Monday, 30 March 2015

Helsinki INK

I attended Helsinki Ink International Tattoo Convention on the weekend. Tattoo fever inhabits my soul continually so I wanted to go and pick up some inspiration for my coming projects. Swedish artist Ellen Westholm's style locked up my mind, but surely there were many good artists among her. I have a bunch of ideas in my mind and they have been there already for a while. I want always ponder these everlasting projects profoundly. But perhaps it would be a high time and get some ink more!
We also visited Steam Helsinki bar and I drank a lovely green "health" drink which was tasty, but bloody expensive. It included gin, sugar, soda, basil and lemon. I rarely order any tipples, but at this time I decided to break my habits. 
Weekend was good, but over too quickly. Fortunately Easter comes and it knows some days off. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

New Summer / Spring Collection by Queen Of Darkness

Commercial break. 

It's a time to capture your attention for a moment because I have some good news to tell you. Like you all know the summer is on a way and that means what else as summer clothes! One collection that I have been waiting for a whole year is finally here. Queen of Darkness will launch a new spring/summer collection and it will be on sale on their webstore tomorrow! 

I decided to pick up a few products which please my eyes:
The new collection mixes together the black simple garments and more traditional elements. I definitely fell in love with dresses.  I picked up three different dress which became my favorite immediately. The first one includes a long and asymmetrical hem, like you know I like to wear asymmetrical clothes quite often. The second one is really simple, but there is a nice detail on the tight and the back is also lovely. This includes a bit bondage style which is nice! The third one is a lace dream. Although I don't wear the lace ruffle dresses so often anymore, I still love them. This represents more traditional goth style which is always close to my heart. And the last item is a coat. I think it's a bit steam punk and I hit my eyes on it right away. I especially like one-sided lace hem. 

What do you think? Anything for you? 

The collection includes many neat pieces so I recommend to check it out! More news you find here

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Saturday and black velvet

While watching through the window this morning I thought it's a beautiful day to go to do some photography. Well it wasn't. Awful strong and cold wind blew me nearly to fly so I decided to take just outfit pictures and come back to indoors. Just my luck. The sun has been shining a whole week and it has been a warm weather until now when I'm off. 
I do enjoyed this morning when a crazy work week (eleven days...) is over and I didn't need to wake up 4.00 am. I took a long dreams although I woke up already 8 am and enjoyed my morning coffee in all peace. No plans for the weekend so I'm rolling here and there. Perhaps I could sew something... and watch the movies..
 Coat: diy, Shoes: Vagabond
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

She's dead after love

 What an insane scheduled work period it's going right now, but I have decided to go it through triumphantly. Eleven days in a row until a day off comes and I'm about halfway now. Perhaps a small trophy when this is over. However I feel quite energetic and I bothered to take photos of day's outfit which consisted of a second hand shirt and suspenders and a skirt which is quite new. I have enjoyed highs heels during the last days. Goodbye to all the snow and ice and welcome to my heels.  
These boots are from Vagabond and I ordered them in January. They are suitably witchy and so gorgeous to wear, worth every penny. I was watching these shoes already in early autumn, but I decided to increase my patience and wait if these come to sale and eventually I paid forty euros less. 
I have enlarged my vinyl collection and one new plate is Varjo: Viimeinen näytös. This cost just four euros so not bad at all. Varjo is one of my favorite band and it's a shame this band doesn't exist anymore. I actually have a cd version of it aswell. 

Hope you all had a nice weekend and perhaps a bit more spare time as I had. I wait for the next weekend to come and let's see if I attend some gig then too. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Black net jumper

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The sun shined so brightly today and the day was warmer so I decided to put something lighter on. I picked up Queen of Darkness' net blouse which is adorable trad goth garment, excellent to my taste. I've always loved net clothes and this one is not an exception. Only bad side in net clothing is that they can go to pieces easily if you are not careful enough. Cats can scratch a hole to it or you might get stuck from it. Otherwise they are lovely and splashy garments. 
 Blouse: Queen of Darkness / Necklace: Ebay / Skirt: ? / Tights: Seppälä

What's your opinion about the blouse? Yes or no?

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Home decor projects

 On Friday we went to eat burgers to American diners for the first time with my beloved and after eating tasteful food we drove to Ikea, because I had some stuff in my mind which I wanted to buy. My vestibule has been chaos since I moved this flat so I decided to buy a new shelf with a few box to arrange my goods and now it looks much better and neater. I have similar shelf , but bigger version in my living room and I have been quite happy with it so I ended up getting the same to the vestibule. A lamp is also the new purchase. 
Friday's outfit

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Something transparent between us

Instead of a gym I decided to be lazy and stay home and show you my day's outfit which is again something black and simple. A bat knitting is a second hand finding and I like it a lot due to the sleeves. 
I decided to get the last two parts of fifty shades trilogy when there was take three pay two offer at the bookstore. I can't say these are something worth reading, but I went them through for all that. At least it doesn't bother if the mind wanders in another dimension betweentimes when the plot is not too complicated to follow. 
My weekend rolled by sewing and I have nearly finished a new garment and I can't wait to get to reveal it. In a long time I enjoyed sewing. I haven't sewn anything for a while due to the busy schedule, but now there is coming a few projects! I know that some of you have asked for showing my sewing projects, but I have been just too busy or my inspiration has been hiding somewhere under the ground. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The witching hour

Hello lovelies! Time is passed since my previous post. I just have had such a many things to do that I haven't been able to blog. Mostly the books and German textbook have stolen a big piece from my spare time, but I'm back on the board. Also some weird tiredness is teasing me. Yesterday I spent a whole day in the bed. Perhaps it is just this wasting shift work which makes me to lay in the bed. I'm already afraid that there is coming a week including fifty hours at work.. .
Dress: flea market, Shoes: ?, Hat: Ebay, Necklace: Etsy, Tights: Seppälä
The other day I decided to bring to life a one of my dream to start to collect vinyls. I have dreamed of the vinyls so long that it was about time to start hunting them. I try to enlarge my collection a bit by bit depending how easily I find good music. I'm happy here is a good local store which sells post-punk and goth albums and in addition I try to keep my eyes open while visiting flea markets.  My player is still on it's way, but I hope to get it soon. 

A book I read the other day. I was laughing out loud while reading this. 
Nothing special has happened during these weeks. Snow is melting and to my surprise I wait for  the spring. Usually the spring is one of the worst season, but this year I look forward to it.