lauantai 22. helmikuuta 2014

"You promised me Time will heal Make me forget You promised me Love will save us all"

A few words up over a cup of coffee. I thought, I 'd have had more time for blogging during the week but apparently not. A customer project took a big piece of my schedule and the rest of the time spent by watching the Breaking Bad. I've watched the episodes in a row by nights, I'm badly addicted to it. It beats the Walking Dead and Under the Dome which I watched recently. I'm already in the mid of the season three, I guess, I'll feel a bit empty when I have seen all seasons.  :D
Thursday's outfit. Maxi skirt works well as a home uniform. 
I'm on a way to Turku tomorrow due to my cousin's confirmation day and after that it's time to return back home again. I already miss my pole.

tiistai 18. helmikuuta 2014

I don't exist when you don't see me I don't exist when you're not here

I arrived at my parents' place once again whilst they are off to Lapland for a week. I'm like a house guard with four cats and so excited that a whole house is free for me and for my projects. I really enjoy being here in the middle of nothing on my own. It sounds likely odd for most of you but I'm  profoundly an introvert that being alone gives me a lot of energy. (and it's super, I can listen to the music at full voice or even play the guitar and no one complain of it)

My brother was so kind that he gave me a lift by a car so I didn't need to put my coins on a nazi train, and it was possible to take my sewing machine here so that I can sew my customer projects while being here. 
Day's look consisted of an old coat which I bought five years ago? It's still in great form although I've worn it a lot. Shoes are from Pennangalan and the purse is a second hand finding. The ground is completely melted which means it's possible to wear the heels. What a weird winter!
I keep watching Breaking Bad at least a one episode before closing the eyes. (It's addictive)

perjantai 14. helmikuuta 2014

Greater than three

Day's outfit
Some second hand findings that I made already last year. A frame whose original color was white, but I painted it in black. I have always a bottle of black spay in case that I find something which needs to paint. As a visual person it's needless to say that I love pictures around my home's walls and as for the different frames, they are candy for the eyes.
 A velvet purse was a good finding for I only have a few handbags nowadays. This bag was love at first sight and I got it at low price. 
 These earrings I found in Seppälä. They were on offer and I wasn't able to resist. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

lauantai 8. helmikuuta 2014

Where the birds always sing

Did I already mention that odd fever for decorating hit me soon after a year turned? I have found some small and nice decor products to make my home more cozier place to dwell. The white cage was so budget that I couldn't leave a store without buying it. I was thinking of burning the candles inside it. Of course a stuffed (fake) raven would be even better choice but unfortunately the bird hasn't flown against me yet. Maybe someday. 
Shirt: flea market / Skirt: Wannabe / Necklace: Etsy / Headpiece: Second hand / Gloves: a gift from my mom
I've also made some other plans to decor my place. There is (hopefully) coming a painting which needs the frame so an inevitable visit to soulless Ikea is coming in the near future. My other half gave his words to come with me to that hell so I don't need to round there on my own. I should also buy the black paint to re-paint a part of my furniture again. I have the old furniture which I got when a sister of my grandmother passed away. I painted them some years ago but the old paint has partly worn and the original yellow color is visible through a bit. And then I have that ugly white mirror which my aunt gave me a few years ago. I've been about to paint it for a long time but it seems to be still white.

 (By the way I got an idea that I could pay a visit to the house where the sister of my grandmother lived. I visit there every now and then mostly taking pictures. That house is abandoned nowadays and it's really ghostly atmosphere there (maybe a spirit inhabits there). However the house is filled with the old affairs which no one needs. Perhaps I could find something in there. )

More decor dreams are coming later...

perjantai 7. helmikuuta 2014

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream

A quickly post about my lovely new top before falling asleep. I placed an order to Black Craft some time ago to order a few tops and they arrived at my door sooner as I assumed. I fell in a love with their entire collection which caused a small hurricane inside my head; it was challenging to decide which ones to purchase. I ended up taking a top with Poe print and another which probably will be seen here later. Nice and comfy clothes with the cool prints. 
I visited a pole ballet lesson yesterday. That literally means that we made some ballet steps combined with the pole dancing. It was quite fun even if I had my own suspicions before the lesson, because I didn't have any experience about the ballet, but now I have. It requires a good balance which I don't have seemingly at all and maybe my body could be a bit more flexible. Probably I will focus more on the pole, it is more my thing. 
This night I've sent the applications to be a slave to the regular job again. (By the way a word 'regular' makes me feel sick in itself :D) I can't find the words to describe how bored I'm with writing the words of praise, to which no one will ever answer. 

tiistai 4. helmikuuta 2014

Dancing on the graves

It's a time to introduce my new winter coat which I made myself in December. A model is more as typical of me. A wide hem and lacing on the back but this time I made a huge hood instead of a collar. The hood is useful if it's windy or snowy weather. This is really warm, material is nearly 100% wool and there is two linings. Probably this goes through the many cold winters. 
The graveyards looks extremely beautiful in winter time. Unfortunately it's not anymore that cold so the snow has faded from the branches. 

lauantai 1. helmikuuta 2014

A night with Poe

My Saturday night is made of a glass of red wine and Edgar Allan Poe (and maybe a bit more walkers later). Regarding the series, I'm completely retarded. I have watched The Walking Dead on this week and I'm addicted!  In addition we've been watching Under the Dome which seems to be good aswell. When I'm finished these maybe  I could check out the next Sleepy Hollow. I already watched the first episode of it, but it's hard to say is it good or not. 

Of course I have made also much more during a week as watching the series. As regards pole dancing, I've been very diligent. I learned something new which gave me a lot of inspiration. A German textbook has also been a friend of mine.