Thursday, 27 April 2017

Harness diy project

Last  week I decided to carry out one project which had been haunting in my mind for years. Seriously for years. Harness! I found the faux leather  for it last autumn and buckles a few weeks ago. I'd have wanted to use the real leather instead of the faux leather which would be much more hardwearing, but because I didn't find it I decided to use this. Let's see if it works and it's easy to do another one if I manage to find the real leather. I love the harnesses and they fit so nicely together with simple dresses. Above all the leather accessories look good to my eyes. 
Harness and dress: DIY, Shoes: New Look
Currently I'm sewing a skirt for Wave Gotik Treffen. So far it looks good and can't wait for getting it ready. 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Taivaani on synkempi kuin sinun

I've been burying myself in different books recently when there is finally more spare time and even those days when I don't have to go work at all, so what could be better as read interesting pieces and escape the reality. I got a recommendation about this one:  Täältä Pohjoiseen which is based on the band named Sentenced. A day later I stomped into a library and twelve hours later I was already read it. It was simply awesome. I used to listen to them a lot as a teen and I hadn't heard about the book until my boyfriend , who was informed by his friend, told me.. The pithy story about the one successful Finnish band who left so much potential without using. I managed to see them in 2005 which was the year when they finished. I remember when they carried the coffin onto the stage to emphasize that this is the end now. It was quite hilarious. The less hilarious was when their guitarist and composer was told to die a few years after. End of the road so to say.  
Another book which I found by accident was Kurt Cobain's diaries. That's meant more for real diggers I think. It includes a lot of lyrics and some messy thoughts. Didn't offer much new information, but was enough interesting so I went it through. 
These happy slogans carry the story forward
So that the whole blog wouldn't only be about the books here is the outfit from yesterday. This awesome dress I found in Germany a few years ago and I should definitely wear it more!

Monday, 17 April 2017

We killed the flame

Yesterday's outfit
The ground was covered again with the snow yesterday when we decided to pay a visit to a grocery store. I start being fairly convinced that the summer won't come at all this year. It's snowing still though the first of May is in two weeks. Well at least I can enjoy that cloak still although the lighter coats are hunting already in the mind.  
Cloak: Diy, Leggins: Queen of Darkness, Shoes: K-kenkä, Bag: H&M

My weekend was quite bland. I was at work, spent time with my beloved, but most of all I was surrounded by the books and poured too many cups of coffee through my throat. When inspiration hits, it's nearly impossible to stop. There would have been several tempting events, but the home felt too comfy choice and perhaps it's better to try to save money for WGT which is behind the corner! I've been pondering desperately how to dress, but the mind offers several options. Perhaps I will sew something exciting... 

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Black salvation

Hello! It's Easter weekend and I don't have any special plans for it. Yesterday I was about to go see Lasten Hautausmaa, but a bed won at this time which is kind of a shame. They are super cool group with melancholic songs, but I felt too exhausted to go out last night. To be honest I have visited the gigs every week and there would be one also this night, but I'm considering to overtake it too. Besides I have to go to the work in the morning.
 I went to see my old favorite band Sara last weekend and enjoyed their show much although the new songs and their new style isn't that good what it was during the first three albums. To my delight they also played elder production.  I used to listen to them a lot as a teen and later I visited several times their gigs as well. If I remember correct, the last time I saw them was in 2008. However I didn't know they still exist and I hadn't listened to them for ages. I kind of found them again. I recommend to listen to the first three albums which are available also on Spotify these days. Their new style is much lighter and includes more electronic sounds. I could say it's more 'radio friendly'.
Yesterday's outfit
I didn't remember this skirt at all which I made for graduation ceremony in 2012. I found it in my wardrobe and decided to put on yesterday. I could start to wear it more again. It's nice and always stylish. 

One book that I finished a few days ago. This was interesting and not a"storybook" as some biographies can sometimes be if you understand what I mean. I have read a lot of biographies especially musicians' and sometimes they are so colored that a man must be a damn stupid to believe everything what the covers keep inside.

Hope you all have a nice weekend. I keep up being lazy and keep up playing of Sims. Perhaps I try to finish the new corset too. And okay, I borrowed a few super interesting books today from library so my evening is saved! 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Silver Dress

Finally I managed to take pictures about the new dress that I made recently. I have enjoyed sewing a lot after a break and there is coming more projects soon among other things a new corset and harness. In addition we bought a fabric for my boyfriend's trousers. I love making of clothes, but other affairs have demanded time and so I have had quite impossible to arrange time for sewing. But now I want to change this direction and start sewing regularly again.

The dress is made of satin and it's atypically gray! I have wanted the gray dress or tunic for some time and here it is. Perhaps it's due to the spring that the mind wants something else than black ;) 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Monday's outfit

I can't believe it's already April and we are already this close to the summer, which is really nice! I love the floating light which comes through the windows although it reveals all dusty spots of home. 
I dressed up a Lip Service top and a pencil skirt yesterday. I think it's a nice combination, a bit conservative with fetish elements. I love that top and its tiny lock. A skirt begins to be slightly loose. I have managed to lose a few kilos and it starts to show in clothes. 
I have been under a flu since last Friday. Yesterday was already better day, but the whole weekend went mostly under a blanket and I didn't visit out at all. I however went to see a few gigs on Friday night and captured a bunch of nice pictures too. To my luck I was off on Saturday and Sunday so I had a chance to heal myself in all quiet. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to go out, but I would have been dead bored at home.