sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2016

Wave gotik treffen: Velvet Acid Christ, Aesthetic perfection

This will be the last post of Wave Gotik Treffen, I promise ;) The last day before leaving back for home included a few good gigs and Finnish meet-up. In the morning after sleeping a few  hours we dressed up and I visited taking hotel's breakfast as I did everyday. We went to shop to a railway station which was situated  a stone's throw to get to our hotel. I found a few lovely shoes and some make-up which I had already bought once before during our journey. I didn't shop that much that I did a year ago. Mostly I admired all handmade items and gathered an inspiration. At WGT you can find such a many cool handmade items and I especially like them. 

My outfit contained also something handmade. The horns which I wore nearly everyday and the collar. The dress is from Queen of Darkness and it felt very good choice for the last day when I wanted to wear something which look good, but feels casual. 
By the way our hotel was situated in the downtown which is the best location while attending WGT. It was almost a skyscraper including 27 floors. Our room was on the floor 17 and from there it was a nice view through the window over the city. 
We went to Moritzbastei which was the new place to me and what a labyrinth that place was, but quite nice. There was arranged a small Finnish meet-up which was the reason to go there. It was nice to hear other's experiences from the WGT and Leipzig over the beer. After that we decided to visit shortly Medieval village before going to Agra. Day's gigs were Velvet Acid Christ which I waited a lot and Aesthetic Perfection. Both were absolutely good. 

torstai 26. toukokuuta 2016

Wave Gotik Treffen: Darkhaus, Diary of Dreams, Lacrimosa, PiL

Sunday the third day at Wave Gotik treffen was chilly, windy, sunny and rainy and I managed to get wet when some random cloud reached us unexpectedly. . The rain lasted only for a few minutes until the cloud hastened over and the sun appeared back. The weather was quite bad and annoying not at all warm and nice like it was a year ago.  People said that it's never been this cold before at WGT like it was this year. People was wearing their overcoats so their beautiful costumes didn't show so I ended up leaving my camera to the hotel and didn't take any pictures of the other's costumes. I wore my self made pvc dream dress which I also wore the last year at Lumous. 
 A few pictures from Agra. 

We decided to take a tram and travel to Agra once again where was performing Diary of Dreams and Public Image Ltd which I definitely wanted to see! For real, I saw Johnny Rotten, a living legend of punk! Both gigs were good. In addition we checked Lacrimosa which was boring and Darkhaus. We returned back to hotel somewhere around 3 am. I probably slept only five hours until it was a time to start the last day. 

maanantai 23. toukokuuta 2016

Wave Gotik Treffen; Obsession Bizzard Fetischtreffen

Saturday was an only day when we didn't see any bands because we wanted to attend a fetish parties which we missed the previous year. Good that we went. I have never been in this huge fetish event and I have never waited for getting in for an hour!(or at least I can't remember) We thought that we arrived in time, but the queue was long as a hunger year and the weather was chilly. Fortunately we got in eventually and got a chance to see the amazing venue. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to take photos in there so I don't have anything to share about that for you. 

I wore this look in the daytime until I changed it to another for Fetischtreffen. I realized that the massive long tulle skirt fits into the suitcase so I definitely wanted to take it with me. I love the skirt and I wear long skirts all too rarely nowadays.

lauantai 21. toukokuuta 2016

Wave Gotik Treffen 2016

It's a time to do the first post of Wave Gotik Treffen. Needless to say the whole  event was again an experience which I want to re-see the next year. 

So we arrived at Leipzig on Thursday afternoon and the night spent by sleeping. There would have been interesting opening parties twenty kilometers away from the downtown, but the bed won at this time. On Friday, which was the first official day of WGT, we headed to Victorian picnic and that was one thing we wanted to experience this year. We missed it the year before due to the tight schedule. Fortunately the picnic was arranged on Friday when the weather was good.  A big park filled with beautiful people in wonderful costumes was definitely worth visiting. Some people do put effort on their costumes. 
I wore a striped dress and self made collar on Friday. And even the horns found a way to the head. 

