lauantai 22. joulukuuta 2018

Winter solstice

The darkest day of the year is here, but if I watch through a window it doesn't look that gloomy because of the snow cover which increases the light. But of course the day is short and the darkness embraces us here in the north. I'm truly happy that we got the snow for the Yule. The white landscape creates the better atmosphere. 

I'm off for the next five days which is purely awesome. It's swell to have a job with regular working hours and if I'm honest that is the main reason why I'm still working in the same old place. I've considered little changes, but I will leave those thoughts waiting for the coming year. The mind just yearns something new and there is also some other reasons behind the scene. 
 These outfit pictures were taken a few weeks back during Imarta visit. I was wearing an asymmetrical vest with the black dress. Quite typical attire. I feel that my style is pretty boring these days when I wear almost always simple black clothes even at the party (Perhaps that is the reason why I'm not taking the outfit pictures that often anymore and also that it's hard to find time for them). I should also update the wardrobe and move all those pieces into the recycling box which I don't wear anymore. 
I traveled to the folks today where I'm gonna spend Yule like always. A few books with (actually I have many books which I'm currently reading) and I also took pencils with me if inspiration for drawing occurs. Traditional Xmas so to speak including reading, books, hot tub (!), perhaps Netflix and photographing. Well yes, the hot tub is awesome and I'm gonna go there right away. 

This month has gone so quickly and I've been on the road all weekends that I haven't had much time to think of Yule. Today I started the day by watching Santa Claus and the Magic Drum which was one of my favorite Christmas film as a kid with Snowman animation. 

I wish you all happy Yuletide!

tiistai 18. joulukuuta 2018

On the wolf boundary

Over a week ago I traveled to see my friends and spent the longer weekend in Imatra once again. Was refreshing to do a small journey and get some distance to the daily life (I do need it every now and then). On Thursday we celebrated Independence day by drinking a little bit wine, but nothing that special. Friday was spent by hanging out and we rounded through a few flea markets and on the evening we poured more wine down the throat (we even visited a bar and enjoyed there for a good time until it was nearly morning). I also tried to capture a few pictures, but I really wasn't on the mood of photography and typically it was fairly cold and dark weather. 
We climbed up to the hill and the scenery was fairly beautiful. Russia is somewhere quite close there. 

I could call this rapids as a gap of death. Such a many lives have ended here. I've never managed to see opening the gates of rapids and the free water runs; perhaps someday. 
I can't stop admiring this magnificent building which must be one of the prettiest in this country (for those who don't know it's the hotel). By the way it would be an awesome location for the horror film. 
We took a peek indoors. The lobby seemed lovely and the small cabinet was filled with interesting goods and decor elements not forgetting bewitching stairways and hallways.
The building seems to be filled with the small details. I spotted this bat and a lovely cat figure on the roof is my favorite. Some day I wanna book  a suite for myself. 

The days passed too quickly and actually the whole month has gone in a speed of light. I've done some christmas shoppings and last weekend spent in Turku when my granny had birthday party. I also enjoyed the hot tub and I'm gonna do it again on Saturday ;)

torstai 6. joulukuuta 2018


Hello and happy Independence day to all Finnish souls. I'm currently sitting on the train and roaming across the country to see my friends and spending the rest of the week elsewhere. An extempore journey is very much welcome and cheers up the mind nicely. To be honest I'm on the road also the next weekend because my granny has birthday party in Turku. It doesn't bother at all. I've spent the last few weekends quite tightly at home by doing own things so travelling gives variance. 

A few pictures and outfit from the previous weekend. 
On Friday evening me and my other half went to see indeed good cover band: Vaarallista. They played Nick Cave and Mana Mana to mention a few. Melancholic and dark lyrics with excellent female vocalist, who could complain? Unfortunately it was the cover project and they seemingly don't have any recorded songs available which is pity. I would listen to them with all my heart although the original songs are also very magnificent. 
The dress is self made and my newest creation. I have not bought or done much new clothes recently because there is no need for them. I rather spend my coins on these journeys, they give me more. (Except I bought new trainers yesterday because I was given a gift card from the work and can't wait for getting to try them.)
A few hours left until I reach the destination and a bottle of wine is waiting in the bag! I hope you all have a great weekend and see you.

keskiviikko 28. marraskuuta 2018

In the moon light

Some nasty flu is trying to occupy my body, but I'm fighting against it by pouring vitamins down the throat. Today I've been a walking corpse whose brains are partly demolished by worms or at least it has felt like that. Not the best day, but I've seen worse. Perhaps that ice swimming in windy weather wasn't the best idea last Sunday even though it was refreshing and felt comfy. Then again there are loads of people under the cold right now so most likely I gained this little devil from some of them. 
However I wanted to share a few shots I took over the weekend. The walk in the woodland seems to come a kind of routine to me. Perhaps a short escape from the city to the human free zone is quite often much needed especially if a man is misanthropic by a nature. I enjoy walking all silence around me and spotting birds and other animals. At this time I was equipped with misfortune for the flock of cranes flew over me and I didn't manage to shoot any shot! But the moon was enchanting and created a beautiful light. 

