keskiviikko 29. maaliskuuta 2017

Sad vacation

I've always been fascinated by Sid and Nancy's story and after hearing there is coming a new documentary I was bubbling interest and so was also my beloved. I placed an order to get a dvd and a mail brought it yesterday. So we ended up watching it last night and I liked it although it didn't give much new information what we would have not known. I've read Nancy by Deborah Spungen for many times and in addition to it many other punk history pieces so I cannot be surprised easily. I also liked Looking for Johnny which was made by the same producer.
 Dvd is the documentary not a movie so it cannot be compared with Sid and Nancy film which was published in 1986. It brings together musicians, photographer, reporter and some other persons who happened to know these two junkies who were so lost in their life that the smack led them into early graves in the end. An atmosphere is stunning, especially those parts which are from Chelsea hotel. I so would like to pay a visit there some day. 
My day's outfit consisted of a granny hat and a mini dress which is so cute and comfy.
I started sewing a new dress today which will be gray! Somehow I have yearned the gray dress for a good time and thus I decided to start making it today. (Like I would need new clothes into the wardrobe). I want to start to focus more on sewing again. I have neglected it too much recently in the middle of all other affairs, but the change begins now. 

sunnuntai 26. maaliskuuta 2017

And once the pain goes away, that's when the real battle starts

I was about to write this much earlier, but the week gave so much more as I assumed so this post comes now. The outfit pictures were taken on Tuesday when I was off and able to put effort on clothing and make up. In a long time I painted lips in black and it looked gorgeous, I put my granny hat on and wore a necklace for the first time which I found in a gothic flea market the last time when it was arranged. I doubt it's from ReStyle, but I'm not 100% sure about it. 
I bought a bunch of roses on Monday because I just deserved them. Unfortunately they withered already as usual, so quickly which is shame, but at least I got to enjoy them for a few days. I finished my studies with great grades and now there will be more spare time at least so far. I haven't talked here much, but I have been a student since 2015 and in addition it I have visited the work so my life has been really hectic. Now I want to give some time to myself until I start a new page in my life. I want to concentrate on sewing, photography, languages and books and oh there is just so much to do that I don't know from where to start. 
So what I have been doing in this week. Mainly I have been at work, but I also went to photograph a few gigs on Thursday evening which was fun though I was quite tired after being eight hours at a busy shift. I got some nice shots although my concentration wasn't in a best level and the second band played so loudly that I was sure to be deaf by the morning. Nice evening and less nice morning after short sleeps. 
Today I have been just lazy. I visited a gym in the morning, but most of the time I have been lying on a bed with Netflix. We also watched Trainspotting with my beloved. We both wanted to see it before watching the second one which we are about to go see in a coming week.  I didn't remember at all how yucky that film is, but still good. Have you already seen the newest one? Did you like it or not? 

maanantai 20. maaliskuuta 2017

Rocky Horror Show

I managed to have a fairly avant-garde Sunday with music and aesthetic.  We went to see Rocky Horror Show which was presented at Tampere hall last night and it was definitely worth seeing. Actors made good performances and makeup/costumes were well done. We had good seats in front of the auditorio so I saw well even small details. Transvestite Frank was absolutely my favorite character and her look was magnificent as a whole. I like the theme of musical: be what you want, love who you want. 
I put on this simple dress and chose quickly the rest of the outfit. I went to see one apartment before the musical so I didn't have much time to prepare myself which was a bit shame, I would have liked to put on a fishnet tights, but they would have been too cold choice. I did nothing to hair and put quickly red lipstick on. Some people were dressed up nicely according to the theme and they were also realized to bring rice and toilet paper with them. Interesting and different Sunday indeed. I don't have much experience about the musicals or concert halls so this was the nice idea to attend the show. 

