to capture shots by phone. My favorite character was Nosferatu which was made so perfectly and was fancy too. 

I was too lazy again and "forgot" to plan the costume for myself.. why I always realize it too late? So I just put something on what I quickly found in the wardrobe after the work shift. I felt really underdressed amongst those amazing outfits. I should start planning the outfit the months before Halloween so that I wouldn't miss it. I always think that next year I will robe myself until the time comes and I notice to be without the dress.

A group portrait and you can see Nosferatu on left side. Also Clea Cutthroat was super, but well they all were! 
Well known character from Sweeney Todd and now I want to see the movie.

tiistai 24. lokakuuta 2017

Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

A short peek to a day's look and a new t-shirt which arrived the other day. The darkness starts falling quite early which complicates taking of the outfit pictures in the nature light, but today I managed to make use of the sun. 

A while ago I ordered Burzum's t-shirt which I had been admiring for months and today I decided to put it on with the new second hand skirt and knitting which has been on nearly every day due to the cold weather which teases us here in Finland. On Sunday it was already snowing and I couldn't decide is it cool or not. Seriously for the next six months will be more or less freezing until the sun starts to increase its power again. 
Tomorrow there would be Mayhem playing and I can't choose whether to go or no. It would be kind of tempting, but the tickets are fairly expensive. On Saturday there is a burlesque night and that sounds good too except that I have a morning shift on Sunday, but this wouldn't be the first time if I arrived at the work after short sleeps.