Monday, 16 October 2017

You are a vision in blood

Finally I have a moment to open blogger; these days seem to run although I wouldn't have anything specific on the hand.  Okay now I need to admit  being hooded to play with the new laptop when it's possible after a while and every nerd knows how quickly the time disappears with a good game. I have been really happy with the choice to buy Lenovo Yoga. So far it has been working smoothly. 

During last week we rented a table in the flea market and I manage to sell some stuff, but a lot of was not sold too. I don't have any idea what to do with the rest of goods. So far I brought them to the attic. I managed to made a few nice findings myself too, but I come those later. 
An outfit from the weekend and new shoes which I bought some time ago.  I wanted to get the flat bottomed shoes for the autumn and ended up getting these. These are from Skopunkten and because there is always the offer "buy two and get the cheaper pair at half price"  I took another pair too. Most my shoes are heels so these come for the need.  My legs are sometimes so tired  (because of the gym) that I feel more comfy while wearing not heels. 
Poncho: DIY, Shoes: Skopunkten, Necklace: from WGT

This week seems to be quite easy when it comes to the work. Short shifts so I try to spend quality time with the sewing machine. 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


After the last post I made a decision to order Lenovo Yoga and that arrived on Monday. My weekend spent so slowly when I just waited for Monday to come. I ended up choosing Lenovo instead of Mac because this was of course a bit cheaper, but in addition included more memory and I was interested in 2 in 1 feature which means that this works also as a tablet due to the touch screen. The screen turns 360-degrees and this is powerful enough for games and software. I tested to play with it and it worked so smoothly. I'm poor, but really joyful! 
An outfit which I wore the other day. 
It's inktober time so I've drawn everything too over the month. I'm really glad that I've found the inspiration again. This one is my Poe drawing which I made by markers. 
Nothing much has happened. The big new was that I got the new laptop so I can write a blog much easier from now on when I don't need to fight with the powerless computer. 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Rotting world

I've been armed with my camera for the past days and been wandering around the dying nature. Last Friday was so beautiful foggy weather and I had an evening shift which made it possible to admire the nature through the lens in the morning and I ended up shooting the  hundreds pictures. Unfortunately I'm still bounded to my old laptop and only because I can't choose the new one to me. Going through those shots with my old computer is such a slow path that I publish just these few pictures with you. 
I do hope the nature gives us more the days like these. 

And back to that computer issue! This starts to be ridiculous. I've been pondering a new laptop for months now and still I can't decide which model I should buy.  MacBook Pro is tempting because I have never had Mac and people say it's good. Then again it's also really expensive and I'm so used to work with Windows. The second option is Lenovo Yoga and I also considered Lenovo game laptop. Yesterday I visited a store and several sellers asked if I need help. Yes I do need a help to make a decision. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

'You put me outside, I was singing a song, You looked to the window But I was already gone'

Days seems to run from my view uncontrollably and one of my favorite month is nearly gone. Trees are changing their attires and I've been hunting haze views with my camera in the mornings. I would love to take the pictures about the thick fog, but so far the luck hasn't found me. 

Last weekend we went to see a few gigs once again; Lasten Hautausmaa and Grave Pleasures. I hadn't seen Grave Pleasures before and actually I realized the singer's previous project Beastmilk is more familiar to me. However I enjoyed both shows. Lasten Hautausmaa never betray; one of my favorite band and by the way my beloved was that kind that he ordered their  newest vinyl to me because it was still missing. 

