Thursday, 6 June 2013

At the edge of a storm

More shopping which  I've done lately... "A hole shirt" which I bought a few weeks ago as a second hand. This is comfy and casual. Really cool and useful for these days when  temperature rises high. All kind of ragged garments  are close to my heart at the present time. I promised to myself that I try to save my coins for the tattoo project which needs them a lot of.. but it seems to be impossible when I find all the time something to buy. I was meant to take a tattoo as a graduation present and my graduation happened already six months ago and the tattoo is still without taking. But it is also just because the coming ink spot is not so easy to do and I have tried to search for a talented tattoo artist to take this project. I'm happy if I get the tattoo by end of the year so there is still time to safe the situation.

Oh, sky is getting dark again, how much I love the summer rain at least now when the weather is burning. 


  1. Ihana kuva ja ihana paita <3

  2. Oh my, that shirt is lovely. I can fully understand why you had to buy it :).
    I know it is hard to find a tattooist that is skilled enough and can give the right picture of your ideas.
    I have a tattoer but I don't know if im going to ink myself yet, I don't know what to do, maybe i would give her free hands for a cover up tattoo on my leg.

    1. It is!

      There is so many tattoo artists nowadays but all of them isn't so talented. I wanna be sure that my coming picture (which is profile tattoo) really looks correct. Free hands sounds good!

  3. Heipsan! Ajattelin ilmoittaa, jotta Dysfunctional Doll mainostaa tällä kuvalla tuota korua sivuillaan Facebookissa, mutta näyttäisivät jättäneen vesileiman sentään paikalleen. :) Ihan varmuuden vuoksi huikkaan asiasta, kun en tiedä miten yleisesti ja luvallisesti he noita kuvia käyttävät. :P