torstai 29. toukokuuta 2014

She Talks to Rainbows

Hello! It's a day off and a really grey and rainy day, I love it! I'm immediately productive when the burning heat is gone and the weather is fresh. 
Monday's outfit. A belly shirt is new and the shorts as well. 
 I've sewn recently a bunch of new clothes. Here are the new spiky shorts which I made the last week. Like I already mentioned before, I noticed the last summer that the shorts are quite nice so I decided to make the other pair myself. 
On Monday we visited a new second hand store which is situated near to my place and the place was actually pretty good, or at least we both made nice findings. I bought the suspenders even if I'm not sure are they 'my thing'. I was five-years-old when I last wore them. 
Ramones shirt was so cheap that I had to take it. It goes well for instance while jogging. 
Decor things There can't be too many candle salvers. 

sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

Your blood feels like heroine

Laziness overwhelmed me the end of the week. The heat makes me exhausted and the couch corner has been the best friend except yesterday when I headed for the beach with a book. I tried to even swim, but the water was still freezing. This morning I woke up when it was the thunder again - the weather gets colder and that's good. Maybe I'm more diligent the next week with my projects. 
Summer day's outfit

I have a terrible dog fever. It has been over the spring and it's not fading. I make people around me insane when I'm talking about the dogs all over the time. I'm staring at the pictures of labs every day and I'm sailing in the dog forums. I've wanted Labrador since I was a kid (about five-years-old or something), and I saw Finnish TV program Ruusun aika. There was a "talking" black Lab in the series and I fell in love irrevocably. It's a bit hilarious that I'm still wanting that dog twenty-three years later. I have been waiting for the right moment for long and I realized some time ago that maybe the right moment would be here now? (how the hell you know when it's a right moment in the end?)  My studies are over and I have a lot of the spare time. I like to jog and spend the time outdoors. My parents are living quite near in the middle of nothing where the dog can run on the loose. The future is still a question mark, but it will be always. Kind of my restless soul would like to move abroad in the future, but that's just a obscure dream.

 Do you have the experience with the dogs? I have none, but a good thing is that Labbies are a quite easy breed to train and it fits the first dog well. Women of my age are having children, but because I don't want the human child, so maybe I could have the hairy child instead? Maybe I'll consider this thing over the summer, and if this fever still exists in the fall...
My boyfriend takes care of a dog every now and then. I took several pictures of Liinu some time ago. 

keskiviikko 21. toukokuuta 2014

I wander between the stones

The purple dress which partly glimpsed here the other day. What do you think about the color? I think this color spot is welcome to my black closet and I'm surprised how well this suits me.
It's sunny day again so I walked across the city to take these pictures. I admired how the city is blooming and it's so green everywhere here. Tampere is really beautiful city in the summer!

tiistai 20. toukokuuta 2014

The heat

The summer appeared and the clothes lightened up. I was wearing my new strapless top yesterday. It looks good, but wearing it is a bit awkward because I'm not used to it (I'm afraid it trickles down even if it stays up really well due to the elastic band.)

It was really warm day here yesterday and it even thundered a bit in the evening which was awesome. I love thunder so let's hope it will storm more over the summer. The heat isn't such a nice thing, I mean if it's too hot like yesterday it was. I feel sick really easily and I can't eat because my appetite always disappears when it's too hot and that knows problems. I'm happy that my flat is quite chilly. 
 My Photoshop stopped running yesterday. It claims that I don't have a licence to use it which is a bit weird because I have used that same version nearly ten years! It has always worked well without any problems until now. Fortunately I managed to get the new version immediately which is actually more professional as the old one. I was already in a flat spin because I had to edit important pictures yesterday.

torstai 15. toukokuuta 2014

This is art?

Questioning has been the theme of the day thus we finally went to see Andy Warhol's exhibition. Pop art is not my favorite art movement (too much colors), but I was quite curious to see Warhol's production. So today we stared at a tomato can and also many selfies! Yes, and we felt really stupid while staring at those screaming works. Warhol is laying in his grave and my mind is assured that he is laughing there at us.
My day's outfit
 I bought a few postcards to make a collage to the wall. 
A short post for a reason. I got to know a few hours ago that I will start in my new job tomorrow! I'm a bit nervous because this information came so quickly, but I wish that everything goes well.

lauantai 10. toukokuuta 2014


Here are a few promo pictures which I took a little while ago, but I forgot to put them on here. The pictures were taken in the basement and I was a bit worried about the lighting how it works there because the place is much darker as it shows in these shots, but I used my extra flash and the result is good enough! The boys have a gig tomorrow at the klubi and I'll be there too. They will play punk cover classics from the late 70's. Event's name is Pevefest if you are interested in coming too. 

sunnuntai 4. toukokuuta 2014

Only Lovers Left Alive

I've gone through my wardrobe over the weekend. As you have maybe noticed, I like to wear lots of simple black garments nowadays and complex, ruffle, layer creations are more past. Thus I'm going to get more space to get out of all the unnecessary clothes to put them on sale or in some case taking them to the attic. I have four closet in a flat and they are so overloaded that it's nearly impossible to find anything (of course it might help a bit if all weren't black ;)) I have done anyway spring cleaning lately and also bought some new decor things which I will introduce you later. 

Some pictures which were taken some time ago.

The other day I visited watching Only Lovers Left Alive and it was such a adorable love story between two vampire. Totally different film as usually. More poetic and artistic, especially I liked the music.  I'm a bit bored a whole vampire theme but this masterpiece pointed out that this subject can still be used with an imagination. I wish to get a DVD soon to get a new round in the world of fantasy.