Thursday, 15 March 2018


After a long period I jumped on a bus for going to Helsinki and I had indeed a nice weekend there with some stuffed animals and drinks.. 

My prolonged dream came true when I finally had a chance to visit  Natural history museum. Some years have passed since my last visit which was nearly twenty years ago. I love this place and I recommend it everyone who are interested in animals and bones. Unfortunately my schedule was fairly tight so I ran all departments through quite quickly, but I would have liked to spend more time there. I definitely want to pay another visit there some day again and actually I would like to visit some other museums as well. I captured a few shots because photographing is allowed there! 
I had loads of plans what to do in Helsinki, but I managed to do only a small part of them ;) Time flew so damn quickly that for instance I didn't reach to go Destiny Store which was on my invisible list. (Perhaps that's only good for my purse)

Every time I visit Helsinki I got a terrible fever to move there. It's awful. That same thing happened as a kid and still. I have lived Helsinki a few times while working there so the city is known to me and I actually planned on moving there after school, but then I bumped into my beloved and the plan changed a direction, but I'm happy with the current city too. I have just forever restless temper and I always want to be somewhere elsewhere and everywhere. 
I should start visiting more often Helsinki. The bus tickets were under ten euro together so it's nothing. 

It's Friday again tomorrow and we have a plan to go comedy theater and my beloved mentioned that there would be some interesting gig as well so perhaps I pay a visit there too. I wish you a good weekend and let's see if I have an inspiration to blog over it.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

White Lace

Again it happened. A week vanished into that peculiar place whither this all spent time goes. I already took these pictures a week ago, but again I had so much things at hand that blogging left behind it all. 

 In a last post I told you that I made a new shirt and it's something else than black. Every spring this same phenomenon occurs and it starts to be more a rule than an exception, having a garment which is not black. But this is lovely. I knew immediately that I want to have this fabric when I saw it in the store. I had a few different variations of the model, but I ended up sewing a small collar, long sleeves and ruffle to it. At first I was thinking of doing really simple model, but I'm happy with those details. Long time has gone since the last time I stitched something white. 
I'm convinced that I wear this a lot and  I'm quite sure to spill coffee on it some day ;)

Sunday, 4 March 2018


It seems that I have had loads of things to do during a week for this post has been waiting in drafts since last Sunday. Well yes I have been sewing this week and I try to introduce my newest creation as soon as possible. Atypically it's something else as black this time, perhaps that coming spring has affected my mind unconsciously. Usually in the spring time I find  'the colors'. A year ago I made a silver dress if you remember. 

But can't say that the spring would be coming... it's been over -20 degrees deep frost every morning and I can't see a change coming. Amount of light has increased nicely which is really good and practical thing. I like when there is the nature light at hand after works so that it's possible to photograph.
An outfit from last Sunday. Self made velvet shirt behind the years. 
I've also read a lot and to be honest I could read all the time. A week ago I had that tiny flu so I spent the whole weekend by reading. It's hard to choose which of the book to read when there is so many good opuses.. Coffee and the books.. what else a man can wish? (well perhaps potato chips.. I'm hooked to vinegar chips, before I hated them)
I will spend the next weekend in Helsinki and looking forward to it! These days I visit so rarely there which is pity. I try to pay a visit to some museums and Destiny store which is my favorite boutique although I never have a heart to buy anything from there. I do hope that the week goes quickly so that I get to venture on the streets of Helsinki. I should also start planning on the trip to Prague. My friend lives in Czech and I have had a plan to visit Prague for a good time...

Friday, 23 February 2018

White beauty

It was absolutely a charming weather last Sunday. I glanced through a window early in the morning and though I felt deep fatigue and a bed felt a realm of mine I decided to take hold of myself for leaving to hunt beautiful sceneries. And it was worth it all. Or at least I like these misty pictures that I managed to capture: 
This outfit is from last Friday. A simple dress with PVC belt and my new lovely boots. 

The sun was shining through a mist veil and it created the soft light which works always in the pictures. It was damn cold like it has been every day. One morning a thermometer pointed -24 when I was waiting for a bus to work. The freezing winter, but I don't mind. A small inner masochist actually enjoys when the frozen is pinching the skin ;)
But unfortunately that same masochist doesn't enjoy at all the flu that I managed to have a few days ago.. again. I hate to be ill, but it seems that there is a lot of diseases lurking in our midst. Fortunately it's the weekend so I have time to rest and heal myself. I wish you all the happy weekend  and I go to enjoy the warm bath ;) 

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sunday mood

It's already Sunday, weekends disappear quickly when I have so much to do. Mostly I have been behind the camera which is always meaningful to me. I went to see my brother's dance on Friday evening and took bunch of pictures there and now I've edited them. If I give my opinion about the dresses they were quite impersonal (sounds perhaps rude), but almost everyone was dressed in pastel tulle skirt and sequin upper part (in American style). I love tulle, I have always loved it, but the pastel colors and  spangles... not to my taste. But a few nice combinations occurred there. 
 I've been playing with fur pants of course and I'm still considering having a one for me... it's a pity that my beloved is allergic to the cats so it makes me think the situation closely. It's not nice if he gets symptoms every time while visiting me. Of course there are meds which can help, but I don't know if it's nice to take pills regularly. 
 New shoes I ordered a few days ago are surprisingly from Vagabond. They are lovely, but not really intended for winter because the bottoms are really really slippery, but I've wore them however and nearly fell down several times. My shoe collection starts to be quite huge. I was thinking of giving a new home for a few pairs if I only had heart to do that. 
Coat: Diy, Shoes: Vagabond, Beret: H&M