We spent some hours at the park until it was a time to go Agra. I did some shopping and we watched the gigs of Peter Murphy, Faun and Nouvelle Fague. Peter Murphy was one artist I really waited for seeing this year, Faun was okay I hadn't listened to them before, that France cover band Nouvelle Fague was a bit peculiar. Some of their cover songs were interesting, but there were some songs that wasn't really goth... I don't know what I should think of them, but we watched the gig while waiting for Murphy to come. Peter Murphy played Bauhaus and his own songs. Both sounded good and I'm happy I had a chance to see this mystical goth god in live. 

perjantai 20. toukokuuta 2016

Unterwegs: Feel Berlin

Guten Tag! I'm still alive after all travelling and adventuring, but I feel slightly exhausted. A treadmill captured me immediately after coming home and as you may know visiting Festival is tough. A few days off would have been good for recovering. But what it comes to my journey, Germany was wonderful and I can't wait to get there again in the future. It was nice to see a piece of Berlin as well and I definitely want to revisit there later. We had some hours time to round there and we managed to see some remarkable spots as Memorial of murdered Jews of Europe. Luckily the weather was in our side on Thursday until it turned to erratic.  Here are a few shots I took on Thursday before leaving for Leipzig. 

I try to return over the weekend and do the post of Wave Gotik Treffen which most likely interest you ;) This year I didn't take such many photos as I did the year ago, but of course there is something to show you. 

keskiviikko 11. toukokuuta 2016

Elizabeth ruffle collar

Good morning! A short post about the collar I made a couple of weeks ago. I've dreamed of the Elizabeth collar for long and now I decided to do it. This is a prototype literally. I didn't have any specs how to produce this, but now I'm a lot smarter. It's quite simple to sew, but it requires hand stitches and I hate them! I was a bit insecure which material to choose and I ended up duchess satin which was a good option. Let's see if I wear this at WGT.
Last day at work and then Germany is calling. You can imagine how much I want to go to the work right now. Thoughts are already somewhere elsewhere. I'm happy that I've packed already so I don't need to stress today. Our bus will leave  for Helsinki at  4 am the next night which means that the early morning is coming. Tomorrow we thought to pick up the wristbands after arriving at Leipzig so they are on standby for Friday.  Probably we are quite zombies tomorrow that need to go sleep in time ;D I can't wait for getting Agra hall to shop! 

I'm not sure if I post from the journey, but I will when I'm back home. After the journey there is only three days and my vacation begins.

sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2016

Wrapped in chiffon

A week rolled again since the last post. I've been such a busy while preparing for WGT and with my jobs that there has not had extra time for blogging which annoys me because I have an inspiration.  On top of that the summer appeared. The weather has turned to unusual warm so I've spent time outdoors. On Thursday when it was another public holiday in Finland and I was off we decided to go to a picnic with my other half. It was a nice idea and we had a good time on the lakeside. We even bumped into a turtle when some random guy was walking it. 

Here is my today's outfit. Asymmetrical chiffon top and the new lovely tights which I found on Tuesday. 
I got the new earrings the other day and before someone asks are they from Killstar they are not. They are quite big so it takes time to get to used to them.  
I'm proud of myself. I have already packed for Wave Gotik Treffen and can't wait for Thursday to come. This year we will fly to Berlin from Helsinki and from Berlin we'll travel to Leipzig by train. We have really early morning on Thursday when the bus leaves at 4 am to Helsinki ,but at least we should be at destination in time. Most probably we have time to spend a few hours in Berlin which is cool! Never been there before. A return date is on Tuesday so we have nicely time to enjoy Leipzig and WGT. The last year we missed the last day when the flight left back to Finland, but this year we are going to party to the end.  Just three days at work and.....!  And when I come back home I only have four days and holiday begins!

sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2016

The First of May

Well Hello, it's a time to come and write a few words up. May Day starts to be celebrated and this year I spent it in my hometown. The last year I traveled across the country, but this time I only had a few days off so there wasn't sense to leave anywhere.  (For foreigners May Day is a public holiday in Finland. It's so called worker's day or just an excuse to drink alcohol. Especially students are celebrating May Day impressively and usually they celebrate it more as just for one day. All in all it's a celebration of all the people.)

Yesterday we went to the nearby park where was arranged "anarchy market" and there was playing some soloist. The weather was quite cold and wet so we didn't stay long until we decided to go a bar and buy a sweet Hello Kitty balloon from the market. Today I've been here and there. I visited a downtown which was packed with people. The weather was absolutely wonderful and warm so I wanted to spend time outdoors like seemingly many others too. Here is an outfit from today until I changed it to another:
Dress: Second hand, Shoes: Minna Parikka, Belt: Flea market, Hat: Student cap
I went to see for the first time when the students were dipped in the white water. It's an old tradition here. 
All in all the weekend was nice and now I start to prepare for WGT!!