keskiviikko 26. joulukuuta 2012

The best gifts are invisible

It's a time to introduce the gifts which I got this year. 

I bought myself over a week ago while visiting Helsinki MAC's lipstick (and liner) which is definitely awesome. (The color is matte Russian red). Usually I favor only the cheap market products but I have wanted MAC makeup since they came Finland for sale so I decided to give this one for me as a Christmas present. This second color (Longwear Endless drama) I got from my mom. Deep purple really beautiful shade ( Check out the picture below).

More cosmetics! I love Bodyshop's Vanilla series so it's always a safe choice. I have used their Vanilla  perfume for years. It's absolutely my favourite scent.

Brushes from MAC.

Sofi's book.
My secret soul brother Nemi. (Thank you Antti!)

Moomin products which I collect
Playstation 3. Don't know why this appeared from the paper because I only play the computer games nowadays and actually I try to be without playing anything 'cause they are too addictive and only steal my life. My dad already promised to buy this from me if I don't need it. But if you have some good game suggestions please don't hesitate propose!!!

In addition I got a hardboard, tripod, towels, socks, chocolate and a bottle of red wine. Material overdose. Should I keep a purchase strike in January? (I think it's impossible the sales are already waiting...  )

maanantai 24. joulukuuta 2012


DesperateHell wishes you a great Yuletide!

Dress:   /  Bag: ReStyle   /  Earrings and necklace: Seppälä

sunnuntai 23. joulukuuta 2012

Would you like to taste some wine?

Some time ago I found a wine rack while visiting the flea market. My current dwelling is such a boring because I don't have my own furnitures so I try to make it homey by using the different small interior decorating elements. Striped curtains, black fluffy carpets, my jewelry collection and Mr. Smith hanging on the wall are acting the leading role in my present decoration. (and if you are wondering the dusty balls and the spider webs on the corners of the roof they are the part of it as well!) This wine rack was a perfect find; now I get my sweet bottles on it and it includes also candle places. I also bought a new frame. I can't have too many pictures at home and I simply love this kind of frames! I'm dreaming to decorate my next home the style of  the 1800s. 

perjantai 21. joulukuuta 2012


 It seems that the end of the world didn't happen (what a surprise; stupid people who analyze the things wrong way) but I reached the end of the road today when I stepped to receive the certificate. A dream really came true; I'm officially a fashion designer. Over four years ago I packed my suitcase and decided to move to Eastern Finland to the city which was totally unknown for me. My hometown is situated far away in between Turku and Tampere so the change was a big but rewarding. These years passed quickly but they were probably the best of my life so far. I have got a plenty of experiences and met lovely people during these years. Somehow I'm feeling emptiness now when everything is over and there isn't school works to do on the list anymore but of course the feeling is happy as well. The future is a huge question mark. I don't have any plans  but there is a trust that everything become clearer in the coming months. I just want to enjoy the freedom and to live day by day. At least I have now the time to do the things which I love; sewing, drawing, photographing, reading and I have thought to start painting too (and continue studying german language). There is also that small heart thing creating the light for my life now which makes me feel more happy than I can describe. I hope I have more to tell you about that thing later.

 Shirt:  -   Skirt: Diy   -  Bag: Restyle   -     Shoes: NewLook

Tomorrow the train runs again; oh yeah I managed to spend five days in Savonlinna and here I go again. Now more sparkling wine and packing of suitcase.

maanantai 17. joulukuuta 2012

Inside my heart

Dress: From London  /  Tights: From London   /  Shoes: K-kenkä  /   Necklace: Cybershop  / Ring: GT

My old winter boots said good bye and it was time to purchase the new ones. The criterias were the good bottoms because I have too many shoes with the plane bottoms and it's impossible to walk with them in the winter of Finland. At first I was meant to buy the shoes without heels but all those alternatives were so grandma-like that I decided to kick that idea. These Vagabond's shoes melted my heart and in spite of the high price I decided to give the new home for them. At least they are real leather so hopefully they will last more than one winter.

maanantai 10. joulukuuta 2012

The funeral of sunset

Shirt: Restyle   /   Trousers: Diy
 Trousers or they are nearly a leggins which I made during the last week.

