torstai 25. joulukuuta 2014

Christmas eve / OOTD

I spent a really traditional Christmas eve once again at my folk's place with my parents, brothers and cats. We ate and opened the presents and my parents visited a church and a cemetery. In a meanwhile we played  Nintendo Wii and I bullied the cats. They are such an adorable pets and we laughed at one of them because she has become so fat during the winter. I so would like to have own cat and dog in the future.  I got a bunch of gifts although I didn't wish anything. Mostly everything useful like towels and Moomin products. 
My Christmas Eve's outfit was really simple. I wanted to put on something casual and warm because I suspect that a flu is coming over me, so I selected a striped loose shirt which flashed here once before sometime ago. Wedges are second hand and a skirt is basic black mini. I wish you all have a wonderful Christmas there where ever you are! I try to heal my sore throat before the year turns. The last year I was ill and it seems that this year aswell. Not nice at all and I have a work shift on Sunday. It will be silent Sunday if this continue ;) However I continue my morning with witches. Coven is so damn addictive. 

tiistai 23. joulukuuta 2014

Yule time

I arrived at my folks yesterday to spend Christmas for a few days. I took Sauna and it felt so great after the break. Yesterday it was snowing heavily and we got a snow blanket for Christmas time which is rare nowadays. In recent years it has been raining almost always. Perhaps snow increases my Yule mood at least a bit. 
My day's outfit consisted of a self made wool coat which I made the last year, over knee boots and a hat. I'm in love with that hat. It finishes all outfits so nicely...
I started to re-watch AHS Coven last night. I watched it for the first time almost a year ago? But it is good and I had nothing to do during  the night so I let witches to delight my night. Perhaps one episode and I go to decor our Christmas tree. I wish you all good Yule! 

lauantai 20. joulukuuta 2014

Dead factories

My home town is an old factory city and here is still left some old abandoned buildings from the past. We visited photographing the old matchstick factory on Wednesday which has burnt several times. This place is situated quite close to my home, it's about one kilometer from here. There is several buildings close to the each other and one of them burned a few weeks ago (once again) and one man died there. That building wasn't abandoned. It was full of rehearsal places and many instruments destroyed. Someone obviously wants to burn them down so that they could build new ugly apartment houses to replace these old factories. I think it's a shame, but money talks like always and there is no matter if someone dies, the most relevant thing seems to be that some rich fat hog gets his money. I can't understand why Finns want to destroy the old historical buildings and build some new houses which look always so boring. Modern architecture really sucks. 

I have one shift left before my vacation starts! Today we are going to see some punk bands to the Vastavirta and tomorrow I need to be at work 8am. 

maanantai 15. joulukuuta 2014

Dark winter day

 I have a day off today so I decided to go to do some Christmas shopping to the downtown. At the same I bumped into this lovely leather jacket which cost only 20 euros and I decided to buy it for me a bit like as Christmas present. It's a short model and there is a nice fur collar.  It's hilarious how I hated this kind of coats before, but nowadays I have already a few of them. I also managed to find the gifts which is a good thing. Now I don't need to ponder longer what to purchase.
My boyfriend ordered a documentary of Johnny Thunders and I stole it from him before he was able to watch it. Quite interesting story of a legend and definitely worth watching. I adore his style very much. Probably I will re-watch this later. 

lauantai 13. joulukuuta 2014

Witches are everywhere

Here comes my yesterday's witchy outfit and my new shoes which I got the other day. Over knee boots seems to be again a part of the mainstream fashion so they are easy to be found. These are the third pair which I have and I love them! Usually problem with the over knee is that they don't stay up, but these stay perfectly. A heel on these is quite thickset, but it makes them easy to walk (especially if the winter comes). They go well together with the different mini dresses or the skirts. 
Weekend seems to be here again and mine goes at work. Today I had only four hours shift, but tomorrow will be a long day. Can't wait for my Yule vacation to come. 

torstai 11. joulukuuta 2014

When the sky bleeds

Sponsored post
 Hello! On Monday I got a package from Germany and Queen of Darkness' clothes arrived to my surprise. Not bad Monday in other words. Today I managed to take pictures of this gorgeous dress. It's dissimilar style as I usually wear, but absolutely adorable. A hem is nice and those sleeves can be removed so this is also multi-function. In addition there is a hood and buckles on a neckline. What do you think of a model? I think that I'm gonna wear this more without the sleeves. 
 Dress: Queen of Darkness, Shoes: Second Hand, Tights: From Rome 

lauantai 6. joulukuuta 2014

Some black lace and heels

Dress: Nelly, Shoes: Pleaser
I'm spending my Saturday night at home on my own by relaxing which means reading of the books and listening to the music. This week has been quite action-packed so it's just nice to escape the people to my own world and spend a day at home alone. Today happens to be Independence day, but for me it's just a day between the days. 

