torstai 27. kesäkuuta 2013

The sky gives the tears

Top: Lip Service (second hand) /  Corset: Lip Service (second hand) /Skirt: Second hand / Belt: Second hand

Honor of a rainy day I decided to try a bit different hairstyle today and the result was fairly good. A side cut would work greatly with this style but unfortunately I have that no longer. Betweentimes I'd like to cut it back but then again growing takes time a small eternity and the hair is already now that long that I don't have a heart to cut it back. Anyway this style was a glad surprise and I surely try it later again. 

maanantai 24. kesäkuuta 2013

Through the blackest shadow

Sunday's look
 Shirt: Second Hand / Shorts: Second Hand, Diy / Tights: Lindex / Bag: Lindex / Shoes: Brand Neosens / Jewelry: From here and there

I like those velvet shorts a lot! I guess I'm gonna wear them a lot of during this summer, Tights are also gorgeous and the shirt which I bought on second hand.

On Sunday we visited watching The Great Gatsby with my friend. I doubted  the whole film beforehand but then I decided to give a try for it. I put my trust on DiCaprio because he hasn't made the bad roles just at all and he didn't betray either this time. 

perjantai 14. kesäkuuta 2013

When everything falls there is nothing but hope

 This week swallowed me,  the time disappeared in the speed of light even if I done nothing special. I've spent time in the city and visited here and there. A second ago I was walking in the neighborhood and explored the places. It's good to know where I'm living! The weather has been rainy this week so it has also kept me a lot indoors.
I purchased these lovely tights a couple of days ago. I visited watching them a few times before I made my decision to buy them. Hope they will not fall apart immediately when the material is fairly thin. Earrings are also a new finding. 

torstai 6. kesäkuuta 2013

At the edge of a storm

More shopping which  I've done lately... "A hole shirt" which I bought a few weeks ago as a second hand. This is comfy and casual. Really cool and useful for these days when  temperature rises high. All kind of ragged garments  are close to my heart at the present time. I promised to myself that I try to save my coins for the tattoo project which needs them a lot of.. but it seems to be impossible when I find all the time something to buy. I was meant to take a tattoo as a graduation present and my graduation happened already six months ago and the tattoo is still without taking. But it is also just because the coming ink spot is not so easy to do and I have tried to search for a talented tattoo artist to take this project. I'm happy if I get the tattoo by end of the year so there is still time to safe the situation.

Oh, sky is getting dark again, how much I love the summer rain at least now when the weather is burning.