lauantai 31. elokuuta 2013

World lost the colors

Here comes the skirt which I made some weeks ago. I dreamed of this kind of bottom for months until I got an inspiration to make it. I'm also quite happy with these black and white pictures which I took myself. 
No other words, the pictures speak for themselves

sunnuntai 25. elokuuta 2013

When my blood runs cold

 I fell in love with my red hair again having dyed them on Friday night. I feel to be like a newborn each time after dyeing. It's funny how much the mood can rise when hair looks good. 
Yesterday I dressed up the new pullover which I found in flea market on Monday. I love when it's a long model, I can wear it as a dress aswell. 

Weekend passed in silence. I missed Ultranoir's gig. They were played at Vastavirta klub but I forget it totally and my other half told me it too late. Shame. I'd have liked to go there but can't do anything anymore. I remembered that the gig is in September so I wasn't checked the date yet. Well maybe there is coming something in the future. Yesterday there was also zombie walk and I wasn't informed either it (maybe I should start following the local events a bit more!). We ended up driving trough the city just when it was over and I spotted a few dead walkers. It would have been nice to go photograph them. Is there anyone who participated in this bloody walk? 

Today I visited some kind of design event. There was a few Finnish designers selling their products in Sori square. I was willing to see which kind of products they sell. It was also good to see that there was a lot of people got lost in the scene. 

perjantai 23. elokuuta 2013

She and her eternity

Here is a dress that I mentioned have done. Model is the simplest ever but at this moment I don't miss anything specific. Obviously a minimalist period is running, I'd like to sell all clothes that I don't wear and retain only the best ones. Fabric is really gorgeous, I bought it while visiting Estonia a few years ago. I wish I could go to visit there again, there is so many beautiful fabrics and other supplies which are impossible to find in Finland. In coming posts I will introduce more sewing works which I have done recently. 

During this week I've missed my black hair back. Black is like home for me. It's the color where I feel to be myself. This red is unnatural and I miss currently something more natural. Maybe it's also the coming autumn which makes me want to turn to the darkness. I'm also fed up with dyeing the hair all the time and faded red with the root growth is the most disgusting ever. But let's see, maybe I try to stay in red as yet for some time. I have time to be black head rest of my life.

lauantai 17. elokuuta 2013

'All religions of a spiritual nature are inventions of man. He has created an entire system of gods with nothing more than his carnal brain'

These satanic long johns, the way how I nominated them, appeared into my wardrobe already some time ago and they actually flashed here on the blog a few post ago. I fell in love with them immediately when I saw them for the first time. They were sold out for a long time and when they finally came for sale again it felt that everyone had decided to get these. I decided to be without buying them until I fell. They fits my style and 'cause I've been interested in  satanic philosophy since I was a teen (I don't worship the Satan or overturn the grave monuments, don't get me wrong like some people sometimes do) so they are also suitable for other reason.

These are from Actual Pain if someone didn't know. They also have some other interesting products which I've been watching. Need to save some coins maybe I'll place an order later again. 

By the way this is the hundredth post of this year. I've been fairly diligent blogger. ^^ 

perjantai 16. elokuuta 2013

Something cute and something fluffy

I managed to take a few shots about these lovely kittens even if the lighting was pretty bad. They are so cute and it's interesting to follow when they bustle around. These cats are my parents' new dwellers or rather my youngest brother's. They already have two cats and now there is two more. There can't be too many cats exist? I had four cats when I lived at my childhood home, nowadays I have none because I think the small high-rise apartment in the middle of the city is not the best place for them. I can only dream of having my own cats in the future. So far I can visit here to play with these  :)

perjantai 9. elokuuta 2013

Dancing in the rain

I'm confused how quickly this week flew. Maybe it did because I've had so many activities and I have been really inspired by reading, sewing and pole dancing. I sewed a new dress yesterday, its' quite simple but the fabric is beautiful. I try to take photos of it by the next week. 

I was about to go see my parents this weekend but it seems that I'm going to stay in Tampere though. The purpose was to go to photograph and say hello to kittens but because the forecaster has promised only the rain, it's better to pass the visit and go later then. Besides I have a lot of doing here and I should practice a few pole movements. 

maanantai 5. elokuuta 2013

It’s hurry up living or hurry up dying

I had a comfy and calm weekend which I spent home on my own. It was such a relaxing just to stay home and sew a few skirt, read some vampire stuff and round around the pole of course (Now my legs are filled with the bruises and hands are aching. I became aware of how to make push ups and I really got enthusiastic them. Earlier I tried them I didn't manage, probably I had the wrong technique). 

The next weekend I'm probably going to see my parents because they have got a few kitten and I want to see them before they grow up and snap some pictures aswell. 

Here is another of those skirts I made. A really simple full circle skirt which is made of twill. Somehow I've been in love with the simple black outfits recently. No ruffles or other decorations. Perhaps some of you think it's boring but it pleases my eyes lots of currently.

lauantai 3. elokuuta 2013

So what if you can’t stand it and you’re left in the dark

I mentioned earlier that I bought a new bookcase. It's from Ikea and a far from victorian era furniture which are close to my heart but unfortunately too difficult to find anywhere. However this is pretty stylish and goes well with my decor and the most important thing; it's large enough. At first I considered buying this same as red but then I changed my mind and thought that black is more certain choice to my taste. Only bad side of this is that it really likes to collect all the dust to itself and it shows; thus I need to walk a rag in hand all over the time as if some kind of housemaid.
 There can't be too many stripes... Finally I got the striped curtains! I've been dreaming of these too long. These helps a bit now when I don't like to wear striped clothes much with the red hair (you know it's too colorful).

 I'll spend this evening by eating junk food and drinking a glass of red wine while reading.....