A few outfit pictures which were taken last week when we went for a walk. I was wearing a self made velvet coat which is the perfect coat for fall. 
I've spent most of my days at beloved's place by reading and resurrecting the skills of drawing. I have become more familiar with Arthur Rimbaud's poetry who was a genius of his own time. It's also nice that the inspiration for drawing is growing! I could draw a tattoo sketch and make an appointment. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

New knitting for fall

 Because the winter approaches us threateningly and I realized that the many of my cardigans are so worn out I got a great excuse to go a little bit shopping. I had a huge good anxiety after moving, but now it's just a ghost in the past and shopping fever colonize on the mind. I found a simple black cardigan with the pockets and I added buttons onto it myself. It's warm and goes as a coat as well if it is a warm day. I like to wear the cardigans and hoodies quite much on the workdays. They are handy to put on in the morning when tiredness tries to overcome. There was a lot of nice clothes and shoes, but I try to keep my sporran closed. The autumn is definitely the best season to make findings in the ordinary stores. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Shades of fall

Hello! As I mentioned I found some new makeup products so I decided to write a short post about those. 

I wasn't able to resist a new eyeshadow palette from Nyx when I saw it in the store so I happily whisked it into a shopping basket and brought to home. It includes sixteen different shades which go well together with the autumn like as well with my eyes and skin tone. My blue eyes love orange and brownish red. They emphasize the blue color very well and make eyes pop out. After testing the product I can say it's worth every penny. There is enough pigment and shades spread well. Light colors are good for highlight and it's possible to create several different looks by using darker shades. I've noticed that quite many beauty vloggers on youtube have been excited about this too. Now I'm twenty euro poorer much more colorful. ;)

 In addition I found a perfect dark red lipstick that I have been looking for forever. Unfortunately it's not that super lasting and it requires a liner otherwise it spreads over the face like it did to me a few days ago at work. I have favored the liquid lipsticks recently because I find those last much better and are easy to use. 

Friday, 8 September 2017

The Circus

Hello and happy Friday to you all! This week has been a bit more peculiar as normally because we decided to go Circus Finlandia after many many years. I guess I was 12-years-old the last time I went the circus so it was nice to visit there. We were about to go already a year ago, but I got a terrible flu. The circus was quite similar as I remembered. There was some animals and trapeze artists which are my favorite. I fell in love with llamas and I would like to have one. 
I put on this simple outfit. Happily the weather was nice, not too cold and it didn't rain. 
Soon I have to leave for work and after the shift I try to survive to see Freakangel and Two Witches to Klubi. My shift ends 9.30 pm so I'll go to a bar straight from the work which is a bit boring. I would have wanted to put effort on makeup and clothes, but now I don't have time for that. 

Monday, 4 September 2017


I've been enjoying a day off today after working during six days last week. The day was creative and  included even a bit shopping though I try to save my money for exploring of the world desperately.. I had a huge fewer to get abroad, but it looks that there is a dark shadow over my bank account :D I miss London and I also would like to pay a visit to Poland... and Berlin is also haunting on the mind.. Why can't I be a rich?

I woke up early today and enjoyed when I didn't have to hurry up with the makeup so I created smokey eyes after a long time. I also ended up purchasing  new cosmetics which I do rarely. I found a perfect lipstick and eye shadows that fit well together with the autumn. Perhaps I will introduce them you at some point. 
Today my outfit was created around the old flea market findings which I bought some years ago. I like the dress a lot and also those shoes. A necklace is the finding from Lumous festival which I made a year ago. I haven't worn it just at all for I forgot to own it. 
Drawing pencils and a sewing machine have offered a company to me during the day for I'm currently making trousers to my beloved and I got enthusiastic with sketching. The trousers are nearly done and I'm very happy with the result. They fit perfectly so I decided to sew another pair after.
The day is always good if it's possible to spend it with the creative things like I did today. 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Autumn falls

The last day of summer occurred and soon it's faded into the past. To be honest the weather has been quite autumnal for the last week and I can't wait for getting to photograph all the colors the fall offers. The nature runs its course so to speak.  I love the autumn, but I kind of miss the summer too and its warmth and light clothes. This summer was so poor, but let's hope the next is better. 
Recent days I have worn a lot my old fake leather jacket which is lovely. With it I have wrapped a self made hoodie which is quite useful if the rain cloud appears. I'm quite lazy to keep an umbrella in a purse so the hood saves in a tight place like it did today. 
I haven't bought any new clothes recently, but now a small shopping fewer is dwelling in a mind. Perhaps it's due to the fall. A new pair of shoes would also be nice although I promised to myself while carrying the moving boxes that I won't buy more shoes...  but my memory is short in things like that ;D

Friday, 25 August 2017

It's a poncho time!

