lauantai 8. helmikuuta 2014

Where the birds always sing

Did I already mention that odd fever for decorating hit me soon after a year turned? I have found some small and nice decor products to make my home more cozier place to dwell. The white cage was so budget that I couldn't leave a store without buying it. I was thinking of burning the candles inside it. Of course a stuffed (fake) raven would be even better choice but unfortunately the bird hasn't flown against me yet. Maybe someday. 
Shirt: flea market / Skirt: Wannabe / Necklace: Etsy / Headpiece: Second hand / Gloves: a gift from my mom
I've also made some other plans to decor my place. There is (hopefully) coming a painting which needs the frame so an inevitable visit to soulless Ikea is coming in the near future. My other half gave his words to come with me to that hell so I don't need to round there on my own. I should also buy the black paint to re-paint a part of my furniture again. I have the old furniture which I got when a sister of my grandmother passed away. I painted them some years ago but the old paint has partly worn and the original yellow color is visible through a bit. And then I have that ugly white mirror which my aunt gave me a few years ago. I've been about to paint it for a long time but it seems to be still white.

 (By the way I got an idea that I could pay a visit to the house where the sister of my grandmother lived. I visit there every now and then mostly taking pictures. That house is abandoned nowadays and it's really ghostly atmosphere there (maybe a spirit inhabits there). However the house is filled with the old affairs which no one needs. Perhaps I could find something in there. )

More decor dreams are coming later...

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