torstai 16. maaliskuuta 2017

Close to the flame

Good evening! I do have a busy week again, but I took a bit time for myself on Monday when my  other half suggested to have a walk on afternoon. We once again ended up drinking coffee to a nearby observation tower which sells the best doughnuts in the world. It's so deceptive: hey, let's have a walk... mmm there would be that nice cafeteria, perhaps we could pop out there too.. However these outfit pictures are from Monday. It was a perfect moment to take the pictures when the sun was coming down.
Last evening I paid a  visit to Klubi when I was asked for coming take pictures. Once again problems get in with a camera although my name was mentioned on the list (doormen are quite often rude there and impolite and they have a quite poor customer service skills. Typical Finnish souls... ) However me and my camera got in and I enjoyed photographing. Unfortunately I didn't have time to see the last band due to the early morning. I'd have wanted to check them too because they played Kingston Wall, but I didn't want to be tired today 'cause I had an important day.

lauantai 11. maaliskuuta 2017

Nothing stays the same

I'm spending Saturday evening at home on my own by listening to great deep songs which make shivers go inside. I feel so good due to a new record I did today at the gym. I started running on a treadmill last year to improve the condition and recently I've had small problems with stamina so I decided to keep a break and today I just flew. It felt awesome to run without that the heart tries to come through the chest. To be honest I had a really bad physical fitness before (or at least I think so). I was digging a grave to myself after running 500 meters and now I can run even kilometers. It's funny how quickly results can get better and it also motivates. I started training because I just felt that my body needs it and it needed. In addition I feel so much better mentally, that's a nice side effect!

A few photos I took the other day when it was a vernal weather. The cloak is so my favorite and I do like also those over knee boots which I have worn so rarely that I can't understand why. I forgot them to live their own life under the dust. 
Cloak: Self made, Shoes and scarf: H&M
After the dark season I enjoy the longer days and the sun light. Before I didn't care it, but now it feels good and it's nice to have the sun light even after the work days. 

sunnuntai 5. maaliskuuta 2017

Outfit + new shoes

An outfit from this week while we were going to have a lunch with my other half. I put new shoes on which I ordered from Vagabond (of course) on December while watching them through the fall and waiting for them to come to sale. They are a bit different style as I usually wear, but somehow I managed to fall in love with these suede boots in a first sight. Vagabond is most likely my favorite shoe brand with their amazing taste, but their shoes are also so comfy to wear and they fit well to daily wear. The bottoms are quite slippy so I've been waiting for the proper weather to wear them. I guess these weren't designed for Finnish winter. The ground has been really icy here during the last months, but now it starts looking much better when we are closer to the spring. 

I've been at work over the weekend so there haven't happened much in my life except we went ice swimming yesterday for the second time and it was as fun experience as it was at the first time. We plopped into the ice cold water four times and it did blood running. There must be a bit extreme spirit in me...
There would be one or actually two good gigs this night, but I have to pass them due to the early morning and a long day. What a shame. Perhaps I entertain myself then by watching 20 000 days on earth. I realized it will be found in Netflix.

keskiviikko 1. maaliskuuta 2017

I can´t sleep through dead dreams

I had a weekend of musically interest for I headed to a goth club Bella Morte on Friday which was by the way the international emb day and Saturday offered a few cover bands. I was so dead after work day on Friday that I nearly passed the whole club, but fortunately I was lured to attend and besides it was the last Bella Morte club which is a bit shame. There were three live emb bands playing which was nice. All of them were unknown to me, but it didn't bother at all. Clubs are always so much better if there is live music, not only dj. 
On Saturday I took my camera with me and headed to see my boyfriend's new cover band and Varietee83. Both sounded awesome and audience seemed to like too. 
An outfit from weekend. I found my old necklace which I once nearly threw away, but decided to keep it in the end and that's good. It fits nicely together with the striped dress. 
I have been drinking way too much coffee to keep myself awake recently. Four cups in a day would be enough, but I have crossed the line badly. 
I added live photos to my facebook page if you are eager to see. Click! I try to activate myself and update the page more when this haste gets easier. 
Varietee83, Jussi Hakulinen