Two pairs of tights, leggings and two shirts could't keep the coldness at bay. These first frost mornings have felt like someone would stab you, but slowly I get used to it. My outing wasn't long, but the short walk in the forest is better than no walk at all. 
Tomorrow there would be fairly interesting band playing, but I'm afraid that I can't attend if this state of health is getting worse. Today I've felt extremely tired that it's probably better to rest and skip the black metal. 

perjantai 23. marraskuuta 2018

I buy nothing day

When rest of the world is having so called Black Friday I have spent I buy nothing day in silence and this has been so easy to me. The more I see those annoying ads everywhere the less I'm interested in participating in this insane consumption jubilee. To be honest right now there is nothing I would  need to have desperately. Of course I would like to have a new tele lens to my camera which would support my dear hobby, but that's almost all. I guess I don't need to rationalize why I'm not so into Black Friday. I try to respect the nature and do some small ecological choices in my daily life. This doesn't mean that I'm a pure saint who never do harmful acts, but at least I try to avoid them in some level. It's been joyful to see that I'm not alone with my thoughts. There seems to be a lot of people whose thoughts are flying in the same orbit. Instead of material, I prefer more adventures. Now I'm dreaming of having a journey to Lapland after the years and it's a lot of possible that this dream comes true in winter vacation. 
 And then one outfit which I worn some weeks ago, but I've been too exhausted to open blogger after the days. Again that old asymmetrical skirt, which I wear quite often because it's comfy and looks nice. 
Nothing special has happened recently. Days are really similar with each others, sometimes even too similar. Perhaps I would need some change in my life, but I'm not 100% sure of what kind of change. All in all I'm quite happy, but somehow I would like to take the next step in the life. 

Ps. Where the fuck is the snow? 

sunnuntai 11. marraskuuta 2018

I go to dark

A classic outfit post at this time. I've gone in really simple and ordinary clothes recently so there has not been much to photograph. In the morning while drifting to the work, I just want to put something warm on and because we have work uniforms there is no need to dress so fancy (which is quite boring from my view who would like to get dressed rather in own clothes)
This asymmetrical skirt is one of my favorite skirt and that's why it ends up on quite often. It's easy to change the look by wearing the different bodice, but most often I wear black shirt. 
To be honest I wear that much the same clothes all the time that I could get rid of a big amount of the clothes. There is a plenty of garments which rarely end up being worn, but so far I haven't had a heart to put them on sale. It would be so much easier if the wardrobe is filled with the garments that I like to wear regularly. Perhaps I try to arrange that thing at some point and carry some items to the flea market. 

Weekend again and I have spent my hours with the camera and listening to King dude's new album which is bewitching. Definitely magnificent work and I regret that I didn't went to see him when he visited my city. I've also listened to audio book in german and I'm surprised how much I'm able to understand though there has been  a long break. Just got a tiny inspiration and it would be nice to revive the german skills again.

sunnuntai 4. marraskuuta 2018

A year closer to the grave

November is my month. I was born 32 years ago which sounds such a long time. It feels that I just turned 18 a while ago and now I'm roaming in the direction of the middle-age crisis. I was talking on the phone with my ex-boyfriend in the morning and we pondered was it really ten years ago when we met for the first time? And yes it was. Everything has happened during the years and what will happen in the future? Hope something spectacular. Sometimes I feel anxiety when the time goes so fast and there would be so much affairs to do that I should live at least five lives more to get them all done. But that's a thing that I can't affect. 
 This morning I wanted to enjoy the dark and gloomy nature. I cycled to the lakeshore to snap a few pictures and managed to capture a bird picture as well despite of the dark weather. Some people find this season is so depressive, but my soul is blooming. Everything looks so beautiful. 
I kind of wait for the first snow too. It offers a different landscapes. 
 The bird which didn't care of the almonds that I was offering. 
I've spent the weekend quite much at home which sounds boring to some of you, but for me it sounds relaxing way to spend some quality time by myself. Some book, music, a couple of beers and sauna have offered the best company (and not forgetting the camera). Naturally I had some inevitable and less interesting works which I had to do and they took some time too. In a nutsell I didn't celebrate my birthday either this year. But I have my everlasting project to take a new tattoo at some point and that will be my gift to myself then. My arms yearn more ink! 

keskiviikko 31. lokakuuta 2018

I put a spell on you

Hello after a few week's absence. I've been too busy with celebrating Halloween that it's been impossible to find time to open blogger. Busy days at work and for the past three weekends I've spent in the clubs by listening to some great music except one weekend which went with burlesque. Carving of the pumpkins has stolen its own time as well. I would have liked to decor more home with horror theme, but because I'm busy lady I simply don't have time for it. I had some nice diy ideas, but perhaps I will implement them in the future. I settle for the sweet pumpkins this year!
 Nearly two weeks ago I was fairly efficient. Early in the morning when the sun came up I was photographing outdoors. Later in the day I went to the amusing park where was a horror zombie theme; what else? This was the first time in the amusing park outside of the summer and I need to admit  the roller coaster ride was quite chilly. But the zombie attack was worth it. After this experience I rushed to the club to see one of my favorite Finnish band: Lasten Hautausmaa. The day was busy and I was quite tired after it, but it was worth all. 