Back to home today and there are a few sewing projects waiting for me. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

There's one Finnish alternative band that I could listen to on and on and I'm naturally speaking of Lasten Hautausmaa whom were performing here last Saturday to our delight. The gig was one of the best I have seen from them and I sensed the other people agree with me. I've seen the band many times and they have always been spectacular. I don't listen to much Finnish music, but there are a few bands which have stolen my heart for good.
Two gig weekends in a row and there is coming many interesting events this year. I know I can't attend them all which is pity. Myrkur was performing in Helsinki last weekend and that would have been very welcome too. I hope I get a chance to see her in the future. 
One classy outfit from the previous week. I have been wearing high heels indoors at home just for practicing for the summer! I like winter especially now when there is a lot of snow, but unconsciously I'm dreaming of the spring and it's been quite vernal weather off and on. Birds have sung and even the sun gleamed through the clouds. 
Shoes: Second hand Minna Parikka, Shirt and skirt: Flea market, Necklace: from WGT
I'll travel to my folks on Friday to see my brother's prom. I can't believe that fourteen years have passed since my prom! It sounds awful because it feels that my prom was yesterday.... However I have a chance to admire dresses. I guess the fashion has changed a little bit since I was dancing. I had black velvet corset top without bones and long dark wine red taffeta skirt and black tulle on it. The dress was nice and I could wear it these days too except that I have gained over ten kilos and it's too small nowadays (I was really skinny as a teen). The dress is still in a store at my folks. I would share a pic, but I have none. 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Hoodie Day

An outfit of a day which is quite typical attire that I wear these frosty days. The hoodies and pullovers are my favorite garments right now and of course for practical reasons; I don't want to freeze up. As a young I wore mini skirts and gauzy tights even in the winter, but comfort comes first nowadays. 
I bought new combat boots after Christmas and they are so pretty. I have been watching over these for a few years, but now I had a heart to buy them. My old were so badly worn and several times glued that I threw them away in the summer. These are Ten Points shoes which is a fine brand, but fairly expensive. As a teen I had a lot of their shoes, but this is the first pair which I have as an adult. Only bad side is that bottoms are quite slippery, but otherwise these are excellent.
 Hoodie: Flea market, Shoes: K-kenk√§, Harness: Diy
New winds are blowing when it comes to a work-life... In the beginning of a year I was offered a full time job in clothing industry, but I said no thanks because the wage was ridiculous low so I decided to continue at my old work place and now I got a promotion which means that I start managing a staff rosters and some other paper works. Let's see if I like this or not. If it's too stressful I quit, but I wanted to give it a try. At least I get new experience and a little bit more money too and from now on I work only from Monday to Friday. I also decided that I will apply for a school now in the spring (business field) and I do hope I get in! 

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Dance D'Amour

I've had really nice weekend although everything feels surrealistic due to the changes (at work) which are coming.  On Friday night I was tired, but I went to see Helsinki Vampires despite everything. I have been nowhere during January so it was nice to get out although the next day was a workday. My boyfriend continued the evening till the light signal with his friends and  band members (they know each others behind the years), but I needed to head for sleeping. Unfortunately. I liked the gig and it's always a pleasure to see them.

In addition I've been reading Edgar Allan Poe after a long time. I have a few pieces on my own bookshelf and I return to them from time to time. Gloomy stories what else a man needs?
An outfit from Thursday. An old shirt, self made skirt and second hand belt.

A short post, but my mind wanders on its own level right now. ;)

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Decor dreams

I've visited regularly flea markets now nearly every week and mostly I've been looking for decoration things like frames and candlesticks, but I've made also awesome extempore findings that I hadn't planned on having. Nearly all purchases are antique which pleases my eyes the most like this the most beautiful frame I have:
Actually I didn't find this in the flea market, but it's the second hand antique picture frame from a local antique collector and it is really beautiful! I have a plan to paint a picture for it by myself. I was thinking of a deer skull or a deer, I'm not sure yet. I also found another frame in the jumble sale, but it's smaller and simple. We had a little difficulties while picking up this; we got stuck in the snow by a car! Fortunately one man came to help us and we were able to go on.  It was snowing heavily and the road was not plowed. 
This lamp was random purchase, but it was so cute and not expensive so I had to buy it. It fits well in my decor. I laughed a few days ago that my decor is a mixture of Ikea and antique, but it looks good to my eyes which is the most important thing. I saw a really beautiful rococo sofa in the flea market, actually there was loads of rococo furniture and I cursed to need that wooden house to get them all to fit. The rococo sofa would be nice, but I don't want to give away my sofa which is comfy as hell although it's slightly worn. I bought it when I moved to my first own flat at the age of 19 so there is some history behind it. 

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Winter magic

On Sunday morning I jumped on a bus and traveled to my favorite area of the city where I actually resided before (or really close it). It was such a beautiful and glacial weather and the trees looked dreamy. I have tried to take every moment over the beautiful nature when for once it is a decent winter. I could be photographing all the time, but obligations are calling. Tomorrow this all is probably gone if there is some belief in a forecast which promised plus degrees. 
 As a smart girl I forgot to pull wool socks on and you can surely imagine how numb my toes got after wandering a few hours in the frost. I don't do that same mistake anymore. I had four shirts on and two pairs of tights and that was a pretty good survival kit.
 It's kind of a shawl that I moved across the city and these corners do not belong to my daily views anymore, but I'm happy with the current location still and the current dwelling just stole a piece of my heart even if it's not an old creaky wooden house which I'm dreaming of. And besides I can always easily to travel here by the bus or even by foot.