tiistai 29. tammikuuta 2013

sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2013

Velvet dream

Day's outfit
Velvet dress: NewLook  // Shoes: Pennangalan

 While drinking love tea and burning incenses I decided to snap the picture about my day's outfit. I spent almost all day long home so the simple velvet dress fit perfectly for this day.

lauantai 26. tammikuuta 2013

You can't have too many striped things?

Back at home after a month. For the last seven days spent with my better half and yesterday I came home by train. The trip was awful. I ended up sitting once again to the children department on the train. I slept only a few hours the previous night so I was thinking of taking a nap on the train but no. A few terrible fractious kid were screaming through the trip so I got to forget taking the nap. In addition the internet didn't work properly and I forgot to take my ipod. It was five and half hours in moving hell.

After getting to home happened the power outage. I was just putting food into the oven and laundry into the washing machine when the lights went out. Fortunately I had the candles so I put them on and opened the bottle of red wine.

The new self made shirt. Somehow the simple garments please me a lot at the moment.
Is nice to be home again even though it means we can't see with my love for a while. The month have passed just in laziness but kind of the small holiday makes just good for me and gives me an energy to start searching the work! I have also thought to start searching the new home for me. Small two-room apartment would be the perfect one.

perjantai 18. tammikuuta 2013

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

I was ask to show some of my favourite garments and this is a one of them. It's impossible to define the favourite one because I have a lot of them! In this dress I simply love the pattern. I wore this a lot in last summer and I've been even thinking of ordering a new one.
Dress: from UK
It was damn cold today like everybody have probably noted except the lucky ones who don't need to live in Finland. I decided to stay mostly indoors and sew a new dress by using my old sewing machine which sucks. I'm so glad I have the new machine nowadays or I've had it already years.

I wish you all happy weekend!

lauantai 12. tammikuuta 2013


Kolmensadan lukijan kunniaksi ajattelin kysyä teiltä postausideoita, mitä haluaisitte lukea tai nähdä? Blogini täyttää kevään aikana neljä vuotta (hui!), enkä ole muistini mukaan milloinkaan aiemmin teiltä kysynyt mitä haluaisitte lukea. Toki ideoita saa muutoinkin tiputella kommenttilaariin. :) Saattaa olla, että alan taas vaihteeksi kirjoittelemaan myös suomeksi ainakin toisinaan, nyt kun aikaa on enemmän.

Skirt: Diy // Shirt: Diy // Belt: Second hand // Hairband: Diy  // Earrings:H&M // Shoes: Vagabond  //Tights: Lindex

In honor of 300 followers I thought to ask you what would you like to read or see? During this spring my blog has been existed four years (whii!) and I haven't ever asked you to tell the whishes. So I would be glad to see the ideas if you have them! :)

tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2013


I got a huge inspiration which is always a good thing. Last night I designed the collection and today I have updated my websites. I try to release them as soon as possible.

Day's outfit
Dress: Nelly.com  //  Scarf: H&M   // Hairband: Diy  // Leggings: Lindex  // Bag: Restyle

I'm addicted to watching Roswell, do you remember that series?I found it on Netflix and now I have watced almost the first season through. Nice change for vampires. I have always been interested in ufo stories (like other supernatural things aswell) since I was a kid so it doesn't surprise this series was my favourite when I was a teen. I probably spend the rest of the night in Roswell ;) Good night! (If a small punk rocker lives in your heart and you didn't watch Kovasikajuttu today it can be viewed  on Areena. I watched it last year and I recommend)

lauantai 5. tammikuuta 2013

The White Stripes

Today I wrapped around myself the dearest pullover of this moment. Stripes never deceive. Those velvet leggings have become dear as well.
 Shirt: Seppälä //  Leggings: Lindex   // Shoes: Vagabond  // Necklace: Cybershop

Last days I have considered to rip dreads off to get the massive traditional goth haircut. (Lovely funeral pillbox hats are waiting...) I have had this same hair over five years which is a long time so some change could be more than welcome. I would like to also wear hats but with this head it's impossible. Long backcombed hair is just haunting in my mind so let's see what happens. I don't even remember how it feels to comb hair.  I'm just a bit scared what if I regret it later but on the other hands I can always put dreads back or use the fake ones. It just knows a lot work to rip the rest of the knots off but now I would have time to do that.

torstai 3. tammikuuta 2013


First I wanna wish you all Happy New Year! I was meant to write already earlier but because I didn't have a laptop in Tampere I didn't do it and yesterday I had still a bit flu so I decided to forget writing. I headed for Tampere just after Christmas and stayed there over New Year. 

It's a time to start a new chapter in a life which suits well for me in this life situation. I made some silent promises for myself like every year and I'm trying to follow those thoughts. At least during this year I try to develop myself as a human, be social and get to know the new people, read more and reduce spending time at computer!! I also try to start a new life in a new place and this will be probably the most challenging. But somehow it's quite interesting also to make a lifestyle change. I'm just that kind of person that I need the change regularly otherwise I get bored. When a door behind your back closes the door in front of you opens

 Shirt: Nelly.com
Corset: Diy
Skirt: Diy
Tights: Lindex
Socks: Seppälä
Bag: Restyle