An attire from Tuesday when I was off and me and my beloved decided to go have burgers to the nearby restaurant. I love this graphic poncho which I purchased a year ago and actually I'm not sure if I have shown it here before. I have the several ponchos nowadays and now it's good time to wear them when a temperature is lower.
My week has included not much else than work and work out at the gym. In addition I started fixing the chair that I told you and it is now painted! The next step is to cover it and then it's done. I do hope that the fabric will settle nicely on it. It can be a bit challenging. 

I've also been looking for the new laptop for me, but there are so many models that it confuses my mind! Macbook would be nice, but expensive and then there is Lenovo Yoga which is fairly tempting due to a touch screen! The main thing is that the machine is powerful enough. My current laptop is not so old, but it's powerless, but I got it free so... Actually I have never bought the computer myself  earlier, this will be the first time. 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Your face in the light

I was about to do a post already last night, but then I heard about that dreadful terror attack in Finland by a friend and I ended up following the news and blogging felt suddenly less important thing to do. I was sitting on the bus while my friend sent a message that something has happened in Turku. At first I thought there is just some small stabbing going on, but quickly I realized what was going on. I know many people from Turku and I've visited there really often recently because my dad was treated at the same hospital where the victims and attacker for weeks now during the summer, but he was transferred to the another location on Wednesday. This stupid attack didn't surprise me at all. This all was so much expected. 

But back to the subject. Here is my yesterday's outfit: 
One young guy asked me last nigh while I was going to buy a juice to the grocery store that: "are you going to celebrate because you are so dressed up?" -Nope this is just my everyday outfit. 
I love that chiffon dress and a harness is self made. Shoes are from Dinsko and earrings from Ebay. To be honest I've been really lazy when it comes to the clothes and make up recently, but yesterday I wanted to put effort into the look in honor of Friday. It cheered up my mind instantly.

My week has been quite normal. We visited swimming and sauna on Wednesday and otherwise I've been reading and yes I tried to golf for the first time in my life! My beloved has a golf set because he went in for golfing years ago and now he wanted to try it after a long break. It was really difficult!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

I was watchin' the channel zero

I was waiting for the storm in the candle light last night, but it never arrived. What a disappointment! I love the thunder storms and unfortunately there haven't been any decent in this summer. Yesterday  it passed by Tampere and we got just a little bit tears from the sky. 
I've settled in better a day by day and the new dwelling starts to feel already like home though there is still a lot to do. All walls are too white and they require new pictures in a nice frame and in addition I need to cover and fix a rococo chair which is waiting for me in the cellar. That chair is a chaos and I've been moving the project forward all the time. I know there is hundreds of small nails under the cover and they are so difficult to remove; my hand starts to ache if I only think of it. Instead of demolishing the old treasure I've been watching the sixth season of Sons of Anarchy which is getting more and more violent. I had a long break with it because it felt that the  plot is in stuck, but now I have gone several episodes through and it tastes again. 
I also started to read a book about Richey Edwards which I stole from my beloved who didn't read it yet. Manic Street Preachers is fairly unfamiliar to me, but Richey's story is more than interesting. Sometimes I've dreamed of vanishing even myself and kind of I have done it in some level. 
My weekend was pretty good with the candles, book, music and SOA. Hope you had a good time as well. 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The whirl

