maanantai 28. lokakuuta 2013

From black into the purple dreams

I was about to write already yesterday but obviously I fell asleep.
I'm home again after all travelling. It's nice to visit different places but it's always wonderful to come home after absence.  I spent a part of the week at my parents' place and arrived at Tampere on Thursday night. I brought with me Playstation 3 which I got last Christmas. I haven't played it just at all before this weekend. A few days ago I played Gta 5 which I 'll probably have to  buy myself aswell  and on Saturday I visited Swamp, which sells the second-hand games nowadays, and I bought a game which so many people have recommended to me: Alice Madness Returns. I need to say this game really was worth the praise words. Dark and captivating atmosphere is like made for me  and Alice is so sweet. I'd like to get that art book which is filled with gloomy illustrations. It could probably give me an inspiration for drawing. In a nutshell  this weekend has passed pretty much in candle's light by wandering in the dark wonderland.

By the way my blog's outfit changed a bit a few days ago and it will change more as I find time to do the rest of the changes. I have been about to modify the outfit a long time but laziness has overwhelmed me. Yesterday I  fought more in css world when I updated my websites and I learned to do some new effects, maybe I will dare to publish them here some day ;)

In memory of Lou Reed who passed away recently

keskiviikko 23. lokakuuta 2013

Cherry in the air

This is the final post about my vacation then it's a time to return back to the dead nature of Finland. (I wish you could see my face after returning home when I realized that all trees had dropped the leaves, I was hoping so that the nature is still in the full bloom of autumn but no. But kind of this dead nature is also really beautiful in all its darkness.)

I guess this was Thursday's outfit, second hand shirt and mini skirt. Gladly I can report that I left all my heels home and it was a smart decision. I wouldn't have done anything with them here. 
A picture from our balcony which was taken before the darkness falls. Dark nights with the warm wind were absolutely attractive. Sitting at the balcony while drinking the cold beer and watching how the sun disappeared behind the horizon was the best way to quit the day. 
We had our own pet at the balcony. We also found a small gecko in our room. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera at that moment. 
I swam a lot in the ocean even if I swore beforehand that I'm not going to do that because I hate all dwellers of the sea like fishes. There was also nice water trampolines on our beach so of course I wanted to try them :'D Unfortunately I don't have any pictures because they were situated such a far from the shore that photographing wasn't possible.
Some guys made a great sandcastle to the nearby beach. This can be called a piece of art.
Me walking on the shore. By the way my hair color faded badly again and I'm considering again to change the color back to black. I miss black hair with the bang every another day. Black is so much easier to maintain and it feels more homey. Even if some people claims this red suits me well I definitely think black suits me much better. My own natural shade is dark brown and I have even thought to have it back.
Of course I couldn't avoid doing some shopping so I ended up buying a bottle of Escada's Cherry perfume in Tax Free store. I love Escada's scents, they are a certain choice almost always. In addition I bought a bottle of Aloe Vera skin cream. 
I brought also three small cactus. This time I try to keep them alive. 
Mojo sauce! I recommend to try this if you like spicy food. 

In addition to these I purchased a black lace tunic and a suitcase which I will show you later. 

tiistai 22. lokakuuta 2013

Moon walking

Warning, the trip posts are coming!
On Wednesday we landed on the moon or at least it seemed like that. In reality we visited at the top of the volcano but the landscape reminded of the moon surface (i.a Planet of the Apes was filmed here). There was pretty thin air at the top which made breathing difficult especially if you moved fast.  There wasn't anything else but magma stone. The clouds stayed beneath when we went almost four kilometers up. The pictures don't tell the truth, it's impossible to capture the real proportions. All in all there wasn't much to photograph, views in every directions looked pretty much same so I ended up taking just a few shots. Fortunately the weather was clear otherwise we wouldn't have seen anything. If not count an airplane this is the most highest place where I've ever been. 
Stone sculptures made by nature.
I put on a long-sleeved shirt, dress and lovely pants of Actual Pain. Chilly wind was welcome instead of the burning sun.
Gondola lift brought us to the top which was probably the most fun experience. 

keskiviikko 16. lokakuuta 2013


Quickly post, the internet connection is really bad here so I´m living without that wonderland during this week. Anyway I want to do a small post from here because it's boring to write them afterwards. We arrived at Spain on Sunday, more precisely to Canary which is the real tourist trap. (Seriously every third soul speaks Finnish here). I can't say this destination would be the most ideal for me but I'm open for the new adventures so why not. Maybe the next target is Berlin or New York in the future. (at least I hope so)
Sun is shining here all the time which means the weather is really warm. My skin burnt already during the first day and now it's red and aching. Sun protection didn't work... Our hotel is situated on the beach and it´s really nice and quite big. There is a nice swimming pool and the beach behind it.  The picture below was taken from our balcony. It's fairly weird to be in the middle of the summer again when the winter is nearly at the door in Finland. 
Mostly I´ve been swimming and relaxing. No minute schedules are needed in these circumstances. On Monday I got the new hairdo when some woman forced me to try this and actually I like it. It reminds a bit side cut which I had last winter. 
I will return to the topic later when I´m home. 

perjantai 11. lokakuuta 2013

Sleeping angels whisper the secrets

Yesterday spent when I was taking the pictures around the city. It's kind of a shame to leave now abroad when the views are so pretty. I enjoy walking in these sceneries of nature and smell the rain. I hope that the snow doesn't cover the ground when I come back. Autumn is definitely the best season to go in for photography. 
And oh yes, my suitcase is again filled and I'm off to Spain early on Sunday morning. Seven days under the sun and I try to stay as pale as I'm now ;) 

torstai 3. lokakuuta 2013

Bring me the darkness and its shadows

I totally fed up with the bright red color so yesterday I visited buying the new hair dyes and my whole evening spent by mixing those shades together. Gladly I can say it was worth it and now the color looks like I wanted right from the start. When I decided to change my hair color to red my intention was to have dark red but somehow it became brighter as I was thought. I was too lazy and poor to fix the situation so I let it be like it was the last six months. I don't have much experience about these shock colors because I haven't used them ever before this red so I could say, I'm pretty novice. To get this shade I mixed Direction's Poppy red and Rubine together ( I put a bit more Poppy as Rubine). I think this darker shade fits me better and I'm really happy with it. ( at least so far ;))