Sunday, 17 February 2013

Running up that hill

Day's outfit
 The week passed quickly again with my love and we did every small things during the days. We visited Tampere Art Museum's Moominvalley where I haven't visited before. Then we assembled an exercise bike which was a huge challenge for us (actually we didn't manage to assemble it totally) and then we also tried the light therapy. On Valentine's we visited jogging and after the sport moment we headed for Pancho Villa.

On Friday the railway line led me to my parents' place where I have spent the whole weekend and tomorrow I'm probably back in Tampere.

During the weekend I have mostly read and listend to music. Last night I finished the story of Anthony Kieds. I have never been a fan of RHCP actually I don't like their music just at all but I like to read biographies. Last week I read Power Mad by Karl Shaw
. The book is filled with crazy stories of dictators. I also got my hands American Vampire but didn't have the time to read it yet.

This week we also visited flea market and my better half found some cheap LPs. I've considered to starting collecting them forever too ( I have only a few) but I don't  have player yet. My dad owns players but he never uses them so maybe I'll steal another of them when finding a new home. It would be nice to listen to the music by player. Atmosphere is totally different that way as playing Spotify. Besides the vinyls are cool format and they don't miss their value like CDs do.