Still alive after the absence. I've been living inside the hurricane or at least it feels like that metaphorically. All the affairs around me have flown tumbled  and I've been watching the chaos in the middle of the whirl. Not the best summer at all. Almost nothing happened like I planned and in addition the weather has been very poor.  Also the move came earlier as I assumed, but that was okay. I've settled down into the new home now and it's pretty and homey, but requires still organization. The location takes time to shake down. Before I lived in the downtown, but now a few kilometers further on. All last week went by packing goods into the boxes and carrying them across the city and hunting the dusty balls and spider webs like a real warrior. 
I try to return to the blogosphere as soon as possible. I've missed blogging a lot, but it's not always possible to do your favorite things in this life. I've taken a bunch of pictures about the nature during the summer which I would like to share with you, but the problem is that my current laptop is really poor quality and it doesn't run photoshop or lightroom properly. I'm about to buy a new computer at some point and then everything will be much easier and especially faster. 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Finally I have enough time to stop to write a post about the outfit I wore the other day. A current week has been such a busy with long work days and gym training that I haven't had at all the extra time or energy to even think about the blog. In addition to all other affairs I have packed my life a bit by bit into the boxes because the new address is calling. I already have the keys on hand, but I'm allowed to go in on Tuesday evening! I'm really excited about the new address because it is the prettiest dwelling I have ever had. It's also a bit bigger as my old one including sauna and glazed balcony. 
But one day I was wearing this outfit when it was fairly warm weather. It's quite much diy and it's nice to see I'm able to wear that skirt after losing a few kilos.. heh. A fishnet tights are my best friend and also those pretty heels. 
Skirt: diy, harness: diy, bag: flea market, Shoes: New Look

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Saturday's outfit

The second day of Lumous festival spent in this uniform:
The whole outfit is self made and I really like the set. The hem is long and it causes naturally a bit troubles in the places which are packed with people and sometimes I step on it even myself. I had to fix it after WGT, but at this time the skirt survived without the crack. The corset is old. I made it for Tuska in 2011 and it starts to be scuffed. The  corduroy is not the best choice and my intention was to use the ordinary velvet, but it was sold out. However this is one of my favorite corset and I've worn it a lot.
The day was nice and I met also some new people when I visited a meet-up. I haven't visited any meeting in a long time, but now I had time and I'm glad that I went there. It's always nice to face the new people and I definitely would like to do that more often. The night was also fun and I wore away the bottoms of shoes during Nachtmar's show by dancing like a lunatic. The other bands weren't really for my taste, but Nachtmar was full of energy. 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Lumous Gothic Festival 2017

Two different outfits on the same post at this time. Lumous Gothic Festival started already on Thursday night, but I was too tired to attend the opening party due to the early morning that I decided to give a miss them and spend the night on the couch's corner with my beloved by watching some random paranormal videos on Youtube. We have watched quite many UFO documentaries recently and other paranormal phenomena videos. They really enthrall us. But back to the business. So Friday was the first festival day to me and we went to check out Tomi's photography exhibition to 3D Crush Cafe which is also the bunny cafe! I was so excited about the bunnies because I haven't met any rabbit for ages. As a kid I had one quite big purely white carrot biter. which was cute as hell. This was my first visit to the cafe and I definitely want to visit there later again. 

I was wearing my new HIM shirt which I bought in Tuska festival. This is the first HIM shirt ever and I barely have the heart to wear it ;) There is the tour list on the backside which is nice. I so hope to see them one more time. 
Shirt: Tuska festival, Skirt: WGT, Shoes: Deichmann, Tights: Kappahl, Bag: Flea market, Suspenders: Second hand 

It was such a complex to decide which clothes to put on for the evening. I ended up going with this:
Dress: H&M, Collar: Diy, Harness: Diy, Shoes: Pennangalan, Hat: Second hand, Bag: WGT, Tights: Kappahl

and I liked this simple, but splashy outfit much! By the way these are the shoes that I was about to wear at WGT, but I forgot them up the shoemaker. Now I got a chance to wear them. These were my favorite shoes years ago and I wore them daily as some of you can remember. Nowadays I wear them usually at the parties. 

I didn't take a camera with me so I don't have pictures from the evening at all. I especially liked Severance band from Mexico. Spiritual Front was also nice and this was the second time I saw them.