Monday, 16 July 2012


Oops. Almost a month have passed and I haven't given a thought for my blog. I blame summer which I have spent really effectively by rounding around the country ( I'll tell you more later in coming post). Kind of I have a vacation now though I should still do my uni works... Can't wait this is over! I really enjoy the summer when don't need to sit indoors all the time and jobs don't force to keep regular day routines. I would say one word; freedom. One night we were cycling in the middle of the night when the city was totally empty. Yesterday I was playing a bar bingo and on the saturday I took a part in  fashion show as a model. (and after that I sat in the bar till the morning...) Yesterday we were also cycling and I was like a wet cat after getting back home; the rain surprised us. Today I tried to shop the new clothes but didn't find anything. Every summer the same thing; the stores are filled with ugly garments in all the ugly colors.


  1. Jee olet elossa :) Kiva kuulla lomasta, aivan ihanaa kun saa valvoa ihan miten mieli tekee!

    Ja superkaunis tuo mekko ^^

  2. IndianaRex: melkein pistin jo myyntiin tuon mekon, kun ollut käyttämättömänä kaapissa, vaan onneksi en laittanutkaan :)