tiistai 9. lokakuuta 2012

Don't be afraid my nightbird, your soul won't be left alone; the winter will bring me back to you

I have been busy lately with a huge inspiration for sewing so I haven't had time for updating for a while. However there is a new velvet waist cincher which I made a couple nights ago.Seriously I enjoy being jobless when I'm able to stay nights up doing all creative things. Now I did a small visit to my parents' place and the last weekend spent in Tampere with the super cute thing  ♥

8 kommenttia:

  1. did you paint the fabric too?:)

  2. WOW you made that!?!?! Amazing.
    I think this is one of my favorite outfit posts yet. :)

  3. It looks lovely! But I did fell in love with your skirt!! Have you sewn the skirt as well? It's amazing, oh I have a soft spot for ragged stuff :)

    1. I bought it a couple years ago from London. It's one of my fav skirt aswell :)