In between times it feels that the most people are such a thrilled about Christmas. Well I have been also before but just this christmas feels that could skip over it. My first intention was to walk along the streets of Times Square in Christmas time until the reality ruined the pretty thoughts of escapist. Well at least here is coming my graduation only a couple days before the consumption of celebration which is decidedly a happy thing. I have considered taking the new ink spots on my skin as a present  but taking of them moves to the side of the next year. I have had the new tattoo ideas on my mind a long time but I want to consider these things profoundly before implementing them. A little insinuation there's coming a dead beauty with the gentle touch.

sunnuntai 9. joulukuuta 2012

Shine on me

Really simple but also comfy home uniform :

Shirt: Seppälä / Necklace: Cybershop

Two days vanished again away from my eyes just when I was thinking to have time for blogging. Tomorrow the train runs toward Tampere once again but before it I tell you how am I spent this weekend here at my parents' place:

I started reading Twilight novels which I have in both in english and in finnish - In their own genre the serie is pretty well made and I can even find some scenes where is possible identify with it. I know some people can't stand Meyer at all, but I don't take this glitter vampire story thing dead seriously. There is no need to compare it with Dracula.Those pieces are easy to read which enable that I can read them being tired when it's difficult to focus the mind on anything.

I have also spent time with my youngest brother by playing the board games which I love! Monopoly is one of my favourite and I can tell you that we took many tour with it

I also made some sketches. I love that I have now time to do what ever I want!  No need to suffer the bad conscience.

In addition I entertained myself by reading the quotes of Oscar Wilde. Here is a few of them:

"        We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars. "
"    Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. "
"       A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."

And of course I have played a lot of records.......

torstai 6. joulukuuta 2012

Soft breath

 After spending a few days in Tampere I ended up making an extempore trip to my friend's place where I spent the last night before coming to my parents' place. I have managed to travel across Finland completely but now should stay here at least a day and even another.

Today we visited rounding in vicinity and I captured  pictures from the frozen scenery at the same :

A gothic-inspired church in Kokemäki.

The outfit consisted of a brilliant red coat which is self made. I try to add red to my wardrobe after the break. Red color suits well for the darkness of winter and the color is also compatible with my skin tone. This coat I made already in the last winter but I haven't kept it before this. The hem is super huge if wearing it with a bell skirt.

sunnuntai 2. joulukuuta 2012

The Street of dreams

We had the small christmas party some days ago. I dressed up a long striped skirt which I call in a friendly way Burton's dress. I bought this lovely piece of clothing from London two years ago. I have worn this only once or twice 'cause I'm always such a scared to spill something on it (in my case probably red wine). Somehow the form of hem was a bit weird to wear in itself so I got the idea to put the petticoat with it. The self made velvet corset is one of my dearest corset at the moment.
Corset: Diy / Skirt: From London  / Underskirt: Diy  /  Earrings: Seppälä

I'm sitting on the train at this minute and hoping to reach the destination in three hours. My suitcase is over full, maybe I overreacted a bit ;)

torstai 29. marraskuuta 2012

Your tears can't win the rain

Day's outfit
Shirt: Restyle   -   Corset: Diy    -   Skirt: Diy
It was such a freezing weather today which forced me to dig out of  the darkest corner of my wardrobe the long self made skirt. I love the long skirts but somehow I have only a few of them and I dress them up too rarely. Usually I like to wear them only in winters because the autumns are too watery and the summers are watery too or the otherwise hot. The aim of this winter is that I try to wear them more often. 

