sunnuntai 30. lokakuuta 2016

All Hallows' Eve

My very favorite season is finally here when ghost are dancing in the shadows. Even if I have felt some vague tiredness due to the shadowy days is this season still close to my heart and I find it inspirational. I was off and got a chance to enjoy the weekend with some wine and music. On Friday evening me and me beloved decided to keep a film night and we chose something which was adapted to the time: The woman in black which was revealed the good pick and managed to create a few cold ripples on my back. I enjoyed a glass wine and ended up wandering into the dreams well in advance before the time passed the middle night. 

Yesterday there was arranged a goth club with Halloween theme of course, and us usual I didn't have any costume... I'm the most laziest person as for dressing for masquerade and I don't even give any promises for the next year.. It's however nice to see how others are investing in their looks with a lot of imagination and time. I went in this simple look with the horns and veil. 
This year I haven't decorated my home either because I don't spend time here on weekdays at all so far. I'm working elsewhere and I visit here only at weekends and usually I work also then. That famous student life. Fortunately the situation is temporary and takes only a few months. However I changed curtains yesterday so that there would be at least a bit atmosphere at home. 
The next Friday it will happen. I will turn to 30... no celebration is coming. I don't like to be a queen bee so no jubilee is arranged and besides I have seven workdays during the next week. We only have an aim to go eat out with my love and that fits me well. I try to do some kind of birthday journey overseas later in the spring. 

perjantai 28. lokakuuta 2016

Falling from the darkness

Some playing with the camera. Nothing else.

maanantai 24. lokakuuta 2016

I wanted to be where nobody I knew could ever come

Some weeks ago I was wandering between the stores and bumped into this lovely and charming black mini dress with a small collar. I especially fell in love with that collar and also the material pleased the eyes. Unfortunately it's too cold to wear it only as such so far, but with the cardigans then. The new granny hat also looks good with it ;)
Vacation passed too quickly and there is eight weeks to go until the next one. Well it goes quickly too. I have my thirtieth birthday the next week. It's kind of shocking and I haven't thought it actually much. It's just a number and I don't even celebrate it more particularly. I was about to travel, but I will do that later...  Halloween is also behind the corner and some merrymaking is coming. 

keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2016


I ended up ordering a new lens for my camera and for the last few days have gone by photographing around the corners. Sigma 35 mm f 1.4 art moved into a camera bag and it asks a bit practicing to shake it down. It's excellent if taking pictures about the people and tomorrow my beloved promised to be a model for me. I feel a bit destitute because the lens wasn't the cheapest one, but I hope it's worth it! Here are some pictures which I have taken for the past days. (not all taken with sigma)

I was thinking of creating some kind of gallery page for the pictures. Before I had Deviantart account, but nowadays I have nothing. Flickr seems to be quite popular, but somehow I don't feel it's for me. I would like to develop my expression and skills as for photographing and it would be nice to share some shots also with you. 

maanantai 17. lokakuuta 2016

Love you to death

I'm on a vacation this week and it certainly comes for a need. A tempo of life has been quite tough, and there isn't included much spare time in my days. I don't have any particular plans for the week, but I try to sew, play with a camera (I placed an order for a new lens yesterday and I wish it came soon!!), read some excellent books which I have carried from the library and workout both in the gym and with the pole. 
One book which I recently finished is this gorgeous masterpiece which everyone should read especially if you are a fan of Type O Negative. A long waited piece is finally out, and I managed to pick it  from the library.  The book offered a lot of information that I didn't know before hand. It begins from Peter's childhood and ends to the tragic destiny when Peter turns from time to eternity. The end was sad, it's needless to say, and brought tears to my eyes more than once. The book is written by Jeff Wagner who knew to tell that Peter would have wanted to write his own biography himself which of course would have been more authentic, but as we all know it's hard to write anything if you are six feet under. I'm gonna read this later a second time. 

torstai 13. lokakuuta 2016

The Cure

A few words about the Cure concert which was about a week ago in Helsinki. Finally I got a chance to see my favorite band or should I say listen to their live show because we had quite a poor view from the back seats. This of course flattened a bit the atmosphere because I'm that  visual person that I always want to see what's going on on the stage and now we only saw that there is some people on the stage.. even those screens were fairly poor or the cameramen showed all the time the same view. I would have wanted the tickets to the floor, but even if I tried to be quick they managed to go. However the show was something once in a lifetime to me who has loved their music since I was a teen and dreamed for so many years that I could breath the same air with Robert...  The band played a lot of their pop songs which didn't surprise me at all, but fortunately they played also some my faves like: Forest, Lovesong, Burn and Disintegration. Though I like more their songs which involve melancholy and minor chords also those more happier pop songs worked fine. Robert's voice was still fresh even if the man has some years behind him. By the way my boyfriend saw the Cure already when they visited Finland the last time in the year 1996! I'm a bit  jealous to him about that experience. But I was nine-years-old those days and I wasn't even aware of the whole group. 
Albeit I'm not the best friend with arena shows the event will be one immemorial experience in my life. 

torstai 6. lokakuuta 2016

Granny vibes

Today I did it and bought a granny hat which has been on my invisible shopping list for long. These are so nice looking although grannies wear them at least in Finland. 
I had today a day off so I have been in the gym and taking photos. I desperately need that new lens, but I'm still pondering between the different types. I'm so bad at making decisions and one good offer already passed by me.

Tomorrow I'm off to Helsinki because of the Cure! I've been waiting for this a lot. The Cure is absolutely my favorite band and I have not seen them before. 

sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2016

October rust

I was shortly taking photos this morning before the work when it was that beautiful weather. The nature gives its best and I only wish that I could walk around the city with my camera everyday without a rush. 

I dig my self made velvet coat out of the basement today and decided to put it on. It goes perfectly now when it's not frost yet.
I have been looking at new lenses to my camera over the weekend. There would be definitely need for a lens which allows to take pictures also in the darker circumstances however I'm living in Finland where the darkness is present a lot. My current lenses are Canon ef 50mm f1.8, ef 70-300 f4-5.6 is usm zoom and the basic one ef-s 18-55mm f2.8 zoom. I use mostly that 50mm or 18-55mm which is quite poor. My current camera is Canon eos 60d which I bought a few years ago, but I'm considering to update it into Canon 6d in the near future so the new lens should be compatible with it. I love to use zoom lenses, but then again image quality is usually better in fixed focal length. Sigma 35mm f1.4 A is a lot boosted and that could be suitable to my use. Let's see if I end up buying it. 

Ps. I booked a tattoo appointment and can't wait for getting it. Nearly four weeks to go! 

Pps. I'm gonna be a poor girl. A new lens and a new tattoo.. and yep there is coming perhaps more ;)