Monday, 23 July 2012

Back to the Gotham city

Day's outfit 

Mikä olisikaan parempi paikka viettää maanantai-iltaa kuin kuvitteellisessa Gotham cityssä? Kävimme siis katsastamassa uusimman Batmanin eivätkä ennalta luetut arvostelut pettäneet kehuillaan, vaan uusin tulokas jatkaa loistavaa linjaa edeltävän jäljissä. Päätin sulautua tunnelmaan jo vaatekaapilta käsin pukeutumalla leppakkomaiseen asuun, joka päällä jaksaisi istua kolmisen tuntia elokuvan pimennössä.


Which would be the better place spend Monday night than in imaginary Gotham city? We visited to check the newest Batman film today and what  I can tell you is that ratings didn't betray which I read  by anticipation. I decided to create my own bat outfit and here is the result.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


What I have done and where I have been. End of the June I headed for Helsinki once again and the destination was Tuska open air metal festival. I had  tickets for the three days like always and I can say those days passed fast. The band settings wasn't so special this year but I have a good time anyway. From my viewpoint the most expected orchestra was Ministry which was also the last performer. I was standing in the front of the stage and I'm probably bitter rest of my life because I didn't manage to get a touch with Jourgenson when he shook hands with the audience (it was really fuckin near) I also managed to get  a drumstick to my head but then someone else took it. The gig was good anyway :) I also checked for among other things Megadeth (which was as boring as I had thought), Mokoma (which is always greate), Insomnium, Swallow the Sun, Napalm death and Overkill. I would have liked to see Lamb of God but then happened what happened. They withdrawed.

My outfit (sorry about the quality, I had my old camera which is a bit broken and that's why I didn't take so many pictures)


After Tuska I went to my parent's place because my intention was to go Lumous gothic festival which was arranged the next weekend. Everything sucked perfectly anyway and I ended up lie under the blanket. On thursday my voice was totally lost and I didn't have any other choice than revoke the hotel reservation. It would have been useless to go there because I probably would have been sitting alone in the dark corner without possibilities to talk with anyone
. I don't know how I managed to get a flu in the middle of the summer but this is just my luck. 

On saturday morning after being ill five days I decided to be enough healthy to go Ruisrock. My voice was alraedy a bit better and it was possible to talk more than one word. I bought a ticket and took a bus and hoped it wouldn't rain like they promised. The day was really hot and it was so cool to be in Ruisrock after the many years.

End of the trip.
It was so boring to come back home after two wonderful weekends but I think the new adventures will find me.

Monday, 16 July 2012


Oops. Almost a month have passed and I haven't given a thought for my blog. I blame summer which I have spent really effectively by rounding around the country ( I'll tell you more later in coming post). Kind of I have a vacation now though I should still do my uni works... Can't wait this is over! I really enjoy the summer when don't need to sit indoors all the time and jobs don't force to keep regular day routines. I would say one word; freedom. One night we were cycling in the middle of the night when the city was totally empty. Yesterday I was playing a bar bingo and on the saturday I took a part in  fashion show as a model. (and after that I sat in the bar till the morning...) Yesterday we were also cycling and I was like a wet cat after getting back home; the rain surprised us. Today I tried to shop the new clothes but didn't find anything. Every summer the same thing; the stores are filled with ugly garments in all the ugly colors.