perjantai 28. elokuuta 2015

New address to dwell

So much has happened since my last update like I quit my another job to replace it with an education and my home address experienced a change. The last days have been really busy that I haven't got a chance to enjoy my new place just at all. I have just visited sleeping here, not much else. I still have several bags waiting for a demolition when the energy level has pointed zero after eleven hours work days. The move came earlier as I assumed when I managed to get keys already over a week ago, so I decided to bring my goods here the last weekend and here I'm now. The new home is definitely adorable and so much bigger as the old one. I can't wait that I get everything in order. 

perjantai 14. elokuuta 2015


I jumped on a bus yesterday and after six hours I arrived at Savonlinna. A bit longer weekend before the long workdays so I decided to do a small summer trip because almost the whole summer has gone at work. Here is my day's outfit:
Hope you all have a good weekend wherever you are!

keskiviikko 12. elokuuta 2015


Sponsored post
We went to see Amy Winehouse's documentary on Monday afternoon and I decided to put on something from Queen of Darkness until I realized that my whole outfit was consisted of their clothes except the shoes of course (they are from New Look).  A top is actually a dress, but this time I wanted to wear it more as the top. The hem is such a short that I felt more comfy this way. The dress is really sweet, but I think that I should work out more that the dress would fit me better ;D. I would like to see how it turns out on different body types. The back is the best thing in this piece. Link here to see a picture when I forgot to turn around. Hotpants are a perfect everyday garment in the summer time. Those bondage straps are removable which is useful. 

... and the movie. It was really good as I had heard. I need to admit that I knew just a few songs from Amy before I went to see the film, but during these two days I have listened to her more and became more familiar with her. Second thing I need to admit that I hated her voice years ago when she popped up, but my opinion has changed since those days and I need to find that her voice was awesome. For me a whole lady represented just a rich junkie who passed away at the age of 27. However I wanted to go to see the movie in addition to that I was heard it's good, but also because I wanted to see what else this woman was than just a junkie. I'm sure I will re-watch this later when I get it to my hands. The movie felt so authentic and touching. It included a lot of video material and interviews from her related party. I recommend to give it a try although you wouldn't be a fan or anything. 

sunnuntai 9. elokuuta 2015

The last pictures

A small decor post from my current address and these will be also the last pictures from the place. As I alluded a while ago that there is coming changes in my life. One will be that I move. This time not across the country, but a few blocks away from the current place. I managed to have a new home to live  about a month ago and the move comes at the end of month. And why I move? I don't know. Most my familiar are moving and then the fever found me and I decided to check out the local rental supply just for fun and in the end everything happened quick as a flash. I went to see one interesting apartment and the next day a broker called that the flat is mine if I want it. I was quite surprised because there were many people interested in that place and I managed to get it. It's bigger as the current dwelling and that's the reason why I actually want to move. I have dreamed of a two-room apartment in a long time and in addition there is also a sauna and a glazed balcony. A rent wasn't too bad and the location is really good.  And not the bad idea at all that there is allowed to keep pets. As I have told you, I have a cat and dog fever and now it's possible to get them at some point! Three weeks left and I have already started to fill boxes. I'm just too excited and can't wait for getting to dwell to the new address. 

However here are a few pictures I took from my current decor:
As you can imagine, I have a bunch of decor ideas I want to implement at my new home. At least I need to buy a new bed because the old one lives its last moments. Then I would like to have a sofa table. I will return back to the subject after moving. Hope you are eager to hear more ;)

sunnuntai 2. elokuuta 2015

Kun mä kuolen niin te ette löydä mua enää ikinä

(title translated: When I die you will not find me ever again)

On Friday evening after arriving at home I headed for Vastavirta to see two really good bands named Lasten hautausmaa and Murheen laakso. I haven't see them before so the event was remarkable chance to see two Finnish alternative bands and to get to hear their gloomy songs. The place was sold out beforehand so it was luck that we realized to get our tickets well in advance. Atmosphere was good and when Murheen Laakso started to play their last gig forever, people packed in front of the stage. To end up with the gig a bassist threw his bass over the audience and a guitarist dived into the people. 

Today me and my boyfriend decided to walk to Tahmela where was arranged Pispala Folk- event. We watched Dave Lindholm's gig and walked back to the city. Quite melodic weekend so to speak.