Recently I have read again some biographies. My beloved gave me Lemmy's opus as a birthday gift. I have never liked Mötörhead, but Lemmy is some kind of a living corpse among the people and some calls him even as a god. However it's worth reading even if you don't like their music. Heroin diaries is my old book and I've gone it through several times, but one random night this week I decided to start reading it again. 

torstai 4. joulukuuta 2014

Hundredth post

It's my hundredth post this year! Let's see how many is left until the year turns. 
Here is my new shirt which I bought a couple of months ago from H&M. I love stripes and the shirt is casual and goes well for instance at work. I also decided to use a red lipstick a few days ago. Recently I've used darker colors on lips for they go well in the fall.
 These shoes I bought the other day and they cost only 25e so not a bad price although I think a  quality is poor, but what can I assume if the price is low. However they are comfy to wear so I wanted to buy them to my collection. 

A bit coffee now and I need to go to do my last work shift of this week and then I'm ready to start my weekend! 

tiistai 2. joulukuuta 2014

Gift ideas

Collaboration post

November turned to December and Yule is closer a day by day. I put my Christmas lights already at the beginning of November because I wanted to bring more light to my apartment, but the Christmas mood in itself is still something that I'm looking for. Time is running so fast that it feels that the previous Christmas was just a moment ago. 

While looking for my Christmas vibes I decided to create a collection of Queen of Darkness clothes that I would like to have as a gift and introduce my favorite items from their collection. 
Asymmetrical Cocktail Dress In a Rocking Design - dress is of course to my taste because of a hem which is not even. I guess that each of you have noted that I like to wear asymmetrical clothes. I also like details of the dress and the translucent material rocks always. 
Long skirt with lacing and carabiner what can I say? The hem is nice and the upper part aswell. I also like that the skirt is adjustable. 
Poncho with big collar. I love ponchos. So far I only have one, but I wish to get them more. This is so casual and the collar is adorable. 
Accessories are always welcome to my style. Pointy lace gloves or  Lace bracelet with middle finger loop are nice details to finish an outfit. 
Fringed clutch with knuckle-duster closu  is nice way to carry your goods!

Have you already bought your Christmas presents? I need to admit that I haven't, but I have rolled the ideas on my mind really diligently. My beloved has also his birthday at Christmas eve, so I need to give him also birthday gift. 

tiistai 25. marraskuuta 2014

Queen of Darkness Ambassador

Perhaps some of you have observed that I have a new banner on my sidebar which wasn't there before. Let me tell you shortly which kind of changes will be occurred in my blog in the future. 
Some time ago I got a collaboration proposal from the brand Queen of Darkness which is quite well-known name around the world. They are an adorable goth clothing brand from Germany and when they asked me to become their ambassador I was absolutely interested. I have got a bunch of collaboration offers during my 'blog career', but I have always denied for a reason that I haven't felt them to be my style. When Queen of Darkness contacted me I needed to ponder for the first time seriously that perhaps I could do some blog cooperation. The brand was familiar to me beforehand, I have had their products and I've liked them. Their store is filled with the garments that I could adopt into my wardrobe. 

 So this is the first collaboration in my blog and it means practically: in the future I have a great chance to introduce their new arrivals. I'll also start to write Queen of Darkness blog with other ambassadors so welcome to read it aswell. I hope you enjoy coming post as much as I do. 

sunnuntai 23. marraskuuta 2014

Tampere alternative blogger meet-up II

A gray and cold Saturday and I headed to the railway station to meet these wonderful people. To me this was the second meetup here in Tampere and most of the people were familiar at least in their appearance. We spent a couple of hours at Klubi by drinking hot or cold drinks. Here are a few pictures I managed to take:
Otherwise the weekend has been peaceful. A Sofa, gym and perhaps sewing machine. That's all I'm gonna do. Tomorrow is my first day at work and I need to wake up around 5 am. Sounds crazy and I'm most likely dead after a day. In addition I have a few appointments until I get home. 

torstai 13. marraskuuta 2014

I desire the things which will destroy me in the end

Busy days seems to be here after a calm weekend, but let's jump a few days back. Last weekend I wrapped me inside a blanket. I burned too many candles and I lit my new Christmas lights which I bought a week ago. I read Stephen King's novel Carrie and I watched  through a window how the snow melted away. I booked flights and hotels to the next spring. I enjoyed the Finnish post-punk notes and I tried to understand how adjectives bend in German language. Then Monday appeared and since that I've ran like a headless chicken. But it's not a bad thing. Mostly I feel  more productive when there are tight schedules displaying directions. 

We visited watching Nick Cave's 20, 000 Days On the Earth today and it was something that I could recommend for everyone who likes Cave's music. I nearly started to pat during the film (even more as once) because it was such a powerful show. I still a bit regret that I didn't go to see him over a year ago when he visited Helsinki. Let's hope that they will come again in the future and I definitely want to re-watch the film. His music is something that I really love. 

"I used to be a music teacher until I met heroin"