Last weekend I went to see my old favorite band: Sara (and Maj Karma). Both sounded good and it was a pleasure to see them again. Finnish alternative rock is nearly dead, but a few good projects still exist. 

It's my birthday this weekend, but I have a deep plan to stay home for I've been going all the time. Perhaps I drink a glass of wine, but no special plans. I was about to take a new tattoo as a gift, but it seems that I'm badly late. Perhaps I try to sketch over the weekend so that I can go to make a reservation. 
A carved pumpkin is rotting in the balcony. I've lit the candle inside of it every night. The new lantern is a finding from the flea market. 
As you probably know, I'm not a fan of kitch and usually I round far while seeing some plastic ugly decor products in the stores, but now I wasn't able to resist. This owl globe stole a piece from my black heart and I had to bring it to the home. 

I wish you all happy Halloween! I go to drink some tea and read some magic ;)

maanantai 15. lokakuuta 2018

Something they called horror

Quite a hectic and kind of full weekend is behind me. I was busy doing all kind of different tasks like reading some law text which is fairly exhausting (yeah, I'm dreaming of making the second uni degree, but I'm quite insecure if I have time for that. At least I try although right now it feels I'm mostly struggling. I'm not sure if there is any sense when I'm already over educated, but I like to develop myself and learning new things is rewarding). I'm very good at arranging more things to do although the time is very limited affair. 

But not all weekend passed with studying. On Friday evening we finally watched the Vvitch with my beloved. That film was released in 2015, but  only now we managed to watch it. And I liked it. The atmosphere was magnificent and also it was visually to my dark taste. I'd actually re-watch it even immediately. However my beloved said that there was overmuch Holy Spirit in that film. Whatever, now I can cross out one film from the list I have "movies you should watch". 
On Saturday a bunch of awesome burlesque performers entertained us in the event which was sold out. A few beers (literally only a few) and loony nuns and devils made our night. Awesome show again and quality performers. Definitely worth every penny. 
 I was dressed in this age-old skater dress which is partly worn out, but I haven't done any new party dresses in a long time. Perhaps there would be a need for one new? I do like to wear quite simple dresses these days even in the party and there are a few favorite models which I nearly almost pick up. The skater dresses are nice, but also a  sleeveless slip dress works. Long satin gloves and hat give a festive look when the dress is simple and even workaday. There was a horror theme in the event, but like always I didn't have energy to put effort into my look although some zombie look would have been very charming. 

Sometimes death do not us part. 

torstai 11. lokakuuta 2018

Can you hear the breath of trees?

The autumn runs forward and I'm worried it goes over too quickly. The best "orange phase" is right now and I've tried to capture it through the lens as much as I can (not enough though). I spent time in the forest last weekend and it felt super comfy place to be. Finnish nature is one of those best things in this country in additions to the changing seasons.
This sweetie occurred to say hello. I was hoping to see some deers or mouses and I started being already quite desperate while sitting in the bush. I was about to leave until this only one appeared from the woods. (And I do hope to get the new better lens at some point. I'm saving up for that all the time)
The new dress was on for the first time. I made it some weeks ago. It's made of the stretch and white lace piece which is a part of the second hand top. I'm quite happy with the result. 

The week has gone very quickly and it's again the weekend... The coming weekend will include some burlesque after a break. 

sunnuntai 7. lokakuuta 2018

Art worshipper

We paid a visit to the church on last Sunday, not because we wanted to praise the lord, but we were interested in hearing the game music when it was played by using the organ of the church. The organ is the fine instrument and the acoustics is always special in the church. In addition the church is very magnificent, it keeps inside an artwork from my favorite artist (or one of them) : Hugo Simberg. I definitely recommend to visit here if you are around the corner.  I'm not at all religious person, but the churches represent me the art pieces in itself. 
I was dressed in the trench coat, suede boots (from Vagabond) and beret. The coat is many years old and I have not worn it much in recent years, but now I brought it from the basement and I've started wearing it again. It has been the very chilly weather and the warm clothes are quite much needed. 

The Garden of the death and the Wounded angel are my favorites. 
I love the shape of the roof. The church is not that big, but it is very elegant. 

A life of mine has been quite busy (what a surprise) and the blog has spent again some silent days. I have a lot of material and I hope to find the time to share them with you. I have a great inspiration to photograph and I've spent much time in the nature. Also the sewing machine has stolen the time which is of course awesome. Creativity is blooming and I'm not ashamed of that at all.