Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Wind, let me fly

A wind blew a hem of a skirt skywards while a flock of birds flew over us. I adore a forecourt of a castle and I never fed up with staring at the scenery. It's also a lovely place to take outfit pictures when a piece of history stands behind me. We took a walk in these landscapes a few days back and  we enjoyed the good weather. And what is the best point: we bumped into Chow chow and I got to stroke it. Like some of you perhaps know I have a bad dog fever and now I'm pondering between a labrador and chow. If you have any experience about these breeds, please share your thoughts with me. 

I was wearing Queen of Darkness' net shirt and a skirt, shoes, hat is from H&M. The skirt is lovely. An extra wide hem which moves in the wind nicely. 


  1. these are just gorgeous photos. What a lovely piece of scenery.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the atmosphere in every one <3

  3. You are so pretty <3


  4. that skirt is just perfect, love big looking, flowing things so much and damn, yes you look as great as always!