torstai 25. kesäkuuta 2015

New poncho

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Now when the temperature is quite low and here is just a memory from the summer existing, it's a perfect time to wear poncho. I own two ponchos and here is the newer one which I got a while ago from Queen of Darkness. This is perfect for my style and I'm sure I will wear this a lot in the future. It's made of two different fabric and a nice tube collar. A hem is waving and partly transparent and there are sleeves as well so it's comfy to wear. What do you think about the ponchos? 

lauantai 20. kesäkuuta 2015

Cradle of insanity

On Tuesday afternoon we decided to take a bus and travel to the old graveyard where the madness rests. It's the old abandoned graveyard in the middle of the dense forest near to the local mental hospital. I haven't visited here before although I have known the place for long. This bone garden belonged to the mental hospital and there is buried 426 old patients between the years 1902-1964. Before it was forbidden to bury patients who suffered mental illness to the ordinary blessed churchyard so that's why the mental hospital had their own private cemetery. Perhaps the people believed that the insanity was caused by satan and those patients  were cursed. However the old hospital is still running, but the cemetery is deserted and quite badly ruined when the nature has conquered it during the years. There is just a few tombstones reminding from the past. I have heard many ghost stories about the place like: don't take a hitchhiker from this area because it will disappear from the back seat. Go to the area in the middle of the night and walk three times around Emil's tombstone and look back and you will meet someone. And of course you are able to hear different voices from the forest in the middle of the night. 

This place is quite easy to find. It's situated in Nokia and near to the big car road. A clear path will lead you to the gate so you can't get lost. It's quite noisy place by day when the traffic keeps noise so I think the atmosphere is totally different if you go there at night. Now when it's summer it's green and beautiful, but in autumn it's probably more rugged. 

torstai 18. kesäkuuta 2015

Sound of rain

Weekend including three days off and Midsummer are looming in front of me which means that a work week is over and I feel so relief about it. A decent vacation would be welcome, but can't complain at least I have a job or two. On Monday  I continue both jobs again which means long days until I have the vacation from my another job in July. 

So yes. It's Midsummer and it's raining. So typical. I most probably spend the weekend indoors by watching Orange is the new black except tomorrow it would be nice to go somewhere. However I will stay in the city without the decent plans although my first intention was to travel to east, but then my beloved said that he wants to be with me so I decided to forget the trip. Perhaps it's even nicer to stay home for I have been so much on the hop. Sewing machine is whispering to my ears that I could use it and a bunch of interesting books are waiting for me aswell. And yes, a pole! I haven't had time to dance at all recently so I try now on the weekend. 

My Sunday's look:
Skirt: H&M, Shirt: Second hand, Shoes: Vagabond, Tights: Seppälä, Ankh: Ebay, Bag: Second hand

My old cat. He is fourteen-years-old gentleman.
Last Sunday I came home from my folks and actually they gave me a ride and at the same they brought a vinyl player to my apartment  so that I can finally listen to the records I have. My boyfriend bought us Lasten Hautausmaa (translated: Children's graveyard) LP and I have been listening to it for all week. It's up to the hilt gloomy to my taste. I recommend to give it a try. 
Hmm what else I have done this week. On Monday my friend came to me and she spent a night here. We haven't seen each others for long time so it was absolutely nice to meet her. We drank a glass of rosé wine while watching the film and chatted everything. I wanted to celebrate a bit the good news which I reached on Monday morning related to the changes in my life. On Tuesday we went to the old graveyard, but I will come to that later. 

I wish you have nice Midsummer despite of the bad weather. Do not kill yourself or anything ;)

lauantai 13. kesäkuuta 2015

Green is new black

Always when the summer appears I get a huge inspiration to do photography. I have crawled on my mom's flowerbed all day long and here are some samples I have taken. Green pleases my eyes and all small details that the nature has to offer. Macro lens would be a best friend for me right now, but unfortunately I don't have it. Perhaps I should check out the online flea markets which sell camera supplies if there was a lens for me. It would be great to hunt spider webs and insects with the good lens!
 My days outfit is a maxi dress and a hat. I guess this is one of my favorite look of the summer. Comfy and black ;)
I got a new Moomin mug. I collect these and I already have a nice collection at home. 

perjantai 12. kesäkuuta 2015

New black

 I've wandered for the past days in deep thoughts so to speak. A life has thrown new cards for me once again and I have been trying to figure out how to play with them. Absolutely good news and new opportunities so nothing bad, even if I can sound a bit dramatic. I'm again standing at the crossroads of my life and there is a possibility to choose a completely new direction. But I'm still a bit skeptical do I really want to choose the new way? Making of decisions is not my strength. 

My summer vacation started on Tuesday or it almost started. I still have a second job so I don't really have the decent vacation, but however not so many work hours now which is nice. July will be hellish because I have much more hours as usually. So there is no hope that I could spend a nice summer by laying on the beach. But a good thing is that all weekends will be off.

Shirt, Skirt: second hand, Brooch, Hat: from WGT, Fishnets: Seppälä, Shoes: Vagabond
A blooming apple tree. 

 What I have done recently except work? I went to see Finnish goth band Musta Paraati on Wednesday evening and the gig was definitely worth seeing. Old songs sounded great and so did the new too.  Need to wish that I could see them live later again. 
Yesterday I came to my parents' place because I haven't been here after Yule. Today must be the first decent summer day when the temperature is over twenty! Feels odd to be without a coat outdoors. 

sunnuntai 7. kesäkuuta 2015

The most incredible outfits

I promise this will be the last WGT post so far (expect that who can be bored while watching the pictures from WGT?). I have hundreds pictures about the festival and I still wanted to share a few of them with you. I guess everyone who follow my blog are eager for seeing wonderful outfits so I picked up a few outfit pictures which feed my eyes. 
 I obviously like long and massive skirts and in fact I would have liked to wear such a thing even myself, but then there comes a fact that I traveled by plane and there are always those accursed weight limits which causes problems and surely my grip is also too small for it so.... it's better to save space for shopping and wear shorter and less massive costumes. I also love sunshades and I watched one for myself, but again a too small grip is a trouble. 
 These couples are lovely. 
 My eyes were about to jump out of my head when I saw a woman below. Perhaps the best outfit which I saw during these days. This costume is simply successful. I love horns and a headpiece and a dress is wonderful.  
 The horns seemed to be a popular accessory at WGT. I didn't like them before, but now when I saw them a lot I somehow learned to like them and actually they look good. I watched deer horns for myself ,but  then they were sold out when I returned to buy them. 
People like to put an effort when it comes to the headpieces. 

Such a many wonderful outfits and I missed at least as many as I managed to capture by camera. There should be eyes on the back as well so that you could see all these incredible costumes.