perjantai 30. maaliskuuta 2018

Deep wounds

Last Sunday I entered one interesting and kind of emotional exhibition and it surely was appealing and very much to my dark taste. Berlinde De Bruyckere's works are potential to offer gloomy experience about the war and death. Works made of mostly leather, steal and wax served as a metaphor for suffering and loss for human life. The artist combines ancient mythology, history, literature and Christian iconography in her works. I find the exhibition was very impressive and probably one of the prettiest I've seen in my life. 
It was very joyful to see these works now when I've had so stressful period at work. Any kind of art experience is more as welcome to lead me out of the reality. Right now it has felt that my life is nothing but work and did I ever want that kind of life? Not actually. I'm looking for an exit all the time from the current life so that I would have more time to focus on the things I love, but compromises they are hard to be made. Kind of I could say that I have a small crisis on the hand and at the same time I'm preparing for the entrance exam and not so sure that it's the only option. I'm looking for something, but right now I don't know what that something is. Right now I would like to study German, sink into the books, draw, sew and take a lot of pictures, but now my all energy goes at work and though I like my job, I don't want that it takes my whole life. I hope to find a solution soon.
This exhibition runs at Sara Hilden art museum right now till the May and I can strongly recommend it if you are around the corners.

I continue drinking of the red wine and I enjoy when I finally have a small Easter vacation.

sunnuntai 25. maaliskuuta 2018

In an hourglass

Current week has been tough. I made fifty hours work and barely had time to eat anything during the days. It feels that I have lost a few kilos while running like a chicken without a head. I do hope the next week is easier and it probably  is due to the Easter. So not much spare time during the week and I've been over exhausted that blogging hadn't been the first thing in mind. After the work I have been just laying on the sofa and dreaming of the vacation. Do you have this busy days at work? I even passed my gym work-out due to the lack of energy... and that really annoys me.

.. but Easter is coming and to me it means a journey to Eastern Finland after forever. I can't remember the last time I visited there so I'm really excited. A small break from the everyday life makes me good. 

torstai 15. maaliskuuta 2018


After a long period I jumped on a bus for going to Helsinki and I had indeed a nice weekend there with some stuffed animals and drinks.. 

My prolonged dream came true when I finally had a chance to visit  Natural history museum. Some years have passed since my last visit which was nearly twenty years ago. I love this place and I recommend it everyone who are interested in animals and bones. Unfortunately my schedule was fairly tight so I ran all departments through quite quickly, but I would have liked to spend more time there. I definitely want to pay another visit there some day again and actually I would like to visit some other museums as well. I captured a few shots because photographing is allowed there! 
I had loads of plans what to do in Helsinki, but I managed to do only a small part of them ;) Time flew so damn quickly that for instance I didn't reach to go Destiny Store which was on my invisible list. (Perhaps that's only good for my purse)

Every time I visit Helsinki I got a terrible fever to move there. It's awful. That same thing happened as a kid and still. I have lived Helsinki a few times while working there so the city is known to me and I actually planned on moving there after school, but then I bumped into my beloved and the plan changed a direction, but I'm happy with the current city too. I have just forever restless temper and I always want to be somewhere elsewhere and everywhere. 
I should start visiting more often Helsinki. The bus tickets were under ten euro together so it's nothing. 

It's Friday again tomorrow and we have a plan to go comedy theater and my beloved mentioned that there would be some interesting gig as well so perhaps I pay a visit there too. I wish you a good weekend and let's see if I have an inspiration to blog over it.

sunnuntai 11. maaliskuuta 2018

White Lace

Again it happened. A week vanished into that peculiar place whither this all spent time goes. I already took these pictures a week ago, but again I had so much things at hand that blogging left behind it all. 

 In a last post I told you that I made a new shirt and it's something else than black. Every spring this same phenomenon occurs and it starts to be more a rule than an exception, having a garment which is not black. But this is lovely. I knew immediately that I want to have this fabric when I saw it in the store. I had a few different variations of the model, but I ended up sewing a small collar, long sleeves and ruffle to it. At first I was thinking of doing really simple model, but I'm happy with those details. Long time has gone since the last time I stitched something white. 
I'm convinced that I wear this a lot and  I'm quite sure to spill coffee on it some day ;)

sunnuntai 4. maaliskuuta 2018


It seems that I have had loads of things to do during a week for this post has been waiting in drafts since last Sunday. Well yes I have been sewing this week and I try to introduce my newest creation as soon as possible. Atypically it's something else as black this time, perhaps that coming spring has affected my mind unconsciously. Usually in the spring time I find  'the colors'. A year ago I made a silver dress if you remember. 

But can't say that the spring would be coming... it's been over -20 degrees deep frost every morning and I can't see a change coming. Amount of light has increased nicely which is really good and practical thing. I like when there is the nature light at hand after works so that it's possible to photograph.
An outfit from last Sunday. Self made velvet shirt behind the years. 
I've also read a lot and to be honest I could read all the time. A week ago I had that tiny flu so I spent the whole weekend by reading. It's hard to choose which of the book to read when there is so many good opuses.. Coffee and the books.. what else a man can wish? (well perhaps potato chips.. I'm hooked to vinegar chips, before I hated them)
I will spend the next weekend in Helsinki and looking forward to it! These days I visit so rarely there which is pity. I try to pay a visit to some museums and Destiny store which is my favorite boutique although I never have a heart to buy anything from there. I do hope that the week goes quickly so that I get to venture on the streets of Helsinki. I should also start planning on the trip to Prague. My friend lives in Czech and I have had a plan to visit Prague for a good time...