Sunday, 28 February 2016

Far away to the other side

Recent days have gone in silence. I have traveled only in my dreams and sleeping is filled my days except today when I came a visit to the folks. 

Here is my day's look. A skirt is new and I like it due to the transparent hem. I managed to find it half price so of course I couldn't leave it the store. Other items are from the flea markets. 

No more news this time. Nothing is happened and my mind is empty. I will start to enjoy my vacation and these beautiful winter days. I most likely share some outfit pictures with you during the week when I have more time to spend now.

Sunday, 21 February 2016


If Sunday was a color it would be black to me. (well sounds a bit too corny from my mouth, do I confess any other colors?) It represents the end to me and my mind is always a bit too dark before Monday. I try to dig the inspiration up to begin the last week which is left before a vacation, but it feels extremely hard right now...

My plans which I made for the weekend didn't turn out well. I realized that I don't have any interfacing left so I got to forget the sewing project so far. After wandering in the middle of  the diabolical blizzard today I decided to stay indoors the rest of the day and focus my attention on the other little things as blogging, reading cards, cleaning home and pole dancing. 

Day's card and how well it fits today
* The lion represents our most patient, composed self. He's the master of focus, compassion and self control. When this card comes up you are in need of harnessing this power for yourself.  *

I haven't used my cards recently at all, but I try to pull myself together and start reading them once again. For the past months they have lied on my bookcase under the dust blanket which is too shame.
I found one of my favorite garment in a wardrobe that I haven't worn in a long time. I just love this tricot dress no matter that I bought it from Gina Tricot which is everything that my favorite store about six years ago? I just love the shape of the hem. It's perfect. Perhaps I could sew the similar one myself...
Hope you all had a nice weekend there!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Diy Hoodie

Finally it's the weekend and only four shifts left and I'll start my vacation! A week was hectic and I feel happiness when it's behind me and all things I faced turned out well. 

And now is the time to introduce you a hoodie which I made the months ago.  The simple hoodie with side pockets and an asymmetrical hem. No zip or buttons or any other fastening system. It was quickly sewed, but I fought with the patterns during a moment or two. Somehow I wasn't able to choose the model immediately. Now I'm working with the new project which is a wool coat and it reminds me of this hoodie quite much. Let's see when I get it done. 
Hoodie: diy
Shoes and bag: Second hand
Pants: Actual Pain

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day to each of you! I've sleepwalked through a day in a lethargy. Nothing special was planned for the weekend. Today I walked around Pyynikki and took these outfit pictures and a few pictures of the nature. Snow fell down from the trees so I tried to dodge the  falling snow heaps with the good luck. The weather writhes and I wish the winter was not over yet. 

Coat: Queen of Darkness, Cardigan: H&M, Shoes and bag: Second hand

The weekend is over too fast again and Monday is waiting behind the corner. The next week I have too many important appointments that I really wish the week was over already. Two weeks to go and then I finally have a winter vacation. Looking forward to it! Hope you had a nice day and weekend!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Fringed flapper dress

There can't be too many black dresses...right? I bought a gorgeous second hand dress a few weeks ago. The short fringed flapper dress is something that has been missing from my wardrobe. I love fringes no matter where they are, they create a beautiful structure. I know that I will wear this a lot in the summer and probably already before it. 
Dress: Second hand, Shoes: Second hand, Hat: Cybershop, Earrings: Gina Tricot
This time I combined the dress with the New Rock boots which are the second hand treasure as well and a hat. The next time I try something else. I find the dress is quite multipurpose which is its good side. 

Hope you all have had a good week so far. I've been deadly tired due to a few sleepless night, but nothing serious. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Poncho time

Weekends off are great moments to sanctify the time for creativity. This time I sewed a graphical poncho by using a heavy tricot as a material. I like the model a lot and I think that I will sew similar one with the different material for the summer. A bare shoulder and a long asymmetrical hem are the features which steal my black heart. And perhaps you have noticed that I love simple graphic lines nowadays. A garment of this sort is so easy to put on in the morning when you are too tired or busy to think of how to dress up. With the heels and splashy accessories it's possible to create the different look. 

Friday, 5 February 2016

Are we truly alone?

Hello finally after days of silence! I'm alive after influenza except there is still a bit cough left, but I was fit for work already the last weekend which I spent at work. This week has been so tough that I didn't have energy to open the blogger earlier. My studies proceeds and on Monday I started working with the people that are not in a good condition physically or mentally so all supernatural abilities are needed.  But here I'm now. One work shift to go and the weekend is off for once. 

Why no one told me that the new X-files episodes have appeared? I watched the first episode the last night and I'm hooked. I would like to have all season boxes and go the whole series through, actually I have the first season on my book case. The soundtrack of X-files is probably the most remarkable voice which I remember from the TV when I was a kid. I remember when my mom ran to switch off the TV each time when it started, but I watched it in secret. 
 Here is my outfit from Wednesday.  The new striped dress which I showed you a few post earlier is sweet, but it definitely needs some accessories like that belt. Otherwise it looks too thick. Absolutely a good workaday garment that will be worn a lot.