Maybe some of you already noted that I have the small side bald on my head here and now. I cut it last week but it doesn't show up if the dreads aren't up. I have dreamed to get it for years so I snapped the scissors and bang! Another reason was that I had a huge knot in my hair that I lost my nerves to solve it. Anyway I like that new version of my hair and it will be seen do I cut the other side as welll. I have got a really positive feedback. Most my friend said it's cool but of course there's always someone who watches two seconds longer 'what have you done? Are you like a crazy person?'  It would be nice to hear your opinions about the women who have the bald? I'm sure it shares thoughts.

sunnuntai 25. marraskuuta 2012

Spiritual wandering between you and me is something like absurd

Day's outfit

A quickly post. Yesterday spent just drinking cheap red wine at my friend's place. I also visited shopping again in the daytime. I will introduce the things I bought later. I hope getting my laptop back soon; this mini is just running too slowly. For example it takes an eternity to download pictures  here. Hopefully it comes during the next week so that I'll get to go Tampere. 

I got some new pins and bought a new bracelet too.

keskiviikko 21. marraskuuta 2012

and I walk a line of the day and night

Vest: Seppälä  -  Dress: Kate's clothing  -   Shoes: Humppila

These days are  so misty of grey that it feels the day doesn't grow old at all. Just like we are wandering in the evenings all along. Today's outfit consisted of  around the fluffy bodice which I bought on Friday. The hairy things please me a lot of currently

Today we visited a flea market and I found a belt and a poster of Jim Morrison. Jim is already hanging on the wall. There was also some nice garments but I decided that I have too much of them right now. It would be a time to clean up my wardrobe to check out the goods which would give away.

perjantai 16. marraskuuta 2012

Wandering in the sleep

                                                                   Friday's outfit
Bolero: Diy | Corset: Diy   | Skirt: Diy  |  Shoes:Pennangalan  | Belt:Second Hand  |  Hairband: Diy
I have been nearly a sleep walker during the day.  We were watching the last part of Breaking dawn the last night and I slept only a few hours thanks for the noisy caretaker who woke me up  too early. I was near to step out of the door and going to whine; this just happen too often that they are making a noise early in the morning. I don't spekulate the film more. People just like it or no but I had been waiting for seeing the last part even I knew it won't be the masterpiece. Should read the books again when just have extra time.

Happy weekend for all! I try to wake up going to my friend's party.

tiistai 13. marraskuuta 2012

Sometimes we must die to born again

Just a small diy project; the spiky hairband which I made today. I had the heap of old spiked wristlets which I don't wear anymore so I decided to demolish them and create something new and usable. It amuses me a bit that spikes are so mainstream currently when before they were more punk's stuff. Now you can see them everywhere. Maybe even more amuses those who before said "oh awful" are now wearing them. The same fashion phenomenon happened with the skulls some years ago.  Well at least for us who loves the spiky things it's even too easy to find them. I'm dreaming to have Jeffrey Campbells spiked heels but somehow my mind is repeating the same dialogue "it's a winter... it's still winter" I try to curb my mind and to be without buying them now.

Today I got to know what is wrong with my laptop and it was a hard disk which decayed. They managed to save all of my files, mercifully. I had done backups only some of them... maybe after this case I remember to do them regularly.

maanantai 12. marraskuuta 2012

Darkness; my hiding place

Shirt: Diy
Corset: Diy
Skirt: Morticia

I'm glad the snow melt today so I can travel with my bike around the city and continue wearing heels!

Everything didn't go like I planned during the weekend. On Saturday night my dearest computer decided to stop running. I was installing Sims 3 but the software whined something that I should repair my operaiting system so I decided to clean up the windows and turn off the machine after that. Well that was a mistake; the machine didn't spring to life anymore.  This is the third broken laptop during the two year! So it really makes me to rip dreads out of my head. Today I bought an adapter so I can use a mini laptop which I bought being in England when the first machine decided to say goodbye. Yesterday my flat was so quiet that I almost heard my neigbour's thoughts when I wasn't able to listen to the music. (But somehow it felt a freedom to live without computer, should try it more often but I'm just too addicted unfortunately.)

Now I start to plan how to dress on wednesday's  Christmas party.